Nebraska's Alonzo Moore

Nebraska's Alonzo Moore scores in the fourth quarter to close out a win against Purdue. The Huskers recovered from a 14-10 halftime deficit to remain unbeaten on the season. 

Former Husker wide receiver Alonzo Moore signed an undrafted free agent deal Saturday with the Kansas City Chiefs and joined “The Bottom Line” Tuesday to discuss his future in the NFL.

Moore reflects on some of his favorite memories at Nebraska, playing under wideouts coach Keith Williams, and the biggest adjustments he faced moving from Louisiana to Lincoln.

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On the process of signing as a free agent:

“As soon as it was over, the team just called me. They were like, ‘This is the Kansas City Chiefs, and we want to let you know we want to sign you to a deal.’ And after that I contacted my agent and we went from there.”

On how expects to fit with the Chiefs:

“I was familiar wtih most of the guys. Like De’Anthnoy Thomas, he trained with us last summer in Nebraska, so I knew him. I was on the phone with him before the draft, and it just so happened I remember him telling me, ‘You’re going to come down here and play with us.’ So as soon as he saw that happen, he gave me call and was like, ‘Man, it’s crazy that we both said that we wished we would play together.’ And we said that last summer.”

On what drew him to Nebraska as a recruit:

“My family played a big part in it. My parents worked so hard raising me the right way, and when I remember coming to Nebraska, there was a smile on my parents faces, and it felt like it was home. I did everything for them.”

On the biggest adjustment moving from Louisiana to Nebraska:

“You got to get past the weather. That’s the only thing I can say. It ain’t the people. It’s more the weather. It took me about three years to get over, but if you can get over that, I feel like you can go anywhere in the world, because I’ve never been in a place that was that cold. ... If it was below 40 degrees, that was cold to me.”

On having to learn how to play receiver:

“When I first came to Nebraska, I still didn’t really know the position. I was just out there doing it off raw talent. When coach Keith Williams came around, it was like starting from zero, and I learned the position and that’s what helped me progress a whole lot.”

On what he learned from Williams:

“To be honest, that’s a tough question, because I didn’t just learn a little bit. I learned everything from him. Everything I know today, I learned from him. He taught me everything. It’s all going to pay off when I show up to camp.”

On Williams as a teacher:

“He was probably hard on me more than anybody. ... He takes pride in everything he does. He’s never going to lead you down a road that’s wrong or that you don’t want to go through. He’s tough on you, and I like it, because that’s how I grew up. My parents were always tough on me, so I liked that aspect of it. Tough situations help you get through a lot of things, and I didn’t want an easy road.”

On who he’ll miss from Nebraska:

“I’m going to miss all those guys. I was just with them the other day and we were just hanging out playing games, and I was telling them that I’m going to miss them all. It’s a brotherhood. We’re going to always be there for each other, so I’m not too worried.”

On whether he’ll come back to work with Williams:

“Most definitely. I’ll tell you what, wherever Coach Dub is — if Coach Dub goes to Japan, I’m going to Japan. I’m following him. That’s how it works. If he goes home and doesn’t even coach anymore, then we can do it in his backyard.”

On one of his favorite on-field memories:

“I remember the Wyoming game, having a little fight with a guy. I remember talking trash and we start playing the ‘Momma’ game and all that. The ref comes over and he was mad at us. There were some words that were said that you really can’t say.”

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