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On Tuesday's episode, Adam Carriker breaks down why the Huskers' young offense struggled at times against South Alabama, and whether or not they can bounce back against Colorado, which gave up over 500 yards of total offense in its opener versus Colorado State.

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Here's a transcript from today's show:

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people's show where we check the pulse of Husker nation. Brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital.

I think the biggest question coming out of the Huskers' first game is, how are they going to be able to rebound offensively going forward? Was the playbook just not all the way open? Did Adrian Martinez have the flu that day? What's going on? Are we really going to struggle this much offensively against a South Alabama team that's a smaller school from the Sun Belt? With all due respect, we only put up 14 points offensively. 

So, how are the Huskers going to do offensively going forward?

All right, if you look at our next opponent Colorado, and you look at their first game. Their defense didn't exactly set the world on fire ladies and gentlemen. They gave up nearly 30 first downs to Colorado State, over 500 yards of total offense to the Rams, and Colorado State converted nearly 30 percent on third downs. 

Meanwhile, the Buffaloes are right around 33 percent on their own third down conversions. 

Now, Colorado State, no disrespect, but they've been struggling. They've been floundering. All right, they were 3-9 last year, and since Mike Bobo took over four years ago, they've never come close to beating Colorado, and they're 24-27 since. Under .500, struggling to get to bowl games, and they frankly, outplayed Colorado.

I know the score dictates that Colorado won decisively, but people could look at our score and say, hey, two touchdowns, Nebraska did all right. 

But, here's the thing: Colorado State had more penalties, more penalty yards and they had four turnovers while Colorado had zero. They really outplayed Colorado.

So, here's my point, and this is not my Colorado preview or prediction. That'll come out on Thursday as always, when one of my beautiful children, who thank the lord almighty looks like my wife, will join me. And as always, we'll do our Thursday preview and prediction show. 

But, I'm just talking about this Colorado defense. They're not setting the world on fire. If there's a team that could help our offense get going, get some momentum, get improved, get rolling — and sometimes you just need that swagger and that confidence, and something needs to spark it — but just this Colorado defense could be the perfect remedy for a struggling Nebraska offense.

Now, if you look back at the spring game, it was not an exciting spring game. If you remember back to that spring game, there was not a whole lot of points scored, it wasn't that entertaining and I've been saying — and I don't think people really wanted to hear it, because in everyone's minds Scott Frost is an offensive wizard, he's an offensive genius so to speak — but I've been saying this offense is going to struggle. At least at the beginning part of the year.

You look at this offense, and five of our eleven best players are sophomores or freshman. We have three new faces on the offensive line, all right, and we have a lot of young guys on the offensive line.  

At the center position, and in an offense like this, where guys are going in motion and you're in the shotgun, the center position and the snaps are a huge deal. Now, Cam Jurgens never played center before. The first time he's ever played center in his life wasn't in fourth grade, it was Saturday.

​He missed a lot of time in the spring and in the fall with injuries. He's a talented guy who struggled on Saturday who will get better, but it's going to take some time for this offense to come around. 

I talked about this on my Carriker Live show last Sunday night, check that out. I'll plug that, I'll plug some more stuff. Every Sunday night, 8 p.m. central time. Check out Carriker Live on Facebook throughout the entire season. 

But I talked about this a little bit, this defense, which has seven guys who played and/or started on the defensive line alone. All right. You've got the Davis twins, you've got Ben Stille, you've got Daishon Neal, you've got Deontre Thomas, you've got both of the Daniels brothers, Darrion and Damion, just on the defensive line alone.

In the secondary, you've got Bootle, you've got Jackson. At linebacker you've got Barry, you've got Honas, Caleb Tannor is stepping up. You've got all of these guys with talent and experience that the offense doesn't have.

We've got a lot of talent on the offense, at wide receiver and the o-line, but it's very young. So, here's my point: Nebraska will get better. They will get rolling on offense, but it's probably going to take at least half the season, and they probably won't be as good this year as they were last year with two of the best receivers in the entire country. 

The defense is going to have to carry the offense, at least early on, but I will say this, if there's a remedy for a struggling offense, it's the Colorado defense this Saturday. 

All right Husker fans, tune in tomorrow for my interview with Eric Lee, who had two interceptions and a pick-six to the house among those interceptions. 

Go Big Red, and always remember to throw the bones!

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