Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational

Kristina Insingo never wanted to be a thrower until a dream of her grandfather asked her to help her father with his depression. "The one thing that makes my dad happy is throwing,” Insingo said. Now she’s No. 8 in an ultra-competitive Big Ten and 13th nationally.

Salt jar

Kristina Insingo's ceramic recreation of her grandfather's salt jar — adorned with painted flowers and vines, is shaped like a vase with an open porthole on one side, big enough for any hand.

Salt jar hole

Here you can see the salt jar's open porthole that is big enough for any hand.


“As much doubt as there was — ‘oh why are you an art major, there’s no money in that!’ — passion took over,” Kristina Insingo said.


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Art of throw to release

Kristina Insingo's depiction of a thrower’s full routine from start through spin to release.