Will Honas

Nebraska shouldn't have given up as many points as it did, Erik Chinander said on Tuesday. 

LINCOLN — This is all about growing up as a program, Erik Chinander said.

And he hates it. But the simple fact is, big boy programs finish games on defense. And Nebraska is just not there yet.

“It was, the knife’s in, and we gotta twist it,” Chinander said.

Instead, Nebraska allowed 24 points in the fourth quarter alone in the 34-31 loss to Colorado.

“We played three quarters of really good football and didn’t finish the football game,” Chinander said. “That’s a good football team, but they should’ve had 7 points, 14 points. It should have never came to that.”

The talk on Monday with offensive players was about Nebraska’s inability to play four quarters, with a poor third quarter, which meant the defense was on the field for a long period of time.

Because of that, coaches are now conceding the defense got tired.

“Obviously I think the guys, you play a lot of plays, you’re gassed but there was not a sense of urgency to get lined up, there was not a sense of urgency to make the calls,” Chinander said. “We had a couple of assignment busts that were crucial. And then, I think we just didn’t have that killer instinct at the end.”

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