Steven Montez

Steven Montez accused the Huskers of "doing dirty stuff" during the game Saturday.

BOULDER, Colo. — Earlier in the week, Colorado quarterback Steven Montez said Nebraska had “done enough talking” for both teams.

On Saturday, he spoke.

“I think they truly talked themselves out of the game,” Montez said. “You guys saw all of the crazy quotes earlier this week. Before the coin flip, they were talking trash. At the bottom of piles, they were spitting, doing dirty stuff. So they got a lot of what was coming to them.”

Earlier in the week, Nebraska players from Colorado said they were glad they didn’t end up in Boulder. Other players said they wanted to avenge the 33-28 loss in Lincoln last year.

Nebraska blew a 17-0 lead Saturday afternoon. Montez finished the game 28 for 41 for 375 yards. He threw a touchdown to Tony Brown in the final moments of regulation to tie the game at 31. Colorado made a field goal in overtime. Nebraska missed its try from 48 yards.

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