Pyramid Contractors Inc. provides free storm-damage assessments and repair estimates. If your home has been hit by hail, it's smart to make sure your roof hasn't been compromised.

For Omaha-area roofs, some years are better than others.

This one has been a whopper.

“This year is on pace to be as bad or worse than 2017,” says Mike Mills, sales manager for Pyramid Contractors Inc., an Omaha-based roofing company. “We replaced many hundreds of roofs that year.”

A series of storms with high winds and hail — a roof’s worst enemies — have swept through the metro area since spring, keeping Mills and his team busy.

Hail comes in all shapes and sizes, but none of them are good for your roof, he says.

“With bigger hail, you’ll see bruises or holes on the shingle itself. If the hail is smaller but there’s more of it, the hail can wash off the granules but not necessarily puncture the shingle.”

Stripped of its protective granules, a shingle will deteriorate and crack and eventually start to leak, the pro says. Once there’s a leak, the situation gets worse. “Water leaks can be very, very difficult to find.”

When it comes to assessing your roof for damage — especially if your insurance company is involved — call a professional, Mills advises.

“You might see dings or dents in your gutters, or around your windows,” both signs that the roof itself may have taken a beating, he says. “If you do, I would suggest you leave it to the experts.”

Pyramid’s team of inspectors provides free storm-damage assessments and free estimates for area homeowners, he says.

Other area companies offer free estimates, Mills says, but he advises caution when choosing a contractor.

“With any recent storm, you get a lot of out-of-town companies coming in. They might look local, but they’re not. Do your research.”

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