All year round, former Husker and NFL veteran Adam Carriker is taking the pulse of Husker Nation. In the "Carriker Chronicles" video series, he breaks down the latest NU news, upcoming opponents, player updates and recruiting information, and he offers his insight into the X's and O's and more.

On Thursday's episode, Adam Carriker previews Nebraska's upcoming game against Maryland, and discusses why a win could make the Huskers' Black Friday game versus Iowa much more interesting.

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Here's a transcript of today's show:

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people's show, where we take the pulse of Husker nation brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital.

And I feeling a little lonely today, that's right ladies and gentlemen, my kids aren't with me. They don't share anything unless they get sick. So that's just wonderful.

Anyways, my son Jacob did give me his prediction, and I will give my prediction along with his prediction at the end of the show. He is beating me 5-4. You know why he's beating me? Because he started picking against the Huskers way earlier in the season than I did. We're going to get to those predictions here in a minute.

But here's the thing: I remember talking about the Purdue game, and I said that game may be the most important game of the season at that point of the season. And it's because if we can't beat Purdue, how are we going to go to a bowl game? Well, here we are. We're 4-6, lost to Purdue, lost to Indiana. Had a bit of a rough season as everyone knows, but now we're getting ready to play Maryland.

So this Maryland game is interesting because they're not all that great. We're actually favored to win. I mean, we haven't won a game in like a month and a half or longer. I don't know, I've lost track. Yet we're favored on the road by a touchdown. So Maryland, not the best team in the world. Now, they started on fire. I mean, they lit up a ranked team the first week of the season, the first couple weeks of the college football season they had the No. 1 ranked offense in the country. And... they haven't been great since.

So why does this game feel different to me? Why does it feel like it matters more than maybe it really should? Here's why: If we beat Maryland, it's Black Friday. Iowa, rivalry game at home with a bowl game on the line. All of a sudden that game becomes very, very interesting. Now we're going to be an underdog, nobody's gonna predict us to win. But it becomes very, very interesting. You lose to Maryland and the wheels kind of fall off this season, they just kind of fall off.

A lot of players have left the team lately. Some of them were here before with Riley, and we've got to kind of change the culture a little bit. Some of them are Scott Frost players. We've had three players entering the transfer portal or aren't on the team or whatever the case may be. Just very, very recently and more guys right before that as well. It kind of makes you feel like the wheels are starting to fall off this season. Obviously not the whole program or anything like that, we got to get it all turned around.

But this Maryland game, I mean, it's not going to be the end of the world whether we win or lose. But if you lose to Maryland and Indiana and Purdue, and go 4-8? Last year 4-8 was year one, brutal schedule. This year is your two, much easier schedule going 4-8, it has a much different vibe. You never know what can happen in that Iowa game. But if we win that game going into Black Friday with a bowl game on the line at home versus a rival, that game becomes much more interesting.

So for me, here's my keys to the game: just freaking win. Every week I sit here and I give keys. You know: run the ball, stop the run, get pressure on the quarterback, protect the quarterback, special teams, all these little things. Just win. Maryland should not be a better football team than us. Maryland does not have higher recruited players or more talent than us, just win. Just win the game. That's my key to the game, just win.

My dad made it very, very simple for me when I was a little kid. We had a huge game coming up one at one point, it was a championship game versus an undefeated team and I was going to go out and was gonna be the pitcher. All the pressure was on me. And he said: "You know, it's not that hard. All you got to do is score one more run than that team." All you've got to do is score one more point then Maryland and that's all we care about.

Now I really haven't said much about the Scott Frost extension because to me, there's no legitimacy to it. I know it's a very real thing, but I've seen coaches in the past, how many Husker coaches in the past have gotten an extension, and later that same year they're fired? Now let me be very clear, Scott Frost isn't getting fired, I'm not advocating for it, it should not happen.

But my point is: I understand it's a real thing, but it's not legitimate to me. It's for PR purposes, it's to back Scott Frost, reinforce he's our guy. Probably more for recruiting than anything else for recruits to see. We all know Scott Frost is the guy that we're going to get behind, we're going to stay behind. But for me the extension was kind of like: "eh." It's not legitimate, it's for appearances and I get it, especially when it comes to recruiting.

Now real quick, I did win last week's prediction, Nebraska didn't win but I won, so I got the big, shiny, official WWE belt from about six years ago that they sent me. My prediction for Nebraska vs. Maryland: 35-31 Nebraska. Jacob, my son, much higher scoring game. 48-42 Nebraska winning. Hopefully one of the two of us is right. Go Big Red and always remember to throw the bones!

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