Working out can benefit love and relationships along the way

“With love, there are no rules”, someone once said. Turns out, there are rules that can help.

It’s no secret that working out and staying healthy is hard. It requires discipline, dedication and effort. It’s also no secret that love is hard. It requires discipline, dedication and effort. But both, when done with the right approach and mindset, can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Here are 10 golden rules for working out and how they can benefit love and relationships along the way.

Be prepared

When approaching a workout routine, have a plan and track your progress. In a relationship, you have to work at staying healthy and happy.

Don’t skip the warmup

A warmup routine will keep you nimble and help prevent injuries. In love, warming up to someone is essentially the name of the game.

Don’t get stuck on the treadmill

While cardio is important, too many people get stuck on the treadmill, suffering the consequences of a routine workout with no variety. Relationships, too, can suffer from routine; a little spice and excitement keep it fun and interesting.

Set goals

A good workout routine knows where it’s going, as should a loving relationship.

Do the heavy lifting

It can be easy to skip the weights, opting for a less strenuous workout, but when you do the heavy lifting, it pays in spades. In a relationship, when you give the extra effort to carry more of the load, the payback can be sweet.

Stay in balance

No one likes to fall off the treadmill or bail from the balance board. A properly balanced relationship requires close attention and acute coordination, so as not to drift apart.


If yoga has taught us anything, it’s the importance of breathing, allowing for a moment of clarity to see things as they truly are. Taking the time to breathe in a relationship is of paramount importance too.

Don’t skip the post-workout

Take time after your workout to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, to better prepare for your next session. In love and relationships, it’s also beneficial to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Know when to take a day off

In today’s busy world, sometimes a workout is simply not in the cards, and that’s OK. Better not to push it, or you could push it too far.

Have fun

You’re not going to go very far with anything if it’s not fun. Yes, it’s important, but keep it light and that’ll help get you there.

Let the YMCA help you with all your health and wellness goals, with more than 600 group fitness classes every week. Visit www.metroymca.org.

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