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The offense fell flat when Nebraska needed it most.

World-Herald columnist Tom Shatel shares his immediate thoughts following the Huskers' 34-31 overtime loss to Colorado.

1. I don’t think Scott Frost suddenly forgot how to call plays. But there was some bizarre stuff in this one.

Clearly, he’s not comfortable with this offense. There are things he doesn’t trust. Maybe it’s the offensive line, the run blocking or the receivers.

Where’s Kanawai Noa? The two handoffs to the left in overtime looked ill conceived. Martinez was basically not a weapon in overtime. It’s hard to nitpick after you score 31 points, but this one left you wanting more.

Nebraska needs to learn how to finish. That might mean the running game grows up fast or a short passing game that eats up clock.

2. It’s always good to stay off social media after a Nebraska loss, or any Nebraska game, for that matter. But a quick peek after this one showed folks not wanting any excuses and being very upset with their coach.

It’s deserved when you lose a 17-0 halftime lead. Nebraska was outcoached in this one. Burning the two timeouts in the second half wasn’t good, especially right after you just had halftime to prepare for the opening drive of the third quarter.

It’s hard to say what NU could have done with them late in the game. Maybe they have more time to do other things on the final drive of regulation.

3. One of the reasons I wished I could have been there was to use the “LINCOLN, Colo.” dateline on my column. Nebraska fans were the story all day, until the end.

Colorado fans should be embarrassed, but they won’t be, because clearly these games don’t mean that much. An overhead shot of a red Folsom Field would have made a great poster, a la Notre Dame in 2000, but you have to win for anyone to want it.

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