All year round, former Husker and NFL veteran Adam Carriker is taking the pulse of Husker Nation. In the "Carriker Chronicles" video series, he breaks down the latest NU news, upcoming opponents, player updates and recruiting information, and he offers his insight into the X's and O's and more.

On Tuesday's episode, Adam Carriker breaks down the Huskers' 2019 schedule.

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Here's a transcript from today's show:

Welcome to the Carriker Chronicles, the people’s show, where we check the pulse of Husker Nation, brought to you by Nebraska Spine Hospital.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s shower pill day here on the Carriker Chronicles. Now, if you don’t know what a shower pill is you need to watch more of my shows, and frankly, I’m pretty highly offended.

But here’s what we’re gonna do. Nebraska’s 2019 schedule is officially out, so we’re gonna have a little fun and give my official prediction for what their record is going to be next year because this year is not even over and it makes a lot of sense. And why are we gonna do it? Because why not? It’s a lot of fun. Let’s light this candle.

Alright, we’re gonna start the season off next year by playing South Alabama. Here’s my prediction. We are not gonna have the game canceled. We are indeed going to play our first game of the year next year, and we’re gonna win.

Next game is at Colorado. It’s a revenge game, ladies and gentlemen. There will be no twisting of the knee in this game, and the Huskers will get the win on the road in Boulder. As much as I can’t stand Colorado, they do have kind of a cool stadium. Let’s just hope the fans conduct themselves well.

Alright, No. 3, game No. 3, it’s kinda weird to say this but Northern Illinois is kind of a revenge game after what happened a couple years ago. I do think the Huskers get the win, move to 3-0 after their nonconference schedule is over.

First Big Ten game of the year next season is vs. Illinois. By the way #cheapplug. Tune in on Thursday for my #PredictionThursday for our game against Illinois this Saturday. I will have one of my very beautiful children right here, right next to me. Seems to be people’s favorite show every week. I don’t know what that says about me being the host of this show, but tune in on Thursday. Alright, back to next year’s game against Illinois. I think we’re gonna get the win, move to 4-0.

Next up is Ohio State at home. The Buckeyes, they’re gonna come rolling into Lincoln. Now, I really wanted to pull the trigger on this upset. I really, really did, but I don’t think we’re gonna go undefeated next year, and I think while the gap is closing between us and the elite teams, and I think we’re gonna play them very, very close. Ohio State’s got some funky things going on this year. I think it will be close next year. I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I don’t have us going undefeated, so I have this being our first defeat of the year.

Next up Northwestern at home, it’s always close when we play Northwestern, ladies and gentlemen. They don’t have Clayton Thorson, who’s been their starting quarterback for four years. I think this is gonna be a big difference maker, and the Huskers halfway through the season next year will be 5-1.

Game No. 7 of the year will be Minnesota. We get the win there.

No. 8 Indiana. We’re going to play the Hoosiers, and they are a program that’s trending upwards as well. Now, I don’t think their ceiling is like us — we’re trending upwards — cause I don’t think their ceiling's as high. So I think it’s gonna be a close game next year, but I think we get the win versus Indiana.

Now, game No. 9. Alright, now every year we seem to lose a game that we shouldn’t. Well, recent years we lose quite a few games that we shouldn’t, but hopefully, that becomes less and less and less and less until it goes away. But I think there’s gonna be one game next year that we lose that we shouldn’t. We get upset. Alright, for whatever reason this Purdue game stood out to me. Alright, don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t shoot me literally or figuratively. I’m just trying to be as objective and honest as I can. It’s how I roll. It’s how I was raised. And so, Purdue started out 0-3. They lost to Eastern Michigan at home, and then, they beat Ohio State by 29. I don’t know what to make of this team other than they are getting better. I really like their head coach. And so I think, for whatever reason, that’s gonna be the game that we lose that we otherwise wouldn’t lose. We’re not supposed to lose. It’s gonna move us to 7-2.

And then we play Wisconsin the next week. We get them in Lincoln, and Wisconsin’s kind of struggling. They’re trending downward. We’re trending upwards. We’ve had the past couple years there’s been a little bit of separation, but we’ve had games that have gone into overtime, games that have gone down to a last-second field goal. I think this is the year that we get over the hump, and we finally beat Wisconsin. So for the first time in a long time, we start to see a shift in the West Division in the Big Ten, and I think actually losing to Purdue the week before will help us versus Wisconsin in Week 10.

Alright, game 11 at Maryland. It’s so up and down that program. I have no idea what to make of them. I think we get the winning game.

Twelve is Iowa. The Hawkeyes at home. We get them at home. I think it’s gonna be a close game. I think it’s gonna be a slugfest. I think it’s gonna come down to the end, but the fact that we have them at home is the reason I have us beating the Hawkeyes next year. And that’s gonna become a reoccurring theme. I think we’re gonna start beating them more often than we lose to them, and I hope that starts this year. But definitely, at least, I, hopefully, next year. There could be a possible Big Ten championship game berth on the line in this game.

Now, do I think the Huskers are really going to be that much better next year to go from maybe 3-9, 4-8, 5-7 to 10-2. I do think we’re gonna be a lot better. We’re already a lot better than we were at the beginning of this year. But the reason I have us going 10-2 next year is because the 2018 schedule was brutal. 2019 is so much easier than '18 than '20 and '21. It’s the easiest schedule we have for four years.

I think three, four years from now we’re gonna be better, the schedule’s just more difficult. I think next year, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a chance to be pretty good and the schedule helps us out.

Let me know what you think. What’s your prediction? Go Big Red and always remember to look up a shower pill and throw the bones.

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