Before and after

A before and after of Jack Stoll's mullet, which was shaved following Nebraska's loss to Colorado.

LINCOLN — Jack Stoll walked onto the sixth floor of Memorial Stadium with a grin.

Nebraska officials gasped. Four TV reporters took out phones for photos.

The mullet — straight out of a 1980s hair band — was gone.

“The loss definitely hurt, and like I said, I was gonna end up cutting the mullet if we ended up losing the game,” the junior tight end said. “So unfortunately had to end up cutting it.”

The hair for Stoll now is high and tight, with the same lightning bolt buzzed into the side of his head.

The mullet is gone, and so, too, are the excuses for the Nebraska offense, Stoll said. They just didn’t perform the way they should’ve against Colorado, and he takes some of that blame. He had two catches for just 4 yards.

“It was definitely what I would call a pretty quiet plane ride,” Stoll said. “Sunday, everyone just turned on the tape and flipped the switch from being upset, disappointed to trying to learn from it.”

Stoll said the offensive problems just came down to dumb, small mistakes that added up.

“I have full confidence we’re gonna go out there and be a lot better this week than we were last week,” Stoll said. “Offensively, we can move the ball on anyone. It’s just, we can’t stop ourselves. We had a few penalties, a few turnovers that we gotta clean up, and if we clean those things up, we’re putting up a ton of points every single game.”

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