Recruiting: History shows homegrown Huskers become Big Ten starters

Omaha Burke's Chris Hickman, left, and Nick Henrich, middle, attend a Husker game with fellow commit Jackson Hannah.

This week Nebraska football will sign five in-state prospects to scholarships — the largest in-state haul since the Huskers have joined the Big Ten.

If the recent past is any kind of predictor, Nick Henrich, Chris Hickman, Garrett Nelson, Ethan Piper and Garrett Snodgrass have bright futures ahead of them as Huskers.

Of the 17 in-state players signed in the 2011-2018 recruiting classes, nine became starters for at least one season’s worth of games and several more who haven’t become regular starters remain in the program. Only two of the 17 left the Husker program before their eligibility was up, one of which was Omaha North graduate Michael Decker, whose career was consistently derailed by injuries.

Still, a 53 percent rate on starters is impressive. It’s even more impressive when you consider the starter rate on in-state scholarship signees who have exhausted their eligibility or left the program is eight out of 11, or 80 percent. That includes every in-state signee in the 2014 class — Luke Gifford, Jerald Foster and Mick Stoltenberg — being multi-year starters and captains to boot.

The rundown of in-state scholarship signees since the 2011 class:

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Regular starters (9)

Ben Stille (2016)

Luke Gifford (2014)

Jerald Foster (2014)

Mick Stoltenberg (2014)

Josh Banderas (2013)

Sam Cotton (2012)

Zach Sterup (2011)

Ryne Reeves (2011)

Daniel Davie (2011)

Intermittent starters/left program (1)

Michael Decker (2015)

Backups/contributors (4)

Austin Allen (2017)

Jaylin Bradley (2017)

DaiShon Neal (2015)

David Sutton (2011)

Too early to tell (2)

Cam Jurgens (2018)

Chris Walker (2017)

Left program (1)

David Engelhaupt (2016)

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