The AP Top 25 was released Sunday. Here's Sam McKewon's ballot for this week.

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. Penn State

4. Alabama

5. Clemson

6. Oregon  

7. Georgia

8. Utah

9. Florida

10. Auburn

11. Oklahoma

12. Michigan

13. Minnesota

14. Baylor

15. Iowa

16. Wisconsin

17. Notre Dame

18. Kansas State

19. Memphis

20. SMU

21. Cincinnati

22. Central Florida

23. Texas

24. Washington

25. Wake Forest

Teams that dropped from the poll:

USC – Now down to 5-4, though I doubt some of the AAC teams I have ranked would have a significantly better record. I don’t want to rank a bunch of AAC teams, but the total awfulness of the ACC and the interleague crossfire of the Pac-12 makes it happen.

New teams to the poll:

Wake Forest – At 7-1, it is the second ACC team in the poll. That says all you need to know about the ACC.


» After the first College Football Playoff poll is released, you’ll see a number of ballots adjust closer to the committee’s perspectives. I firmly expect LSU and Alabama to be No. 1 and No. 2 Tuesday night, but perhaps the committee will surprise us and place Ohio State at No. 2. Clemson has zero business in the top four — I mean, look at the teams it has played, for goodness sake — but, rest assured, it’ll be snugly fit in the top four, leaving Penn State at No. 5.