Scott Frost

Scott Frost feels his players deserve to play a full 12-game schedule. "These kids have practiced hard enough and worked hard enough," he said.

LINCOLN — As Nebraska searches for a 12th game to add to its schedule, count Scott Frost in for playing during the Oct. 27 bye week.

A Dec. 1 option coincides with the Big Ten championship, and Frost said he wants to focus on qualifying for that.

“Scheduling a game in December — I don’t want our kids thinking we’re not going to be in the championship,” Frost said. “We’re going to be in the championship. So that leaves us October. It’s not ideal to play 12 straight weeks — they don’t really do that in the NFL — but if that’s the hand we’re dealt, so be it.

"These kids have practiced hard enough and worked hard enough, they deserve to have a full slate of games, of 12 games. The administration is dealing with that and we’ll play whoever they line up for us.”

Including Central Florida. UCF has an open date Oct. 27 and just had its game at North Carolina canceled. Frost said it would be an “evenly-matched game.” Frost coached UCF in 2016 and 2017.

But Frost would coach that game very reluctantly, too.

UCF doesn’t have a “true” bye week, Frost said. It plays Temple on Thursday, Nov. 3. And Frost would be “brokenhearted” if players on either team were hurt in a game between the schools.

“I still love those kids down there that are playing at UCF so much — rooting for them,” Frost said. “It’d be a great game. I think it’d be an evenly-matched game of two really good teams. But, personally, I’d cringe a little when our defensive end hit their quarterback. That’s not how you want to go into a game.”

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Martinez a game-time decision

Frost may wait until “two minutes before kickoff” to make a final decision on whether freshman quarterback Adrian Martinez’s right knee is healthy enough for him to play against Troy.

Martinez, injured late in a loss to Colorado, has “looked really good” during the week, Frost said, but he didn’t practice in pads. Frost plans on suiting up Martinez for Saturday’s game and putting him through warmups. After that, he'll decide.

“The biggest thing is we have to make sure he’s healthy enough that there’s no added risk to further injury,” Frost said.

NU plays its first road game at Michigan next week.

Martinez’s backup is sophomore walk-on Andrew Bunch, who played the final two drives of the Colorado loss.

“Everything we want to do with our offense (Bunch) does pretty well,” Frost said. “The key for him is getting the reps. When he was getting equal reps to the two other guys in camp, he was right in the mix with those guys.”

Quick hits

» Frost said he’s talked to Nebraska players about being wary of underdog Troy, which beat LSU last season and nearly beat Clemson in 2016. NU lost 21-17 to Northern Illinois last season. Frost drew upon his experience coaching UCF in his chat with players.

“I’ve coached at a place like this, and when you go play a game like this, it’s like the Super Bowl for them,” Frost said. “It’s a great opportunity for a team to come into an environment like this and try to win, and they did it last year. They went in to LSU — which is one of the best environments in the country — and beat ‘em pretty handily.”

» Nebraska wasn't affected too much by the NCAA's new rule limiting teams to 20 game-day headsets, Frost said, but he doesn’t like the rule because it appears to be regulation for only a few egregious violators. Frost also mentioned that quality control coaches over a certain age aren’t allowed on the headsets unless they’re an assistant or graduate assistant.

“That doesn’t seem right to me,” Frost said. “That seems like they’re discriminating against older coaches who are trying to help with teams.”