Fall is in full swing, and so is the school year. For some students that means endless note-taking and cramming for tests about subjects that don’t seem relevant. For others, it can mean another year of being lost in large classrooms and struggling to get the help they need to succeed.

At Quest Forward Academy, we believe that education can be better for every type of student. In our classrooms, learning revolves around each student’s particular learning style. Our model allows students to slow down in classes where they are struggling, or dive headlong into a subject they are passionate about — all while receiving the support of our expert mentors.

Here are five ways that Quest Forward Academy helps students find their passions and become engaged, lifelong learners who are prepared for wherever life takes them.

1. Project-based learning

Traditional classroom environments can feel restrictive, with students forced to sit at desks all day, passively taking notes without ever knowing the why behind what they are learning. Project-forward learning is at the center of every Quest Forward Academy course. Students explore subjects through the lens of real-world problems and challenges. Through hands-on projects, students begin to understand the world deeply.

2. Student choice

Not only is our curriculum project-based, it is centered on student choice. By encouraging students to pursue their passions in conjunction with their studies, Quest Forward Academy is able to offer a curriculum that is relevant and engaging. As a result, learning is student-driven. Whatever a student’s passion, from journalism to visual effects to community activism, Quest Forward Academy provides the space for students to explore and incorporate it into their everyday school work.

3. Personalized pacing

Another important distinction between Quest Forward Academy and other schools is that students and mentors work together to establish a pace that works for each student. Our curriculum is flexible enough to accommodate individual needs, whether that means moving ahead of the rest of the class or taking extra time in a challenging subject. Students aren’t overwhelmed or bored by the pace of a class, because it is informed by what works best for them.

4. Small class size

With a small class size, our teachers have many more opportunities to engage students in one-on-one time. They are able to check in regularly with a student’s academic progress and well-being. The small class size also allows us to foster a tight-knit community where all students, regardless of their background, culture or circumstance, are welcome.

5. Essential Habits

We know that success in life requires much more than grades. That is why we prioritize 6 Essential Habits that help students develop the skills and values they need to succeed in college or in a career. Students practice and reflect on these habits consistently, such as Be Curious, Manage Yourself and Communicate and Collaborate. Our teachers meet with students regularly to help assess student growth in each habit as it relates to their school work and everyday life.

Learn more at our open house

Experience a new kind of learning Saturday, Nov. 16, from 10 a.m. to noon. Try out our curriculum during our mini classes, as well as tour the campus and meet our staff. To register, visit www.questforward.academy/OM or call 402-403-1267.

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