Scott Frost

Scott Frost didn't share any new details Monday regarding Huskers who suffered injuries against Northern Illinois.

Nebraska had its best offensive game of the season with 526 yards in a 44-8 win over Northern Illinois. But coach Scott Frost, in his press conference Monday, said the team can still play a lot better on offense.

"We left some points on the table," Frost said. "We got better again, but we still have room for improvement."

The same goes for quarterback Adrian Martinez, who played "well," Frost said, but remains hesitant at times. 

"You forget that he's a true sophomore," Frost said. "He's played well enough for us to win in every game. I think he's gotten better in every game. The one thing we keep talking about: When he's decisive with his decisions, lets the ball rip or makes a decision and runs, he's really good. We need to get him in positions where he feels good about what we're doing." 

More notes from Frost and Husker players' availability to the media Monday:

» No comment from Frost on the injury to left tackle Brenden Jaimes, who left the game in the fourth quarter. He said the depth chart indicated the next player up. That would be Broc Bando, who finished the fourth quarter.

Right tackle Matt Farniok took the podium and shared what he felt seeing Jaimes on the ground after a fourth-quarter injury Saturday.

"That's my brother, plain and simple. My brother is down on the ground, I want him to get back up," Farniok said. "Regardless of who it is, We suffer together and we thrive together."

Farniok felt Bando did a really good job filling in for Jaimes.

"He knew what he was doing. Our practices, honestly, tend to be a lot harder than the game because we don't have anyone to stop the tempo," Farniok said. "He was more than ready and prepared."

Farniok said the team has a belief that anyone subbing in should avoid a dropoff.

"You're there, you've won that, you've worked for that position for a reason," he said. "Now go and prove it."

» NU's next opponent, Illinois, has varied its defensive scheme more, Frost said, from its typical Cover 2 roots under Coach Lovie Smith. Frost said the Illini's top running back, Reggie Corbin, is "really good," and NU cornerback Dicaprio Bootle praised Illinois' receiving corps. 

» Frost said the defense took a big step forward by playing four full quarters. He added the team played at a better pace between plays.

» Bootle said he tried to support injured safety Deontai Williams through his recent shoulder surgery as much as he needs. Bootle visited Williams in the hospital for a few hours after his surgery.

"We were just sitting there joking, talking about what was going on in practice and I could tell that he didn't really want to be in that hospital bed. He wanted to be in practice that same day that he had surgery."

Bootle said now that Williams is back at practices, he acts as if he's still playing. Williams gives advice to the team's safeties and words of encouragement from the sidelines, Bootle said.

"I actually just saw him down in rehab working his shoulder," Bootle said. "I just told him stick with it. Just keep doing it. That God has a plan for him, so I'm sure that he's going to be OK."

» Frost also acknowledged the lack of an area code on the team's game helmets Saturday. He said the codes would likely not return for this week's game.

When asked if the decision was intended as a message for the players, Frost said. "Nah I just kind of made the decision to take them off."

Starting last season, Nebraska's helmets featured the area code of each player's hometown.

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