Cam Jurgens

Cameron Jurgens has played in one game this season as a tight end, but Scott Frost believes his future is on the offensive line.

LINCOLN — At first Greg Austin couldn’t believe the comparison Scott Frost was making.

Nebraska’s offensive line coach didn’t pay much attention to true freshman Cameron Jurgens in fall camp. Jurgens was a tight end and Austin was still getting to know players at his own positions.

But now Jurgens is “double dipping” at both positions, Austin said, and is in the process of moving full time to O-line. Frost instigated the change last week while invoking the name of a two-time All-American at Nebraska considered to be perhaps the best center in college football history.

“This guy can be the second coming of Dave Rimington,” Austin recalled Frost saying, whispering the name of the man with an award named after him. “That’s a big name to throw out, and when he threw it out I was like, ‘C’mon, Coach. That’s Dave Rimington, now.’ ”

But the two share qualities — explosive, quick, powerful, gritty, nasty — and Jurgens has impressed coaches by being a “natural snapper.” The 6-foot-3, 270-pound Beatrice product joined the Huskers in the summer after committing as a high school sophomore.

Jurgens, who played against Troy and can appear in three more games while preserving his redshirt, participates in tight end meetings on Mondays and spends the rest of the week with the offensive line. He has been the No. 4 tight end all season.

Tight ends coach Sean Beckton often joked about having to fend off other coaches for Jurgens but said the move is in Nebraska’s best interest.

“We’re looking for the long haul for the best players in position for our team,” Beckton said. “Coach Frost felt he needs to probably start getting some work over there and see where he would be at toward the end of the year as far as putting on some weight. I’ve been surprised on how quick he’s picked up on things as far as understanding what’s going on up front.”

Unfortunately, immediate progress may be stunted by injury. Both Austin and Beckton confirmed Jurgens was hurt in practice this week but wouldn’t elaborate. He was seen leaving practice on crutches while wearing a walking boot on his right foot.

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