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LINCOLN — When Scott Frost clicked on the Minnesota film, it didn’t look quite like it did in person in the rain and snow last week.

He didn’t think the offensive or defensive line was pushed around like he did immediately after the 34-7 loss.

But one thing really did stick out.

“I think there’s a portion of our team that was ready for that game that played physical and went out and did their job. There’s another portion that weren’t ready to play in that type of game,” Frost said on his weekly radio show. “Certainly wasn’t as bad as it felt on the field, but there’s still a ton of things we need to improve at.”

So Nebraska’s gone back to the basics this week.

NU will practice for the third time during this bye week on Friday morning. It’s all fundamentals this week, Frost said.

“Staying on blocks longer, making sure we’re better on the perimeter, tackling and blocking drills all week,” Frost said. “Kinda trying to run some of our base stuff and making sure we can be a little more reliable and count on it.”

One main thread throughout the hour, though, was Frost’s concern about building the culture and the leadership.

“It’s hard to be a leader if guys don’t want to follow. And the majority of the team does, but maybe not everybody,” Frost said. “And the leaders need to continue to improve, but we need good teammates, not just good leaders.”

Other notes from Frost’s time on the air:

» Frost said the biggest difference between the Big Ten and the other conferences he’s been in is the offensive and defensive lines.

“This is a grown-man’s league,” Frost said. “Everyone we’re playing has fourth- and fifth-year linemen in the system, and it’s pretty hard for an 18-year-old to come in and play, especially in the Big Ten.”

Frost said he’s happy with the offensive linemen, but they’re developing.

"It's just hard when you're playing the Wisconsin's and Iowa's and Ohio State's of the world to run 18 and 19 year olds out there," Frost said. 

But, he wouldn't be surprised if some young offensive linemen played this year, staying within the four-game redshirt rule.  

» Nebraska's 4-3 with a couple embarrassing losses, but Frost doesn't want to change much scheme wise. 

"When things aren't going as well as you want them to, you start to question everything," Frost said. "But doubting and changing what you do is the worst thing you can do. We know our schemes on both sides work, they've worked for a long time. We gotta get better at them, we gotta recruit better players to run them."

» Frost said he was pleased with Noah Vedral's first start at quarterback. 

"We didn’t do well enough around him," Frost said. 

» Frost says he thinks the Nebraska offense of the 1990s would work today.

"The one thing that would be hard would be to recruit to it. There's a lot of skill players and quarterbacks who would not want to run that type of offense all the time."