Husker Q&A: Jerald Foster understands the power of his role and the influence he wields

Husker senior offensive lineman Jerald Foster is facing the final three games of his career at Nebraska.

Husker senior offensive lineman Jerald Foster is facing the final three games of his career at Nebraska. The two-year team captain shared his thoughts on his high school teammate, current roommate and fellow team captain Luke Gifford; what he is looking forward to the most in the final three games; and what he will remember most after his career is done.

Q: You career is winding down. What has been your biggest takeaway?

A: It would be just the influence you can have on other people — not only the primary one of talking with people but helping at a school and someone else hears about it and they feel like maybe they can do this or this is the kind of person that I need to be like. I feel like it is crazy how big of an influence you can have on someone's life without even knowing it.

Q: Luke (Gifford) and you grew up together and are roommates. What has been your fondest memory?

A: A new one is Halloween. We were being some old heads and went to a cigar bar. We just sat there and smoked a stogie and hung out. That was nice to just hang out and have a little fun with that. An old one would be just meeting him when we were eighth-graders. People talked about each one of us because he went to Irving Middle School, and I went to Pound. We didn't know each other but we heard of each other. We both looked at each other with a look that said, 'You're that guy, huh?' That was fun.

Q: What advice would you give a parent or player if they were choosing between Nebraska and other schools they had scholarship or walk-on offers from?

A: I would have to go with the whole culture of the coaching staff and the culture of being the best you can be. I think that is something that is lost at a lot of schools. Most want you to be the best you can be at football. (Nebraska) is trying to make you the best you can be in every aspect of life, which is amazing. The way coach Frost holds himself and keeps his standard high not only for his coaches and players but people that are around him. I feel like success is something that just comes off of the guy. If you want to be successful at life and you have the opportunity to be here you should take it.

Q: As seniors you are that foundation class in coach Frost's first season. How important is it for you and the rest of the seniors to be a part of that building-block season?

A: It is something that I didn't want to mess up. We all knew coming into it that this was going to be a really special moment and something that is needed for not only the university but the whole state. We didn't want to mess it up.

Q: What are you going to try and take in the most in your final three games at Nebraska?

A: Just seeing how happy the young guys are and how much they care about the program. Seeing how well it will go on without us is something that I have always worried a little bit about. I can be a leader while I'm here but what happens when I'm gone? I've been really happy to see guys like Adrian (Martinez) step up and really make me that much more comfortable about ending my career here. I don't want the younger guys to be grateful for what we have given them or anything crazy like that. I want them to understand the role that we were in and that we are going to care about them after we are gone and hopefully they feel like if they need something after we are gone they can always ask us.