Celebrity Homes Inc. to Raymond, Joshua D. and Thalken, Kiley M., 8825 N. 161st Ave., $245,900.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 7508 N. 168th Ave., $49,950.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Cianciolo, Marc A. and Alyssa E., 17156 Phoebe St., $234,900.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hauf, Chad C. and April A., 17111 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $289,375.

Richland Homes LLC to Hamid, Nagmeldin, 16111 Young St., $257,283.

Ryberg, Patricia L. to Kuchta, Kody, 16059 Tucker Court, $186,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Leonard, Jeremy and Stephanie, 16004 Young St., $304,350.

McGill, Richard and Kelly J. to Loegel, Ray H., 16003 Vane St., $425,000.

Hauf, April A. and Chad C. to Nick & Vivi Schmitt Properties LLC, 14544 Grebe St., $163,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to DeVall, Samuel and Elicia, 12918 N. 184th St., $569,807.

Slosburg, D. David and Martha G. to Fox, Charles B. and Tracy L., 12121 N. 177th Circle, $650,000.


Redwood Homes LLC to Wenninghoff, Kevin M. and Cynthia M., 801 S. 183rd St., $379,000.

Coventry Ridge LLC to Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc., 6618 S. 209th St., $59,000.

Salerno, John P. and Lisa A. to O’Connor, James G. Jr. and Christian, 641 S. 214th St., $260,000.

Snowden, Darrell D. and Jessica N. to Vuorela, Matthew and Elizabeth, 601 S. 200th St., $362,500.

Gottsch Land Co. Inc. to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 5275 N. 195th St., $78,900.

Matuszek, Daniel M. and Kerry E. to Poppen, Bradley L. and Laurie L., 5222 N. 193rd St., $600,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Gross, Gregory A. and Jill M., 4945 N. 206th St., $325,050.

Horizon Land Corp. to Charleston Homes LLC, 4617 N. 208th St., $45,000.

Ott, Christian A. and Andrea L. to Borowik, Sebastian G. and Joanna, 4510 N. 208th St., $370,000.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Kuecker, Mark J. and Ann M., 4327 N. 191st St., $419,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Karn, Keithan and Gaggini, Alyssa, 3885 S. 208th St., $62,700.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Hartzog, Timothy and Sherrill, 3560 S. 205th St., $459,900.

Hohlfeld, Timothy to Munoz, David L., 3003 N. Main St., $182,000.

203rd Plaza LLC to Furjanic, Walter M. and Colleen, 24004 U Circle, $129,500.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to Stauffer, Jeffrey C. and Dame, Jodi R., 2366 S. 220th Ave., $92,859.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Zabawa, Anthony and Lindsey, 2317 N. 183rd St., $437,866.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Cypress Group Inc., 22014 Kent Circle, $83,750.

R & A Builders Inc. to McAllister, Paul D. and Stacy D., 22008 Kent Circle, $648,889.

Kruse, Larry C. to Schlagenhauff, Anna and Tyler, 21706 Oldgate Road, $240,000.

Kiesling, Jaime L. to Schwarz, Matthew and Clark, Susan, 21516 Arabian Road, $178,025.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Garrison, Ryan R., 20526 D St., $281,684.

King, Alan A. and Tatreau King, Rebecca S. to Kamarajugadda, Vedvyas and Adiraju, Sri M., 19523 Binney Circle, $299,900.

Home Co. LLC to Ledin, Sharol R., 19307 Franklin Circle, $283,014.

Quest Construction Co. to Maring, Kyle L., 19258 Spencer St., $550,500.

FRK Development LLC to Landmark Performance Corp., 18709 Boyd St., $40,000.

Alexander, Teresa to Lamark, Roy R. III and McGill, Jane, 18611 Marcy St., $290,000.

Hernandez, Stephen and Tanya M. to Mead, Cory W. and Kimberley A., 18308 Honeysuckle Drive, $334,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Chyczy, Fernando R. and Silva Goyos Chyczy, Marcela E., 1805 N. 196th St., $480,000.

Larsen, Paul D. and Karen M. to Perkes, Joshua K. and Brooke, 180 S. 211th St., $839,500.

A & B Homegrown LLC to Smith, Jorne, 1718 N. 206th St., $169,900.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Skradski, Rachel A. and Luhrs, Nicholas J., 1608 S. 207th Ave., $456,000.

Cronk, Daniel R. and Carly K. to Krueger, Somer D. and Jeffrey D., 1411 N. 191st Ave., $690,000.

Powers, Jason A. and Erin W. to Harman, Tyler L. and Tiffany R., 1407 N. 209th Ave., $220,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to McCormick, Cory and Jessica, 1405 S. 208th St., $455,000.


Sealer, Jason L. and Tammy S. to Ott, Christian A. and Andrea L., 7907 N. 281st Ave., $575,000.

Andrew, Lloyd A. and Luella L. to Davenport, Jim and Loraine K., 5808 N. 244th Ave., $36,000.

Mockelman, Ronald J. to Clanton Properties LLC, 10787 N. 225th St., $188,000.


Osborne, Kathleen H. to JSSRDL LLC, 6535 Decatur St., $103,200.

DLC Investments LLC to 1 Chron 29:11 LLC, 5825 Spaulding St., $68,000.

Shwe, Kan and Lee to Paw, E. and Shu, Paw T., 5505 N. 61st Ave., $110,000.

Rankin, Martha C. to Tin, Nyount and Paw, October, 4903 N. 64th St., $105,000.

Bluejay Properties LLC to Loehr Property Management LLC, 4831 Erskine St., $65,000.

O & H Investments A LLC to Montoya Amezcua, Juan D., 3918 N. 54th St., $76,000.

Szurpicki, Kelly A. to Kaufman, Kirby J., 3515 N. 67th Ave., $112,000.

Adams, Jacob and Anna M. to Hinkle, Ryan and Micala, 2734 N. 65th Ave., $157,000.

R & B Properties LLC to Shafer, Michael W. and Danielle M., 2348 N. 66th St., $185,000.

Harding, Angela C. to Pane, Erik J. and Fredrickson, Allisia R., 2043 N. 64th St., $118,000.

Linstadt, Ryan J. to Linkletter, Jim, 1717 N. 66th St., $74,000.

Jorgensen, Walter J. Jr. Estate to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 6561 Maple St., $38,000.


Peterson, Lisa M. and Panas, Theodore to Janes, Thomas, 3125 S. 42nd St., $110,000.

Yllek Properties LLC to Santos Mercado, Ma Del Carmen and Perez, Cesar S., 2904 Shirley St., $40,000.

Tipton, Daniel and Elizabeth to Bacome, Adam and Jim, 2125 S. 35th Ave., $125,000.

TSV A LLC to Martinez, Jordan and Carly, 1920 S. 35th St., $137,900.

Lopez, Humberto and Manuela O. to Aguilar, Maria A., 1719 S. 27th St., $112,000.

Midwest Management Services LLC to Wurtz, Jean M., 1102 S. 44th St., $150,000.


De La Garza, Ryan A. to Thomas, Jessica C., 832 S. 50th Ave., $96,000.

DeLuca, Marian C. to Ossenkop Investments LLC, 4506 Shirley St., $175,000.

Fulton, Jill D. and Mahr, Joel to Barbar Properties LLC, 2138 S. 49th Ave., $145,000.

Boettger, Barbara J. to APK Holdings LLC, 2009 S. 56th St., $115,000.


PAE Investments LLC to Schmidt, Anna, 6115 S. 33rd Ave., $79,000.

Pozela, Silvija R. to P3M Investments LLC, 5718 S. 32nd St., $73,500.

Palmisano, Leonard M. and Kathryn A. to Palmisano, Kristina A., 4308 S. 16th St., $115,000.

Wisniewski, Lee and Valerie to Valadez, Vanesa, 3920 V St., $135,000.

Marrero, Kathleen to Perez, Adela A., 3909 Drexel St., $160,000.

L & J Investments LLC to Orange Investments LLC, 3833 S. 23rd St., $187,000.

Harms, Julie K. and Matthew F. to Lewis, James A. and Laurie L., 1115 Arthur St., $90,000.

Beldin, Russell C. Trust to Lux Mundi LLC, 3920 S St., $46,500.

Milczski, Florian R. Estate to Houfek, Jory, 4451 H St., $80,000.


Wipf, Jay M. and Rachel K. to Peters, Brandon and Jessica, 816 Hickory St., $125,000.

Prososki, Clemens G. and Patricia A. Trust to Hunter, Kathleen A., 3109 S. Fifth St., $120,000.


H & S Partnership LLP to Buenrostro, Maria, 2004 Florence Mills Plaza, $50,000.


Salvation Army to Navarro, Fidelia M., 5825 N. 34th St., $42,000.

Craig, Aaron K. and Jaime to Schulz, Matthew J. and Mallory L., 4319 Seward St., $111,000.

Kennedy, Marcus W. and Evelyn F. to Brown, Tyrone, 4142 N. 40th Ave., $42,900.

Lanphier, Paul P. and Emily to Sandra McFadden IRA, 4008 N. 34th Ave., $65,000.

Lanphier, Paul P. and Emily to Ruma, Chris, 4004 N. 34th Ave., $43,000.

ABFC 2002-NC1 Trust to Thomas, Gerald and Shaye, 3477 Sprague St., $24,000.

Moore, Eulish to Bailey, Brenda and Frank III, 2574 Fort St., $45,000.

Daffer, Christopher A. and Nicole to Daffer Properties LLC, 2567 Fowler Ave., $40,700.

Michael, Lonnie W. Sr. Trust to Miller Way LLC, 1724 N. 33rd St., $36,250.


U.S. Bank to Thompson Property Holdens LLC, 4006 Ida St., $67,200.


O’Brien, Matthew and Kirilloff, Victoria to Druliner, James A. and Amy F., 9316 Davenport St., $319,000.

Johnson, Benjamin J. and Daniel J. to Kalal, Alex and Thramer, Adam D., 728 N. 77th Ave., $140,000.

Bouckaert, Daniel J. and Rebecca E. to Nickel, Shelby, 708 N. 74th Ave., $178,000.

Reimann, Scott A. to Thompson, Callahan J., 1717 N. 106th St., $162,000.

Lebens, Michael C. and Susan S. to Mitchell, Nancy J. and Alvano, Michael R., 1229 N. 98th Court, $250,000.


Zabawa, Anthony A. and Lindsey E. to McGowan, Jonathan and Jill, 5714 N. 152nd St., $300,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McMillan, John and Kathryn, 5513 N. 152nd St., $298,916.

Wineinger, Karen S. to Weiss, Wesley F. and Jackie S., 5051 N. 152nd Ave., $200,000.

Schaefer, Scott and Brandi to Bahney, Alex K. and Jenna M., 4921 N. 161st St., $247,000.

McGarvey, Laurie L. to Bennett, Rodney L., 4813 N. 160th St., $153,500.

Conner, Maurice W. and Cora A. to Eudy, James D. and Colwell, Jerry A., 3208 N. 157th St., $302,000.

Puhl, James M. II and Brynne H. to Boll, Dawn A., 2516 N. 154th Ave., $248,000.

Maine, Annette M. and Smith, Russell E. to Thomas, Matthew M. and Mandy J., 2104 N. 172nd Ave., $370,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nielsen, Timothy L., 17624 Fowler St., $197,702.

Olson, James A. and Julie K. to Legacy Capital Management Group LLC, 17237 Manderson St., $158,000.

Borovski, Vasili and Natalie to Avik Riyan LLC, 16620 Miami St., $260,000.

Wurtz, Jean M. to Stier, Steven M. and Christa L., 16305 Sherwood Ave., $235,500.

Barkhaus, Thomas J. and Mandy L. to Anunson, Duane H. and Janice M., 16009 Fowler Ave., $262,000.

Spencer, LaVersia D. and Stephen D. to Mueller, Mark W. and Sandra S., 15073 Meredith Ave., $200,000.

Fulton, Renee D. to Nunberg, Raquel V., 15024 Tibbles St., $162,950.

Agenor, Jon T. to Knott, Tyler and Brooke, 14925 Laurel Ave., $325,500.

McMillan, John and Kathryn to Parks, Spencer and Pfeifer, Erica, 14807 Sprague St., $220,000.

Sennert, Erin E. to Gonzalez, Karen A., 14660 Sprague Plaza, $125,000.

Hochstein, Aaron and Bengtson, Megan to Coit, Aron M., 14605 Grand Ave., $215,000.

Brigman, Lucas C. and Corp, Melissa B. to Spring, Schuyler and Bonnie, 14605 Corby St., $257,000.

Reh, Patricia J. to Adams, Jacob D. and Anna M., 14565 Nelsons Creek Drive, $230,000.

Brink, Edward E, trustee, to Property Plus LLC, 17036 Sprague St., $150,000.


Swiatek, Clarence V. and Linda L. to Gonzalez-Marquez, Ana L., 4867 S. 53rd St., $145,000.

McCandless, Daniel S. to Fields, Christopher L., 4856 S. 52nd St., $136,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to O&H Properties Inc., 5805 T St., $126,000.


Kuecker, Mark J. and Ann M. to Zlomke, Kevin and Lyndsay, 1925 N. 173rd Circle, $284,000.

Sobus, John R. and Rebecca L. to Thompson, Samuel and Joan, 1658 N. 174th St., $299,950.

Blalock, Lisa and John to Thiemann, Zachary and Medici-Thiemann, Catherine, 16417 Jones Circle, $470,000.

Le, Van V. and Nguyen, Oanh H. to Thomsen, Anthony and Tess, 15607 Decatur Circle, $192,000.

Scott, Lindsey M. Trust to Weinberg, Andrew J. and Yukiko, 17230 Franklin Drive, $305,000.


Schlagenhauff, Tyler S. and Anna to Reilson, Ryan, 8815 N. 79th St., $140,000.

Colon, Richard E. and Michelle L. to Koffi, Frederic and Monica, 7504 N. 89th St., $195,000.

Anunson, Duane H. and Janice M. to Jones, Gwendolyn, 7423 N. 107th Ave., $247,500.

Mora, Deyvi Y. to Jungbluth, Michaela H., 6709 N. 78th Ave., $152,500.

Becher, Christopher T. Trust to JO.N.T. LLC, 8837 N. 83rd Ave., $153,700.


Amoura, Sana M. and Daniels, Mark C. to Szurpicki, Andrew J. and Kelly C., 9607 Grover St., $190,000.

Garcia, Katherine and Balwanz, Chris to Newman, Marc J. and Sarah M., 8615 Hickory St., $575,000.

Bear Homes PC to Padron, Wesley W., 8125 Barbara St., $180,000.

Fusselman, Douglas D. and Pamela J. to McCarthy, Dan and Alicia, 7815 Pine Circle, $490,000.

Trede, Patrick and Suzanne to Hetherington, Richard H., 3421 Westgate Road, $168,000.

Willoughby, Chris and Donna to Sun, Guanqing, 2106 S. 87th Ave., $340,000.

O’Keefe, Anne L. and Patrick E. to Amoura, Sana M. and Daniels, Mark C., 10329 Pinehurst Ave., $341,000.

Cassling, Lori S. Trust to McCormick, Anne and Reed, Charles, 7807 Woolworth Ave., $215,000.


Farris, James E. to Crisman, Paul A., 7924 Oakwood St., $125,000.

Eilers, Robert E. and June G. to Eilers, Neal E. and Carvajal Suarez, Bibiana M., 6604 S. 86th St., $195,000.

Meier, Michael A. and Rene M. to Sterling, Adam C. and Abigail E., 5832 S. 105th St., $207,000.

Linehan, Kevin B. and Lou A. to Peters, Erin E. and Andrew, 5021 Sunset Drive, $165,000.


Kiscoan, Katie and Jeremy to Robinson, Jessie and Jenny, 3812 S. 187th St., $375,000.

Hinshaw, Kelli to Sharma, Adesh K. and Ruby, 3804 S. 190th St., $235,500.

Marasco Homes Inc. to Sneller, Andrew and Hannah, 3327 S. 188th Ave., $634,089.

Kardell, Robert L. and Mary L. to Lubeck, Zachary L. and Haley M., 2319 S. 184th Circle, $438,500.

Perkes, Joshua K. and Brooke S. to Schuster, Nicholas R., 20002 Pierce St., $675,000.

Borchers, Patrick J. and Judy J. to Lilley, Daniel R. and Amy, 19264 Shirley St., $497,500.

Hazuka, Beverly J. to Arp, Grace and John, 19114 Marinda Circle, $53,000.

Soucie, Angela C. and Scott R. to Boldt, Anthony M. and Dawn M., 18812 Lamont St., $490,000.

Feilmeier, Keith and Judith to Feilmeier, Michael R. and Jessica L., 16962 Woolworth Circle, $137,390.

Willems, Jacob and Shea to Stewart, Nathan and Kaitlyn, 1404 S. 167th Ave., $206,000.

Clark, Carrie A. and Gaylord L. Jr. to Colon, Rich and Michelle, 1367 S. 196th St., $315,000.


Doss, Walter K. and Lorrie C. to Den Hartog, John M. and Sabrina M., 4350 Charles St., $107,000.

Spompinato, Alan L. and Layle E. to Linden, Robert, 4315 Burt St., $138,000.

Uptown Properties 2 LLC to Madsen, David K. and Jan D., 3320 Davenport St., $350,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Pfeiffer, Brayden, 120 S. 31st Ave., $154,900.


McKain, Gary M. and Sylvester, Colleen to Basye Real Estate Concepts Inc., 917 N. 50th Ave., $120,000.

Tierney Enterprises LLC to Taylor, Thatcher M. and Andrea R., 632 N. 47th St., $162,000.

Loser, Anthony C. to Glassroots Real Estates LLC, 611 N. 45th St., $42,000.

Loser, Anthony C. to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 611 1/2 N. 45th St., $22,000.

Hapke, Kiran L. to Boland Steier, Mary T. and Steier, James M. Jr., 5435 Western Ave., $350,000.

Bierman, Neal J. and Macy to Spencer, Michael A., 5003 Lafayette Ave., $197,500.

Johnson-Piller, Kathryn C. and Nokes, Paul to Forney, Paul J. and Covarrubias Ochoa, Nancy F., 102 N. 55th St., $288,000.

Kolvek, Rose I. Estate to Dudzinski, Chase B. and Bullington, Jessica, 5113 Burt St., $225,000.


Square One Investments LLC to Wicklund, Laurie K., 9466 Emmet St., $159,900.

Pierce, Anthony W. and Alyssa M. to Dozier, Steven and Forsyth, Katherine, 9140 Meredith Ave., $177,500.

Decker, Shari and Douglas to KFM Properties LLC, 8837 Lake St., $72,500.

Grafton, Daniel L. and Kathleen M. to Grundmayer, Erin E., 7923 Grant St., $131,599.

Diaz, Marcos and Marmolejo, Lilian Y. to Quade, Dustin and Joanna, 7913 Kansas Ave., $169,900.

Schnecks Company LLC to Omaha Christian Assembly, 7340 Blondo St., $77,000.

Vesely, Amber T. and Scott W. to Hulett, Raymond, 4605 N. 95th St., $150,000.

Fencil, Robert E. and Amber to Adams, Robert, 4111 N. 100th St., $173,000.

Johnson, Brandon L. and Stacey L. to Mora, Deyvi Y. and Milena, 10561 Curtis Ave., $215,000.

Bicak, Philip J. to Roberts, Andrew and Haley, 10285 Browne St., $136,000.


Straw, Lea J. to Pedersen, Jennifer L. and Andrew D., 6751 S. 181st Court, $116,200.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Greene, Robert L., 6721 S. 200th Ave., $390,038.

Zucker, Michael J. and Nicole L. to Horner, Nathan E. and Breanne D., 6714 S. 164th Ave., $250,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Swarthout, Barbara L., 6604 S. 199th St., $306,582.

Marron, Joshua L. and Erika L. to Hogan, Justin, 6128 S. 191st St., $188,000.

Baker, Rita A. to Wagner, Chad and Stephanie, 6030 S. 166th Ave., $270,000.

Brown, Zachary J. and Flynn, Danielle A. to Patil, Abhishek, 5836 S. 191st Ave., $214,000.

Laake, Robert A. and Christy J. to Barnes, Matthew E. and Melissa A., 5821 S. 191st St., $247,500.

Lura, Patrick L. and Ashley N. to Osborne, Jerad L. and Pamela S., 5819 S. 160th St., $255,000.

George, Kenneth J. and Beth M. to Chmura, Robyn, 5710 S. 174th St., $290,000.

Eldon, Mary S. and Simpson, Edward L. to Quandt, Tom and Renee, 5709 S. 163rd Ave., $307,000.

Wanning, Devin J. to Mansour, Ziad, 19628 S St., $185,000.

Garrison, Ryan R. and Ragland, Amanda to Adlux Properties LLC, 19359 W St., $162,000.

Hanson, Scott L. and Paula L. to Meiners, Rebecca L., 19022 N St., $168,750.

Dressen, Matthew L. and Mallory M. to Rappolt, Andrew M., 18751 V St., $188,500.

McKain, Scott E. and Misty M. to Johnson Spencer LLC, 18683 Borman St., $183,000.

Corrigan, Thomas M. and Amanda S. to Jorgensen, Bradley M. and Blum, Crystal, 17031 Karen St., $255,000.

Lauridsen, Fred J. and Dolores A. to Bain, Clifton and Jackson-Bain, Angela, 16253 Polk St., $227,500.

Wilson, Darrell E. to Kaping, Kyler J. and Lindell, Kayla M., 16119 Monroe St., $285,000.

Wieck, Brent and Paula Trust to Bodduluri, Rajasekhar and Paladugu, Srivasuki, 17215 Cinnamon St., $390,000.

Gist, Emily M. Estate to Muska, Annette, 4214 S. 179th St., $167,500.


Thiessen, Sean S. and Amber L. to Wisehart, Paul, 6361 S. 140th Ave., $108,000.

Phillips, Marion M. and Sunny L. to James, Brooke and Phillips, Jacob, 6306 S. 153rd St., $110,000.

Harris, Noel E. to Siegert, Nancy R. Trust, 6220 Oak Hills Plaza, $222,000.

Carberry, Deborah and Gregory M. to Carberry, Alec S., 5803 S. 136th St., $150,944.

Goss, Jayson and Jill to McAllister, Cole R. and Kusmierski, Brittney, 5672 S. 122nd St., $190,000.

Ruiz, Virginia to Woodruff, Jessica N. and Kniewel, Christopher R., 4973 S. 147th St., $178,500.

Pfahl, Anady to Strong, Barbara J., 15206 Madison St., $150,000.

Koenig, Michael and Sarah to Ruiz, Maria A., 14421 Weir Plaza, $170,000.

Butler, Paul F. and Judy to Jelken, Paul and Barbara K., 12461 Woodcrest Drive, $215,000.

TSV A LLC to Nguyen, Van T. and Thi T., 11040 Y St., $192,000.

Harris, Richard O. Trust to Hansen, James P. and Bell, Melinda, 5629 Blackwell Drive, $172,500.

Myers, Jerry and Patricia Trust to Sindelar, Ronald G. and Esther M., 12230 N St., $105,000.

Rozic, Janice M. Estate to Isenberg, Rick, 5011 S. 130th St., $116,500.

Bacon, Dennis G. Estate to Cruise, Chad, 12324 Gail Ave., $130,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nepal, Shyam, 7530 N. 143rd Avenue Circle, $194,614.

Pullen, Beverly J. to Quick, Teri M. Trust, 6912 N. 122nd Court, $244,300.

Gest, Karin M. to Kudron, Bonnie J., 14238 Wood Valley Drive, $240,000.


Boe, Lindsey M. to Brooks, John W., 2941 S. 122nd Ave., $110,000.

Reinke, Matt and Andy to Roehr, Stephanie and Donavan, 2511 S. 127th Circle, $272,000.

Jorgensen, Bradley M. to Perry, Andrea, 13617 Frederick St., $140,000.

Rogokos, John R. and Jill to Le, Hai H. and Tran, Hao K., 12505 Arbor St., $157,000.

Dworak, Matthew C. to Eusebio, Leighton E., 11835 Cedar St., $211,500.

Kelly, Seamus F. and Lorene D. to North, Christopher A., 10930 Spring St., $175,100.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Rothlisberger, Jeff, 3130 S. 122nd Ave., $100,500.

Sweeney, Karen J. Trust to Kelly, Seamus F. and Lorene D., 15304 Pine St., $358,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Property Plus LLC, 1211 S. 121st Plaza, $62,401.


Ross, Jay P. to 6005 Lamplighter LLC, 6005 Lamplighter Drive, $30,000.


Graham, Paul M. to Krisinger, Elaine M., 551 N. 152nd Avenue Circle, $215,000.

Kinsler, Cindy A. to Rehrs, Gregory and Geraldine, 1863 N. 153rd Ave., $234,000.

Parsons, Jill C. to Bauer, Henry J. and Nancy A., 10815 Franklin St., $115,000.

Guyer, James E. Estate to Fimple, Gerald M. Sr. and Karen S., 973 Fawn Parkway, $190,000.


Zlomke, Lyndsay to Johnk, Zachary T. and Schweers, Ashton B., 2737 N. 129th Circle, $175,200.

Colwell, Jerry A. to Howell, Crystal, 13802 Sahler St., $226,000.

Lindsey, Scott W. to Erdmann, Sadie F., 13428 Ames Ave., $235,000.

Buss Kara and Garett L. to Rosenthal Cassandra R., 12724 Miami Circle, $183,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Tatman, Cory and Sherman, Shawn, 11909 Bauman Ave., $161,000.

Hein Stone, Marla M. and Stone, Francis E. to Shwe, Klee and Ah, Doh N., 11754 Meredith Ave., $203,000.

Hofer, Jennifer L. to Brewer, Alec J., 11025 Laurel Circle, $169,500.

Henderson, Patrick and Jennifer to Demirel, Bahadir, 10918 Sahler St., $200,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 12946 Himebaugh Ave., $136,000.


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