Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez exited the game after injuring his knee against Colorado, but he avoided any ligament damage, Scott Frost said earlier this week.

LINCOLN — Nebraska coach Scott Frost may have been done Tuesday talking about the tackle that led to NU quarterback Adrian Martinez’s right leg injury, but new video of the play — which was released Wednesday by the Huskers and can be seen at the top of the page — could keep chatter going.

NU released to the media the 1-minute, 42-second film of Martinez’s right leg being wrapped up and twisted by Colorado linebacker Jacob Callier. While CU coach Mike MacIntyre said Monday that he’d talked with the Pac-12 and was moving forward without any punishment of Callier, the series of angles that Nebraska turned in to the Big Ten and Pac-12 on Monday appears to show Callier, after the whistle, putting extra pressure on Martinez’s knee.

Martinez did not suffer a serious injury in the game. NU has listed him as “day to day” for Saturday’s game against Troy, though he has not practiced in pads this week.

The film shows multiple angles of Martinez being tackled by  Callier. The angle around the 44-second mark is the clearest. It appears to show Callier grabbing Martinez’s right leg, driving his right shoulder into the leg and twisting the foot backward.

The World-Herald, along with other media outlets, asked for a copy of the film Monday after Frost said in his press conference that Nebraska had an angle that “doesn’t look good at all.”

“You never want to think anybody on a football field would intentionally try to hurt someone else,” Frost said. “Nobody except someone that would do that knows what the intentions were.”

By Tuesday’s Big Ten teleconference, Frost said he was “done talking” about the issue and focused on preparing other quarterbacks — including walk-ons Andrew Bunch and Matt Masker — to play Saturday if Martinez can’t go. Frost has suggested he could make a game-time decision on whether Martinez plays.

The Big Ten has not responded to The World-Herald’s multiple requests for comment.

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