Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez had probably his worst game as a Husker against Ohio State.

LINCOLN — Each week, The World-Herald will track Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez's play game-to-game, including wow plays, turnovers, market indicator and more.

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Two wow plays

We’ll give him one. Martinez didn’t have a great night. He had one bright moment, though, that he could build off of. Martinez felt the pressure in the pocket, moved up, couldn’t find a receiver, so he took off. When he’s decisive, he’s great. And he was as he moved by linebackers and streaked down the sideline for 56 yards. It set up the only score of the night for Nebraska.

Basic stats

Martinez was 8 of 17 for 47 yards with three interceptions. He added 81 yards on 15 carries. His longest run was 56 yards, his longest pass was 10 yards.


Three of them. The first was a great play by the defensive back, but the pass was behind Wan’Dale Robinson. The second was a pass high that was tipped and caught by that same defensive back while he was lying on the ground. The third was the worst. A high ball over Mike Williams that Williams had no chance of catching. None at all.

Martinez Market indicator

Down. After a great comeback performance on the road, Martinez struggled at home. He took the brunt of the blame. He always has. He knew he didn’t play well and he shoulders a lot of the blame.