Barret Pickering

Barret Pickering was listed as the starting kicker on the Huskers' depth chart.

LINCOLN — Dylan Jorgensen, a freshman walk-on, knew he’d be the starter Monday. Frost told him Pickering, who started every game last season, would be out due to an injury that hasn’t been disclosed.

Jorgensen made all five extra points, but missed a 31-yarder.

“Little upset about the missed field goal, but just brush it off, I’ll come back next time,” Jorgensen said.

The Lincoln Southwest grad said running through the tunnel was a dream come true, and called the entire game “super cool.” He also took kickoff duties, hitting the pylon on his first try, luckily turning into a touchback.

“I think it was just getting the nerves out,” Jorgensen said. “But I guess it rolled my way.”

Jorgensen said he has no clue how long he’ll be the starter, or when Pickering could return.

“My coach will tell me or Coach Frost will talk to me and just let me know that I’ll be the guy or Barret will be the guy, but I’m confident in both of us that we’ll go out there and do the job.”

Pickering made his final 10 field goals to end the 2018 season.