'It was heartwarming': Nebraska raises more than $160,000 for state's flood victims

Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos called the fans' generosity "heartwarming" on his monthly radio show.

Nebraska raised between $160,000 and $170,000 for the state’s flood victims between the Huskers’ spring game and the NIT home basketball game in March, NU athletic director Bill Moos said on his monthly radio show Monday night.

“It was heartwarming,” Moos said of fans’ generosity. The Huskers’ pregame Tunnel Walk featured NU players talking about flood relief in the state.

More from Moos:

» Nebraska will adding two “pioneers” to the Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame for their contributions to the school. NU will announce the 2019 class later this week and induct the coaches, athletes and pioneers around the Ohio State home football game.

» Moos said he wants to continue studying whether NCAA schools should add a third full-time assistant to baseball teams. The Big Ten and the Big 12 had preliminary votes against the proposal, Moos said. He wants to study the issue further.

“There’s debate on it, and you get the purists and then you get those ‘if we do it for baseball, we need to do it for softball,’” Moos said. “I think it needs to be studied more.”

Nebraska can probably absorb the expense for baseball and softball, Moos said, but not every team in the Big Ten is in as fortunate a financial spot as NU.

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» Moos said he wants to “phase in” more tumbling and stunting with Nebraska cheerleaders because it “adds to the overall show” of a college football game. NU discontinued tumbles and stunts starting with the 2007 fall sports season. Moos said he and his wife, Kendra, were impressed by the show put on by Indiana’s cheerleaders when Nebraska played a basketball game there.

“We’re losing really talented young people who want to go and do these things,” said Moos, who also authorized the addition of men’s cheerleaders back to the team. Moos said NU’s cheer coaches and trainers are experts in preserving the safety of the cheer athletes.

“We’re not going to pyramid two, three, four-high,” Moos said. “We may down the road.”

» Moos again intimated new golf facilities are on their way after Nebraska’s men’s team lost a “very, very good recruit” – whom Moos couldn’t name – because of facility deficiencies.

The golfer is believed to be Luke Kluver, who picked Kansas over NU.

» Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany – retiring in 2020 – will be difficult to replace, Moos said.

» Most college football coaches will meet in Arizona in late April. Big Ten athletic directors and administrators will meet in May.

“We get along great,” Moos said of Big Ten ADs. “A lot of respect for each other. We know how complicated these jobs are.”

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