Noah Fant may have gotten some criticism when he announced he'd skip Iowa's bowl game to begin preparing for the NFL draft. His coach, Kirk Ferentz, even said he was "disappointed" that Fant wouldn't finish the season with his team.

But a decision Fant admits was "definitely difficult" was made easier through conversations with his Hawkeye teammates.

"I wasn't just going to go and make that decision on my own," Fant said Monday during an interview on "The Bottom Line." "If I'm getting it from my teammates saying, 'That's a smart decision. We get it. We totally understand. We fully support you,' that's a good feeling to have. All my teammates know that I would never be a selfish player and quit on them maliciously or anything like that."

Fant, the Omaha South graduate who could be a first-round NFL draft pick, reflected on that decision during Monday's interview. He also shared memories from his playing career at Iowa, thoughts on the Nebraska-Iowa rivalry, his plans for the draft and more.

Watch video of the interview at the top of the page, or read a transcript of select excerpts below:

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On whether his Iowa career flew by:

"It feels like it flew by very fast. It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman, and now I'm on my way out. Time definitely does fly. ... I feel I took advantage of every thing that college has to offer. I wouldn't take that back for anything. I truly enjoyed my time in college and had a great time doing it."

On what led to his decision to leave early:

"I talked it over with my parents and was happy with where I was projected ... We thought it would just be the overall smart decision to decide to forgo that and get ready for that process. As the process is starting to grow — finding agents, finding somewhere to train — it's a lot of stuff to take care of in a short period of time, so I talked it over with my family and my coaches. My coaches ultimately said it was my decision, and I even talked to some teammates about it also. Everybody pretty much is on board, just saying it's a smart decision and they wish me the best of luck."

On accomplishing goals:

"I feel like I accomplished a lot of goals that I had set. Obviously you could always do better, you can always do more, but I had an opportunity to accomplish some goals and set some records and things like that. I feel like I took full advantage of what I was given in college and the opportunity I was given, so I was pretty happy with that."

On his favorite memory:

"Probably the Ohio State game last year was one that was pretty memorable. That one was just a lot of fun. We had new jerseys ... and we were able to win that game pretty sure-handedly. It was just a great feeling, and that was definitely a moment to remember."

On The Wave tradition at Iowa, where everyone in the stadium waves at the children hospital nearby:

"It's a pretty unique feeling. We do community service up there sometimes and we'll go up there and visit the kids, play with them. It hits a very sensitive spot for us. We know some of those kids up there. ... It's a pretty special moment, and it's a great tradition we started, and it's going to be something that sticks and holds for years to come."

On the Nebraska-Iowa rivalry:

"It's definitely an important game for us. It's a trophy game, and every team wants to keep the trophies in their building. It's definitely a game that has over the years, it's increasingly getting more chippy, a little bit more of a rivalry and it's a great thing. It's one of the games that both teams look forward to on their schedule."

On how he handles that "chippiness":

"I just go about my business, doing what I'm supposed to do. Some guys use that as an advantage for them, but for me it doesn't really faze me that much. I just try settle it with my play on the field."

On the next step:

"I'm obviously working out on my own, doing things like that. I'm finishing up my classes this semester, then I'll go home and go through the whole agent process, find an agent and things like that, and then I'm not totally sure of the plan yet, but probably after Christmas I'll probably leave to start training somewhere and get a couple extra weeks to train and get a headstart on that and start preparing for the combine."

On whether he's excited or nervous for the NFL draft:

"I'm definitely excited for that process to keep building my body and have my body at its healthiest point it's ever been. I'm definitely looking forward to it."

On what he needs to improve:

"Especially in the passing game, just getting crisper routes. I've been able to improve on that throughout my years, but you can always do a better job running crisper routes in different scenarios and different coverages, how to run different routes and things like that. And then in the run game, staying engaged on blocks longer. I definitely improved on that throughout the years. It's kinda one of those things where it takes a little bit to become proficient in the run game, so I'm definitely working on that and improving on that and I want to keep improving."