Scott Frost

Scott Frost and his assistants have had plenty of recruiting success in recent days.

LINCOLN — In the midst of a busy recruiting stretch, Nebraska coaches reinforced why their message is resonating with high school players Wednesday.

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters said Scott Frost’s scheme is exciting for any skill player who can line up all over the field. Nebraska sells itself, Walters added, with its fans, tradition and academic support.

“When we get speed, when we get all the guys that fit what we’re trying to do, it’s one of the best offenses in the country,” he said. “It showed last year at UCF. It’s an opportunity to come be a part of something special.”

The Huskers are up to 20 commits for 2019 after receiving three verbal pledges in the past week from receiver Darien Chase (Washington native), offensive tackle Bryce Benhart (Minnesota) and defensive back Javin Wright (Arizona). Another may join the fray Thursday afternoon when all-purpose running back Wandale Robinson from Kentucky announces his intentions.

“We want guys that want to come and love football, are tough-minded and want to work,” Walters said. “Because it’s not going to be easy to get to the top.”

Offensive line coach Greg Austin said many recruits who visit campus sit through Friday night meetings before games and get a “back stage” glimpse at what their college experience could be like.

A newer pitch to future Huskers also emerged in recent weeks, with true freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez ranking 17th nationally in total offense at 294.9 yards per game and flashing his potential.

“That’s the cornerstone, then you just build off of that guy,” Austin said. “He’s a damn good player. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play for him? I’d want to play for him. ... Every guy that we recruit, they can see how special that guy is and how special he’s going to be.”

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