Silverstone Building Co. LLC to Steier, David N., trustee for GSD Revocable Trust, 7410 N. 170th St., $365,265.

Jansen, Dangie J. and Jason D. to Rickard, Joseph and Abbey, 16315 Sheffield Circle, $335,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Krugman, David L. and Shannon M., 15937 Mormon St., $317,263.

Richland Homes LLC to Yong, Bo and Kim, 16019 Whitmore St., $304,426.

Flecky, Kevin G. and Rhonda L. to Meyer, Todd and Lisa, 14809 Prairie Star St., $299,900.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Colorado, Armando and Debra K., 14813 Prairie Star St., $288,900.

Home Co. LLC to Christensen, Jamie N., 10312 N. 152nd Ave., $285,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Boogerd, Kevin A. and Melissa S., 8817 N. 161st Ave., $238,221.

Lane Building Corp. to Keiser, Robert and Sara, 14449 Vane St., $234,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Schwartz, Christian S. and Ashley R., 14452 Gilder Ave., $198,686.

Clark, Erin D. to Postany, Trevor, 14875 Mormon St., $198,000.

Bittner, Jake M. and Amber L. to Lamagna-Reiter, Robert and Reiter, Amanda, 14610 Gilder Ave., $195,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ries, Brian A. and Ana C., 7959 N. 144th Ave., $187,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Banzhaf, Braeden J. and Kristin J., 14460 Gilder Ave., $184,852.

Lura, Jason D. and Amanda L. to Trademark Homes Inc., 18427 Northern Hills Drive, $120,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 8710 N. 169th St., $108,000.

Fuller, Matthew P. and Megan R. to Muenster, Adam D. and Summer L., 12828 N. 184th St., $78,000.

Kupfer, Thomas H. Trust to Clark, Jeffrey M. and Heidi, 7610 N. 154th Circle, $350,000.

Colvert, Chad A. Trust to Donohue, Dustin B. and Leslie A., 16357 Young Circle, $350,000.


R & A Builders Inc. to Scott, Lindsey, 2205 S. 218th St., $1,300,000.

Falcone, Deborah and Raymond to Stinson, Mark B. and Tracy L., 5002 S. 235th St., $765,000.

Pohlad Custom Homes Inc. to Netsch, Jeffrey and Susan, 21979 Brookside Ave., $519,986.

Hawks, Bobby B. and Singleton, Charmaine J. to Egermier, Marshall and Matthew, 18675 Webster Circle, $492,500.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Carroll, Jeremy S. and Briana M., 2203 N. 188th Ave., $484,887.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Sanow, John and Becky, 2305 N. 183rd St., $477,998.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Ambler, Joseph and Rachelle, 18411 Willis Ave., $442,330.

Sadler, Jeremy and Neeley to Clark, Gaylord L. Jr. and Carrie A., 413 S. 197th St., $410,000.

Schaerrer, Sean and Sarah to Boss, Kevin and Michelle, 1319 S. 209th Circle, $407,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to King, Alan and Rebecca Trust, 3811 N. 190th St., $398,125.

Home Co. LLC to Chomac Investments LLC, 19303 Franklin Circle, $321,000.

Bailey, Merlyna K. to Kenny, Nancy E., 18203 Farnam St., $299,500.

Home Co. LLC to Baird, Cheryl S., 1511 N. 194th Circle, $285,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Batistamoreirarebequi, Joao and Guimaraes, M. Fernanda M., 5114 N. 208th St., $280,700.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ridenoure, Bonnie, 20525 D St., $270,446.

Wood, Joel A. and Jill M. to Kiesling, Jaime, 20778 Flavin St., $262,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Rathjen, Mark T. and Lakatos-Rathjen, Claire R., 3404 S. 229th St., $194,000.

AMC Properties LLC to Choice Homes LLC, 1510 S. 218th St., $175,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Welsh, Rodney T. and Thyra R. Trust, 3884 S. 208th St., $92,000.

RAMM Holdings LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 2020 S. 212th St., $83,500.

LPC Properties LLC to Goshorn, Neal and Bethany, 5670 S. 209th Circle, $80,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 2507 N. 187th Ave., $75,000.

Todd Menard Construction LLC to H3 Custom Homes LLC, 1329 S. 208th St., $75,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc., 3953 S. 208th St., $70,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 18522 Corby St., $65,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 18516 Corby St., $65,000.

Whisper Rock Holdings LLC to Cambridge Homes LLC, 18510 Corby St., $65,000.

204 F Street LLC to Malibu Holdings LLC, 3884 S. 208th St., $62,500.

204 F Street LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 3953 S. 208th St., $39,000.


Ostry, James A. and Linda L. to Castillo, Consuelo, 24315 King Lake Road, $22,500.


Lindeman, Robert K. and Tiffany to Henson, Lucas J., 505 Jefferson St., $115,000.

Fletcher, Marion D. to Miller, Dean A. and Duhachek, Peggy L., 127 S. 243rd St., $88,600.


Kore LLC to Vaugniaux, Jeremy D., 1024 Dodge St., $151,000.


McCray, Edward W. and Robin M. to Barrand, Jeff and Jessica, 2449 Fontenelle Bvd., $132,000.

Porch Swing Properties LLC to Pille, Erin K., 5844 Blondo St., $128,000.

Sorensen, Thomas H. and Karen S. to Wesslund, Catherine, 4106 N. 55th St., $105,600.

Garner, Patricia A. and Robert to Floreat Lafayette LLC, 6103 Seward St., $78,000.

Manion, William to Schneider, John R., 4515 Franklin St., $64,000.

Grubaugh, Rick C. and JLO Properties LLC to McConnell, Jacob R. and Garcia, Cesar A., 6032 Spaulding St., $57,500.

J Camper LLC to Nine LLC, 4603 Jaynes St., $46,500.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Billingsley, Charles E. and Gloria A. Trust, 5510 N. 69th St., $124,000.


Hughes, William F. and Patricia C. to Sullivan, John B. and Jesse A., 4448 Pine St., $312,500.

Uptown Properties LLC to Porter, Djordon-Lee T., 821 S. 30th Court, $309,000.

Rusiecki, Philip R. to Gutman, Daniel and Moyer, Tess, 4338 Shirley St., $235,000.

Stannish, Victor E. and Lavonne D. to Weber, Brianna, 807 S. 34th St., $143,500.

Rudolph, Angela A. and Lange, Joshua to Grove, Chase and Welty, Rachel, 3613 Center St., $128,000.

Rosenboom, Amanda P. to Kohlbek, John M. and Danette M., 2613 S. 33rd St., $126,000.

Cadlo, Aaron M. to Rabbass, Karl W., 2606 S. 37th St., $122,500.

Severa, James D. and Otten, Julie A. to Broders, Nathan and Carrie, 1114 S. 42nd St., $94,000.

Oglevie, Jeff to Reid, Ruth A. and Prickett, Amelia V., 3820 Gordon St., $65,000.

Nicewanner, Beau M. and McKnight, Amber to Cellar Door Properties LLC, 905 S. 26th St., $50,000.


Farrington, Steffen A. and Samuel G. to Rock, Erica, 4661 Mayberry St., $225,000.

Meyer, Ruby K. to Mueller, Nicholas E., 4708 Grover St., $128,120.

Punch It Out Inc. to Lofties, Paul and Joann, 5012 Pierce St., $128,000.

Ortmeyer, Jack L. Trust to Nicole James Properties LLC, 1421 S. 52nd St., $140,000.

Hawk, Camille R., trustee, to TAB LLC, 5511 Hickory St., $90,000.


Hemmer, Emirson and Danessa to Smith, Raymond L., 3820 S. 35th St., $181,000.

Kadima Properties LLC to Armstrong, Norman P. and Nelson-Armstrong, Angelea M., 4318 S. 22nd St., $153,500.

Cruz-Morales, Adaly and Cruz, Deanna to Watkins, Rob A. III and Manriquez, Gonzalo J., 5104 S. 18th St., $103,000.

South O Joe LLC to Gonzalez, Oscar and Pacheco, Clara, 6205 Wilson Circle, $85,000.

Finley, Joseph N. and Brittany L. to Valadez, David and Bianca, 3901 N St., $84,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Reyes, Leonidas A., 3113 S St., $78,000.

Pribyl, Charles G. and Joyce M. to Ramirez-Delgado, Anabel, 5814 S. 17th St., $74,000.


Santana, Jose C. and Franco, Marvin M. to Perez, Uriel, 2310 S. 23rd St., $119,700.

Mertl, Kenneth J. and Carol L. to Suncone Holdings LLC, 1922 S. 17th St., $86,500.


Brasmah, Kathy to DRC Properties LLC, 5842 Florence Blvd., $50,000.

Baker, Richard L. to Evans, Richard L., 5106 N. 14th St., $21,000.


Martinez, Michael J. to Teply, Susan E., 2411 Laurel Ave., $105,000.

Jones, Joe Trust to Muhtaw, George, 4308 N. 40th Ave., $78,000.

Hester, Chithauta and Heather to Jobe, Meagan C., 4025 Wirt St., $74,500.

Bartos, Patrick and Kellie to Lopez, Jaciel L., 4323 Patrick Ave., $67,500.

SMMS LLC to DRC Properties LLC, 3056 Stone Ave., $28,000.

Olds, Myrtis Trust to Orange Investments LLC, 3440 Curtis Ave., $37,500.


Liscom, Craig and Elizabeth to Holmes, Amy C., 6719 Minne Lusa Blvd., $170,250.

HBI LLC to Tlatenchi-Enriquez, Yuriria, 6618 N. 37th St., $100,000.

Peppers, Barbara A. to Zukaitis, Raymond R., 2416 Vane St., $92,000.


Seabec Enterprises LLC to Morales, Abram and Rosaura, 1825 N. 92nd St., $239,000.

Koffi, Frederic M. and Monica to Shah, Dhimankumar and Dhwani, 1612 N. 107th St., $161,800.

Pierce, Justin C. to McCarther, Johnny B. Jr. and Kelley, Jennifer L., 1469 N. 91st St., $160,000.

THT Enterprises LLC to Hernandez, Carlos E. and Kellie L., 7736 Webster St., $132,000.

Cockson, Joyce A. to McCullough, Joyce E., 7410 Schuyler Drive, $110,000.


RAMM Construction Inc. to McArdle, Mary E., 2408 N. 177th St., $415,618.

Pierce, Mark A. and Sybille L. to Bose, Richard P. Jr. and Deborah S., 5502 N. 154th St., $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rafter, Eugene J. Jr. and Robyn A., 5160 N. 175th Circle, $318,902.

Oppold, Ryan M. and Natasha A. to NEI Global Relocation Co., 15463 Ogden Circle, $295,000.

NEI Global Relocation Co. to Schilhabel, Brian and Sarah, 15463 Ogden Circle, $295,000.

Wachtler, Adam M. and Brianna L. to Hillabrand, Anthony and Kelly, 16515 Ames Ave., $282,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Joiner, Michael P. and Sandra K., 17107 Meredith Ave., $275,100.

Dean Properties LLC to Gelecki, Sherryl K., 2908 N. 151st St., $250,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Tripathee, Binod and Shreejana S., 4626 N. 174th Ave., $246,400.

Pitman, Cami J. to Melnick, Glenn D. and Mariah J., 16256 Saratoga St., $209,999.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lurvey, Lynne, 17618 Fowler St., $200,085.

Ainsworth, Eric M. and Heather to Luong, Tri and Nguyen, Trang, 4902 N. 150th Ave., $196,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Farr, Terry and Rebecca, 4507 N. 176th St., $194,400.

Thompson, Samuel R. and Joan T. to Lindeman, Robert and Tiffany, 3404 N. 152nd Ave., $193,100.

Bacon, Nathaniel S. and Danielle L. to Gutshall, Jordan M. and Juhlin, Anthony M., 4625 N. 170th St., $179,000.

Knott, Brooke M. and Tyler to Watton, Amos W. and Julie A., 4919 N. 155th Ave., $165,000.


Wade, Stephen C. and Mary E. to Mullen, Rochelle A., 16606 Leavenworth St., $427,000.

Baker, Kathleena to Ruwe, Jacob R. and Maxwell, Kimberly R., 17509 Parker Plaza, $140,000.


Dynamic Properties LLC to Rai, Anil K. and Tamang, Radhika, 7365 N. 73rd St., $175,000.

Alford, Nineth S. and Jeremy S. to Hoch Holdings LLC, 8827 Wyoming St., $170,000.

Phan, Tam and Long T. to Williams, Alexander H. and Elizabeth W., 8409 Girard St., $161,000.

Fitzpatrick, David G. to Frontier Enterprises LLC, 9607 Ida St., $75,000.


Petersen, Matthew B. and Kylie to Webster, Jason D., 3213 Paddock Road, $345,000.

Buesing, Keely L. to Cornerstone Investment Properties LLC, 9113 Westridge Drive, $125,000.

Ziegler, Margaret J. Trust to Coffin, Conner M., 7430 Grover St., $165,000.


Kauten, Ricky A. and Kellie E. to Hackett, Mitchell J. and Shelby K., 5330 Bay Meadows Road, $165,000.

Quinn, Brenda R. to Peabody, Gianna M., 7837 Heritage Circle, $160,000.

K Enterprises LLC to Big O Strength & Conditioning LLC, 8938 L St., $157,500.

Krenisky, Josephine A. and Mike to Big O Strength & Conditioning LLC, 8938 L St., $157,500.

Fields, Cheryl A. to Valverde, Ronald J., 5105 S. 80th St., $150,000.

Gilreath, Marilyn J. Estate to Gilreath, Julia L., 7512 Polk St., $130,000.

Harrison, Jerry L. and Donna L. to Red Ladder LLC, 5030 S. 94th St., $101,500.

Talmadge, Patrick and Sarka Trust to Dlugosz, Justin M., 10018 O St., $165,500.

Peterson, Janel C. Trust to Bowen, Sandra R., 4733 S. 79th St., $127,450.


HBI LLC to Mart, Anthony and Pospisil, Malynda, 16350 Poppleton Ave., $220,000.

Talcott, Judith A. and Eric J. to Henery, Gabriel A. and Melana J., 2612 S. 166th Circle, $210,000.


Jones, Eric and Keslie to Smith, Jazmin M., 3324 Myrtle Ave., $131,000.

Linden, Jeffrey R. to James, Michael D. and Alisa, 105 N. 31st Ave., $97,700.


Stolinski, Robert K. to Tang, Robert, 114 S. 50th Ave., $298,500.


Hernandez, Lilia and Angel to Lemley, John and Sommer, 4818 N. 107th St., $158,000.

Little Venez LLC to Demaree, Katie J., 8315 Vernon Ave., $156,000.

Brown, Nathan J. and Jennifer N. to Van Leeuwen, Bryant and Megan, 4305 N. 101st St., $155,000.

Van Nurden, Sabrena to Rey, Lar and Ko, Ko, 9430 Brownley Drive, $130,000.

Nelson, Mary B. and Steven to Fili, Shayne, 9248 Fowler Circle, $118,000.

Myers, Timothy and Lynda to B & F Properties LLC, 4917 N. 93rd Ave., $100,000.

Neuhaus, Sandy L. Trust to Thomsen, Daniel W. and Diane K., 5823 N. 92nd Court, $202,500.


Bertsch, Robert M. Jr. and Laura K. to Ullsperger, David and Sarah, 17002 T St., $450,000.

Rede, Steven and Jennifer to Hunt, Bucky and Patti, 6105 S. 196th St., $357,500.

Goshorn, Neal R. and Bethany M. to Jacobs, Jason and Jamie, 19323 J St., $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Komp, Thomas W. and Erin E., 4722 S. 199th Ave., $342,159.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Flecky, Kevin G. and Rhonda L., 4157 S. 202nd Avenue Circle, $314,439.

Chase, Mark T. and Nancy A. to Wyler, Eric D. and Lindsy S., 16636 Y St., $310,000.

Wilson, Sheryl M. and Mauk, Fred D. to Ritter, Billy R. and Debra L., 4342 S. 175th St., $300,000.

Rocks, Eric R..and Nicole to Leddy, Thomas P. and Elizabeth T., 4304 S. 174th Ave., $297,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Doeden, Dillon R. and Jessica A., 19887 L St., $289,200.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Reiss, Chris J. and Loving, Carli J., 19867 K St., $274,820.

Richman, Derek W. and Micah K. to Kruger, Adam and Ruggles, Lesley, 16906 Orchard Ave., $245,000.

Macholan, Ross and Uglow, Stephanie to Turco, Matthew and Diana, 18812 Drexel St., $235,000.

Replogle, Joshua B. to Franks, David K. II and Chrystal D., 15920 U St., $227,000.

Jacobs, Jason J. and Jamie L. to Spence, Dan and Jindra, Christi, 15902 T St., $227,000.

Choquette, Joshua D. and Joleen L. to Anton, David M., 4611 S. 176th Ave., $215,000.

Bell, Preston W. and Andrea M. to Schwalb, William, 5725 S. 190th Terrace, $200,000.

Komp, Thomas W. and Erin E. to Geiken, Steven A. and Kimberli A., 4810 S. 157th St., $185,000.

NIE-RO LLC to Rohwer, John H., trustee, 4336 S. 179th St., $141,000.

Palmer, Chris and Allie to Uglow, Stephanie L., 18166 Southdale Plaza, $120,000.


Diediker, Andi and Katie to Cruz, Deanna and Cruz Morales, Adaly, 6536 S. 109th St., $225,000.

Heartland Financial Estates LLC to LT Investments LLC, 4430 S. 154th Circle, $208,000.

Marsh, Franklin E. III to White, Jessica L., 6405 S. 135th St., $195,000.

HBI LLC to Guenther, Jamie, 6240 S. 150th St., $190,000.

Hanlon, Patrick M. to Edwards, Kelly and Jerry, 13523 Z St., $170,500.

Rice, Rachel and Tyler to Thomas, Whitaker and Michelle, 14835 Walnut Grove Circle, $169,200.

Randall, Nicholas J. to Klinger, Devon, 11024 X St., $161,500.

Walton, Kacee to Saulis, Christopher and Dana, 12235 W St., $160,000.

Hjelmeng, Dennis L. and Maren J. to Beran, Jane M., 6415 S. 149th Ave., $150,000.


Newport Homes LLC to Hunefeld, Scott L. and Barbara, 12516 Mormon St., $291,950.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jensen, Duane D. and Paula J., 13920 Wood Valley Drive, $215,174.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nepal, Tanka and Chhali, 7534 N. 143rd Avenue Circle, $194,700.

Bowerman, Mary A. Trust No 1 to Patil, Amol and Aishwarya, 11409 Iowa Circle, $307,000.


Sjogren, Mark and Christine to Bragg, Edward T. and Shelley, 2003 S. 139th Circle, $225,000.

Smith, Scott L. to Blesh, Robert E. and Blesh-Boren, Tara L., 14428 Cedar Circle, $225,000.

Keiser, Robert H. and Sara S. to Rolf, Anna L. and McAllister, Daniel J., 13618 Stanford St., $220,000.

Krajicek, Jeffrey M. and Quinn A. to Lawler, Christopher M. and Karen A., 3305 S. 119th St., $210,000.

McCullough, Joyce E. to Carstens, Beckey, 3279 S. 131st Circle, $183,000.

Vuorela, Matthew and Elizabeth to Hovdenes, Emily, 3392 S. 129th St., $170,000.

Anders, Richard P. and Shirley M. to Ruelas, Shari R., 2408 S. 126th St., $160,000.

Czyz, Laurie A. to Cellar Door Properties LLC, 2534 S. 148th Avenue Circle, $131,000.

Fifer, Michael D. to Fire Equity LLC, 12191 Pedersen Drive, $81,497.


6316 State Street LLC to Haferbier McGill, Jodie L. and McGill, Timothy F., 8606 N. 60th St., $112,000.


White, Steven J. and Jennifer L. to Harvey, Jacob and Andrea, 1859 N. 153rd Ave., $300,000.

DeBoer, Andrew B. and Jamie L. to Chaturvedi, Nagendra, 741 N. 155th Ave., $220,000.

Riesberg, Patrick to Caniglia, Krystle A. and Keen, Dale W., 14841 Hillside Plaza, $176,000.

McCarthy, Sue E. to McClelland, Barbara, 931 S. 119th Court, $175,000.

Stevens, Candace L. Estate to Billings, Samantha, 11937 Miracle Hills Drive, $130,000.

Fuller, James H. Trust to Muller, Ann F., 13276 Seward St., $342,000.


George, Gary L. and Linda to Weeks, Joshua A. and Jamieson, Joseph, 12460 Evans St., $292,500.

Schuessler, Earl E. and Evelyn F. to Paulsen, Ronald, 13467 Fowler Ave., $247,000.

Hill, John L. Jr. and Marilyn A. to Leise, William J. and Theresa J., 4614 N. 134th Ave., $240,000.

Gorshe, Aaron and Emily to Grant, Erin M., 12940 Corby St., $185,000.

Hersch, Trenton J. to Kopp, Jennifer, 6204 N. 131st St., $169,000.

Brachle, Daniel R. and Rhonda L. to Strandquist, Kyle W. and Jennifer L., 6508 N. 111th St., $160,000.

Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust to R & B Properties LLC, 12211 Erskine Circle, $145,100.

Jones, Gwendolyn R. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 12613 Ellison Circle, $117,000.



Schneider, Craig and Michelle to Greer, James and Carolanne, 1806 Avery Road, $165,000.

Wright, Rita G. to Tull, Lonnie, 2005 Smith Road, $140,000.

Henn, Nina to Wasilewski, Karan P., 2006 Smith Road, $142,000.

Cleveland, Mendie E. to Brondum, Andrew and Jenna, 2506 Jackson St., $93,000.

Lyons, Michael L. and Carolyn to Cleaver, Scott J., 2530 Franklin St., $140,000.

Brick House Properties LLC to Pierson, Lanae, 2728 Lloyd St., $110,000.

Jackson, Charley and Stephanie to Estell, Stephen J., 719 Willow Ave., $102,000.

Dortch, Larnisha L. to Burke, Michael R. and Rebecca R., 801 Moore Drive, $200,000.

Kuhlman, Norma J. Trust to Wendl Properties LLC, 908 Harrington Ave., $73,000.

Souza, William J. and Uraga, Elizabeth to Hansen, Ryan S. and Melissa J., 908 Martin Drive, $260,000.

Kuhlman, Norma J. Trust to Wendl Properties LLC, 910 Harrington Ave., $73,000.

Gelb, Allen L. and Roxanne D. to Coffey, Kayla R. and Grayson, 1010 Marian Ave., $200,000.

Williams, Aaron I. and Rosa P. to Poethig, Joseph A. and Euler, Jesseca, 1021 Parkway Drive, $159,000.

Witt, Gail L. and Janet L. to Anderson, Robert W. and Frances J., 114 Lafayette Lane, $290,000.

VanNorman, Jeffrey S. and Yuka T. to Richardson, T. Grace and Matthew, 1201 Ventura Drive, $159,000.

South, Gerald E. and Diana to Jensen, Lois, 1323 Franklin St., $70,000.

Corum, Jacob R. and Jenny P. to Messina, Dennis and Annie, 1403 Potter Road, $135,000.

Gatewood, Patricia J. Estate to Gatewood, Joshua L. and Katharine L., 1605 Washington St., $105,000.

Keller, Travis R. and Shari L. to Fields, Tarel D. and Hernandez, Raquel, 2106 Alberta Ave., $168,000.

Schutt, George D. and Rita L. to Milobar, Jennifer R., 2702 Washington St., $102,000.

Sorgenfrei, Dallas L. and Jessica L. to Miller Gordon, Mariah M., 3203 Madison St., $177,000.

Corey, Harold D. and Lois V. to Bushnell, Richard K., 708 Logan Ave., $100,000.


Mann, Jesse R. to Jurski, Danielle R., 10002 S. 202nd Circle, $253,000.

McCune Development LLC to D & E Custom Building & Design Inc., 11513 S. 201st St., $47,000.

Kubicek, Roger L. and Thresa G. to Willems, Jacob A. and Shea D., 119 Wesgaye St., $165,000.

Bohling, Todd M. Trust to Baxter, Kourtney E., 120 Wesgaye St., $156,000.

Hartweg, Carol to Spence, Timothy. and Susan, 16908 Ridgeway Road, $70,000.

Kerns, Tricia K. to Green, Maria and Joseph, 206 E. Westplains Road, $186,000.

Wells, George M. and Mary T. to Bogers, Thomas and Lori, 22615 Melia Road, $279,000.

FRK Development II LLC to Heavican Homes Inc., 22629 Ponderosa Road, $90,000.

Corbin, David and Theresa to Petty, Tyler, 229 Michael Drive, $143,000.

Five Four Holdings LLC to Vogt, Robert J., 428 Bryan Circle, $500,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 528 Devonshire Drive, $44,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Henricksen, Dana and Cheryl, 7819 S. 196th St., $353,000.

Sauer, Robert L. and Krogman-Sauer, Karla to Ken & Jarred Neher LLC, 11006 S. 210th St., $306,000.

Shipp, Courtney and Aaron to Jett, Patricia L., 11282 S. 202nd Circle, $240,000.

Hofker, Jered L. and Alexis C. to Gilsdorf, Neil A. and Jan C., 120 Chippewa Circle, $170,000.

Schmidt, Justin B. and Lindsey to Ziegenbein, Alexander J. and Ashley M., 12850 S. 219th St., $438,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Ward, Tara L. and Andy R., 16937 Samantha Road, $289,000.

Mandina, Kevin D. and Penny L. to Barber, Wayne D. and DeeAnn M. and Barber Rentals LLC, 19825 S. 204th St., $725,000.

Morey, Michael A. and Cynthia L. to Ross, Brian J. and Kayla, 19828 Josephine St., $420,000.

Ziegenbein, Alexander J. and Ashley M. to Moore, Darryl and Lisa, 20255 Glendale Avenue Circle, $230,000.

Menichetti, Joseph P. and Anne M. to Weideman, Jerry L., 20931 Birch St., $182,000.

Fowler, Maryetta A. and Francis L. Trust to Chase, Shawn A. and Brian J., 213 Meadow Drive, $140,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to LTD LLC, 7814 S. 194th Ave., $52,000.


Pine Crest Homes LLC to Jackson, Jason S. and Jan, Awaz, 10318 S. 123rd Ave., $366,000.

Lurry, Bessie D. Estate to Harms, Nicholas C. and Brittany E., 1126 Parc Drive, $160,000.

Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc. to Hammock, Paul V. and Dawn S., 11506 S. 109th St., $383,000.

Home Co. LLC to Livermore, John J., 11612 S. 109th St., $322,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Paulk, Phil H. and Lisa, 11732 S. 111th St., $333,000.

Sarpy R & R Co. to Scherer, Tim B. and Lisa L. 1308 Joy St., $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Horton, John W. and Elaine C., 1702 Oriole Drive, $346,000.

Hanna, Robert W. and Sherry L. to Bartels, Brian D., 2309 King Drive, $200,000.

Bogers, Thomas A. and Lori L. to Mejia, Samuel B. and Patrick P. and Perez Mejia, Alma, 312 Cheyenne Drive, $166,000.

Bushala, George K. Jr. to Wynn, Dylan J. and Stepanek, Shelby A., 517 E. Second St., $107,000.

Bloomingdale, Arthur L. III to Mixan, Mark M. and Janna L., 805 W. Centennial Road, $276,000.

DKT Enterprises LLC to Simmons, Michael and Alyssa, 806 Cody Circle, $220,000.

Maloney, Edward J. and Margaret T. Trust to Johnson Spencer LLC, 813 Fenwick St., $165,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Gjoraas, Katie and Kevin, 10587 S. 111th Ave., $287,000.

Garey, Marilyn J. and Everett M. to Ziegenhorn, Brian J. and Julie A., 1118 Crest Circle, $120,000.

Ziegenhorn, Brian J. and Julie A. to Lewis, Bryan R. and Christine M., 1118 Crest Circle, $179,000.

Home Co. LLC to Longenecker, Todd and Herbig, Brooke, 11515 S. 111th St., $383,000.

Home Co. LLC to Belluomini, Michael and Allison, 11703 S. 110th Ave., $411,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Cercone, Eric J. and Elizabeth M. 11707 Cooper Circle, $466,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Walker, Caleb R. and Nicole M., 11714 S. 110th St., $330,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Garcia, Ezer R. and Laura E., 11724 S. 111th St., $321,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Ryder, Sandy J. and Dilsaver, Mitchell R., 11725 S. 111th St., $332,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Trull, Douglas E. and Reiser, Jill A., 12058 S. 79th Ave., $393,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to McCormick, Lisa L. and Darryl E., 12212 S. 73rd Ave., $344,000.

Pike, Billy D. to Griffith, Nancy E. Trust, 12402 S. 81st Ave., $117,000.

Boyce, Wes and Michelle to Pappas, William G. and Anderson Pappas, Debra K., 12458 Caspian Drive, $455,000.

White, Jerome K. and Sheila J. to Skaggs, Sean, 1247 Limerick Road, $294,000.

Rose, James F. and Dutton, Rebecca A. to Neuman, Ty and Shellie, 12635 S. 79th Ave., $372,000.

Twitchell, Adam L. and Diana Q. to Lathrop, Corey and Jennifer, 1810 Southview Drive, $176,000.

Pape, Bradley W. to Templeton, Adam and Jungman, Meagan G., 2017 Queen Drive, $215,000.

Pfeifer, Mark and Susan to Thomas, David W. II and Melissa D., 2230 Crystal Creek Drive, $329,000.

Larson, Tammy K. and John E. to Mickells, Thomas J. and Alberta, 2308 S. River Rock Road, $237,000.

Dalfonso, Michael N. and Debora L. to Brown, Megan V., 509 Deer Run Lane, $280,000.

Kielty, Tim J. and Jill M. to Shrader, Daniel L., 646 S. Washington St., $130,000.

Markoff, Richard L. and Sandra L. Trust to Fibich, Desiree N. and Timothy S., 8106 Molokai Drive, $255,000.

Haavisto, James and Wonjeong to Ricketts, Terry and Yanira, 902 W. Perry St., $207,000.

Becker, Stephanie M. and Brett A. to Talmadge, Patrick C. and Sarka J. and Charles E. Jr., 915 Woodland Ave., $350,000.


Investments 988 LLC to Vierregger, Michael E. and Deborah A., 12902 Jennifer St., $345,000.

Springfield Pines LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 725 N. 10th Ave., $55,000.

Springfield Lake Development Co. LLC to Smith, Donelle, 12213 Buffalo Road, $88,000.

Lynam, Ryan to Lutz, Andria and Michael, 16823 S. 138th St., $290,000.

Duncan, Dustan and Mercedes to Albanese, Alesandra and Jastram, Martin, 20507 Meadow Oaks Drive, $74,000.

Kuhl, Adam R. and Julie J. to Poppen, Nicholas M. and Megan E., 701 Mulberry Lane, $360,000.


Webb, Jerry L. and Gina to Galvan, Richard, 10001 S. Ninth Cirle, $150,000.

Tyo, Paul and Brittany N. to Bruce, Kevin S. and Christina M., 13711 S. 17th St., $260,000.

Tress, Tyler N. and Morgan E. to Purcell, Adam M., 14409 S. 27th St., $165,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Despines, Timothy R. and Susan K., 15007 S. 20th St., $356,000.

Schiltz & Stenger Investments LLC to Pike, Larry E. and Tammy J., 17301 Yucca Circle, $310,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Watson, Craig P. and Crystal M., 1910 Mayflower Road, $234,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Barnett, Brian L. and Krystal L., 1927 Mesa St., $268,000.

Betts, John M. and Pamela H. to Lopez, Rafael C., 2415 Arlington Place, $145,000.

Moore, Andrew R. and Caitlin J. to McKibben, David and Jamie, 2611 Yorktown St., $214,000.

Wilmington Trust to Arzola Nunez, Shidarta J., 2701 Morrie Drive, $193,000.

Jellal, Karen and Younes to Hallett, Royce, 2705 Michaela St., $185,000.

Lindquist, Eric H., trustee, to REO Asset Management LLC, 3111 Leawood Drive, $151,000.

Tucker, Jack M. Jr. and Amber C. to J&B Resources LLC, 3406 Blackhawk Drive, $166,000.

Glosser, Matthew and Michelle L. to Oldfield, Gary D. Jr., 3422 Nugget Circle, $176,000.

Mastrianni, Annemarie to Brooks, Tamara R., 3508 Omstock Ave., $140,000.

Siders, Fred to Garner, Thomas and Ericka, 10808 S. 17th St., $173,000.

Barber, Jason L. and Martin, Summer R. to Mumm, Mark and Crystal, 11903 Quail Drive, $250,000.

Medcalf, Sean J. and Rebecca A. to Zipprich, Gene M., 13204 S. 35th Avenue Circle, $230,000.

Newman, Ada B. to Buckman, Charles L. and Kelsey, 13403 S. 30th St., $165,000.

Clemans, Eugene R. and Sandra L. to Hanson, Jared and Stephanie, 13714 S. 43rd St., $228,000.

Young, Matthew D. and Melissa L. to Stricker, Brent M. and Ratay, Jamie K., 13717 S. 43rd St., $197,000.

Feilmann, Ian B. and Shawn M. to Schoenstein, Aaron B., 13718 S. 44th St., $225,000.

Hanson, Jared D. and Stephanie N. to Fulcher, Brendan T. and Amber M., 14505 S. 25th Avenue Circle, $170,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fischer, Marnie R. and Troy S., 1709 Mayflower Road, $231,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Buck, Ezekiel and Kathleen, 1914 Mayflower Road, $277,000.

Drown, Joshua B. and Tia L. to Shaffer, Stefan and Tiffany M., 2408 Hogantown Drive, $190,000.

Jordan, Jerry L. and Christine L. to Wagner, Allen D. and Amy M., 2605 Calvin St., $262,000.

Kucirek, Ronald J. to Kadima Properties LLC, 2907 Anabelle Drive, $130,000.

Martin, Charles D. Jr. to Beasley, Jameel and Veronica, 3308 Jason Drive, $164,000.

Barwick, Lide R. Jr. and Nancy J. to Wadhams, Richard A. and Elizabeth A., 4410 Edgerton Drive, $315,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hiracheta, Bryce and Jennifer, 4470 Brook Drive, $284,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Mid America Financial Investment Corp., 9708 S. 21st Ave., $96,000.

Mid America Financial Investment Corp. to O & H Properties Inc., 9708 S. 21st Ave., $96,000.


Rowland, James L. to Agler, Rebecca, 7008 Gertrude St., $111,000.

Ayala, Amilcar to Gibler Properties Inc., 7205 James Ave., $99,000.

Cunning, Patricia A. to Ervin, Angela M., 7408 James Ave., $116,000.

Janousek, Daniel Jr. and Rene L. to Pearson, Gabrielle, 7433 Terry Drive, $120,000.

Bel Fury Investments Group LLC to Samindla, Deepthi, 7525 Edward Ave., $79,000.

Bledsoe, Jack E. Estate to Miller, Christopher and Rhonda, 7539 Joseph Ave., $127,000.

Miller, Robert R. to Schamp, Kevin A., 7737 Park View Blvd., $141,000.

Harwood, Jeff J. and Paula J. to McCormick, Dwight A. and Ashley E., 7801 S. 93rd St., $330,000.

Reineke, William R. and Jenni L. to Speelman, Wade and Marinda, 10016 Floyd St., $315,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to DeMaria, John M. and Anderson, Tina L., 10035 Olive St., $392,000.

Anderson, David M. and Pate, Marsha G. to Skradski, Nicholas E. III and Stephanie M., 10256 Edna St., $335,000.

Salak, Amanda M. and Douglas W. to Mijland, Kathleen, 7810 Leaf Plum Drive, $150,000.

Chase, Shawn A. and Brian to Conant, Abraham J. and Maria M., 8730 Granville Parkway, $145,000.

Murphy, Thelma C. to Cavlovic, Patricia and Patrick, 8819 S Glenview Drive, $131,000.

Bovick, Scott W. and Kathryn L. to Sweeney, Brian and Willenborg, Keri, 9910 Melissa Circle, $250,000.


Tevebaugh, William W. and Darice M. to Portis, Ervin L. and Carla, 108 Longwood Drive, $310,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Charley, John and Connie, 2003 Apollo Lane, $264,000.

Horizon Realty Inc. to Gaule, Gerald D. and Elizabeth A., 2009 Atlas Drive, $336,000.

Baisden, Richard C. and Nichole to Fierros, Ramon G. and Brenda L., 215 Oakwood Drive, $230,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Saunders, Kevin and Santana, 6602 Harvest Drive, $322,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Eaton, James W. and Judy H. Trust, 6646 Ridgewood Drive, $349,000.

Duncan, Tyler to Cedillo, Victor C., 707 Eagle View Drive, $190,000.

Mahan, Andrew J. and Amber to Nord, Scott A. and Wendy J., 811 Fall Creek Road, $315,000.

Boelman, Jestin A. and Arana S. to Moore, Jeremy J. and Amy K., 9402 S. 70th Circle, $385,000.

Murcek, Korinne N. and Paul to Cherri, Joseph W. and Bethany J., 204 Summerset Drive, $205,000.

Vance, Richard M. and Jean M. to Westcoast Properties LLC, 2409 Aberdeen Drive, $168,000.

Olsen Rental Group LLC to Contreras, Michael T. and Regan, Carrie V., 2613 Aberdeen Drive, $270,000.

Hansen, Ryan S. and Melissa J. to Tate, Kyle J. and Michelle, 4507 Victoria Ave., $285,000.


D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Sorensen, Nicholas J. and Snoza Sorensen, Zahra B., 10632 S. 189th St., $348,000.

Hildy Construction Inc. to Heisterkamp, Brian and Miranda, 11023 S. 175th St., $480,000.

Paciello, Daniel and Evans, Cristina to Koehler, Zachary F. and Sharon, 16202 Loop St., $246,000.

Arnett, Susan A. to Dumpert, Jason and Renee, 17120 Emiline St., $330,000.

Deas, Gordon P. Trust to Schwalbach, Kyle R. and Ashley R., 17330 S. Creek Circle, $248,000.

Koehler, Sharon A. and Zachary F. to Barone, Biagio and Cooper, Marianne, 17818 Olive St., $168,000.

Murman, Daniel L. and Bishop, Julia K. to Connell, Matthew T. and Angela M., 18621 Gertrude St., $336,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Behm, Daniel W. and Kristine L., 18904 Willow St., $275,000.

Feuker, Kelly R. and Jeffrey S. Trust to Meininger, Shane E. and Brenda J., 7115 S. 167th Circle, $327,000.

Johnson, Jerry A. and Valentyna V. to Goslawski, Lenore, 7510 S. 173rd St., $187,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Segobia, Rachel L., 8513 S. 169th St., $225,000.

Wylie, Craig E. and Sandra L. to Kivett, Matthew J. and Sarah J., 9209 S. 172nd St., $300,000.

Koziol, Earl G. and Danette L. to Boling, Alan and Micaela, 9602 S. 172nd St., $325,000.

West Gate Banshares Inc. to Nienaber Investmetns LLC, 10018 S. 168th Ave, $140,000.

Daly, Thomas J. and Gail E. Trust to Markoff, Richard L., 10020 S. 170th Circle, $245,000.

Tonniges, Travis and Kelsi to Emmons, Jerry P. and Burmeister, Julie L., 10315 Spyglass Drive, $395,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Mitchell, Robert W. and Roberta L., 10908 S. 187th St., $307,000.

Johnson, Michael C. and Wanda K. to Winkler, Vicky V. and Robert C., 13112 Josephine St., $195,000.

Pomplun, Brian L. and Morgan C. to Boyd, Jason F., 15814 Briar St., $168,000.

Briggs, Farrah and James Jr. to Hansen, Laura, 15830 Willow St., $185,000.

Kardell, Darlene L. Trust to Duckett, Brian L. and Derong L., 16459 Crestfield Drive, $495,000.

Dahir, Samuel J. to Kramer, Anne P., 16625 Josephine St., $240,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Pohlmann, Mark and Kristina, 16863 Rose Lane Road, $291,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Schulte, Stanley L. and Rachel E., 17503 Ridgemont St., $475,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lewis, Dwayne E. and Betty J., 18615 Robin Drive, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Jacobs, Aaron C., 18821 Briar St., $261,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Winkelmann, Steven and Margaret, 2018 Gindy Circle, $259,000.

Kinsey, Shane A. and Catherine M. to Gregory, Lucas, 8216 S. 161st Ave., $179,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kraus, Karen J., 11257 S. 115th St., $291,000.

Schwalbach, Kyle and Ashley to Dunaway, David W., 12706 Deborah Circle, $165,000.

DiCola, James V. and Colleen T. to Dahlgren, Bryan A. and Shelley A., 13306 Edna St., $170,000.

Klinkacek, Thomas L. and Nadine M. to Weires, Chris, 13426 Edna St., $176,000.

Pullen, Michael A. and Susan to Brasch Properties LLC, 13429 Redwood St., $120,000.

Dawson, Shane W. and Lindsey to Spellman, Dylan J., 14616 Edna St., $160,000.

Stokes, Luanne M. and Nathan and Even, Lynn and Joseph T. to Knuth, Kayla and Zach, 13909 Emiline St., $182,000.

Tate, Michelle and Kyle to Hopewell, Adam and Leyloni, 15108 Chalco Pointe Drive, $176,000.

Mixan, Kelly to Hopping, John and Niki, 15131 Greene Ave., $160,000.

Krueger, Timothy J. and Breanna to Mak Development LLC, 7118 S. 137th Ave., $149,000.

Ryder, Sandy and Dilsaver, Mitchell R. to Wagner, Louis and Shedd-Wagner Tracy, 7423 S. 139th St., $205,000.


Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Herrick, Joshua A. and Krohn, Laurel M., 2022 Gindy Circle, $256,000.

Horak, Alex and Savannah and Mark and Kathy A. to Finley, Brittany L. and Joseph N., 2106 Lucille Drive, $198,000.

De Jesus Arevalo, Pedro and Oliveros, Judith to Drucker, Steven, 2705 Margo St., $131,000.

Sayre, Lisa to Addison, David E. and Peace, Karen R., 7227 S. 41st St., $130,000.

Husak, Jennifer and Jason to Rapp, Mary, 7603 S. 42nd St., $107,000.

Perez, Zephyr and Miller, April to Miller, April, 7715 S. 41st Ave., $61,000.

Winther, Cody and Kara to Carias, Daniel, 8259 S. 39th Ave., $148,000.

Melvin Sudbeck Homes Inc. to Doepker, Paul T. and Crystal A., 8909 S. 23rd St., $356,000.

Rock, Erica to Bowers, Anthony J. and Rachel N., 9310 Spring Creek Drive, $290,000.

Woltman, Niclas and Jaclyn to Santamaria, Jose A. and Galdamez Amaya, Nancy M., 9502 S. 26th Ave., $260,000.


Lang, Keith D. and Leisa M. to Red Ladder LLC, 3813 Gertrude St., $58,000.

Sims, Jami L. to Basanko, Andrey, 5017 White Cloud Drive, $133,000.

Hernandez, Ana L. Estate to Lopez, Cristina J., 5121 Glasgow Ave., $185,000.

Winkelmann, Steven G. and Margaret A. to Varley, Jordan C. and Vincent, Taylor M., 7409 Arrow Rock Drive, $145,000.

Greer, James and Carolanne to Brooks, Roger and Tiffany, 8436 S. 64th St., $235,000.



RLN Holdings LLC to Lopez, Benjamin G., 1607 Third Ave., $85,000.

Bushnell, Christina and Kent D. to EAP Property Investments LLC, 1412 Ave. C, $38,000.

Prine, David L. and Paula J. to Kirsch, John G., 49 Pelican Drive, $400,000.

HBI LLC to Kay, Angel M. and Michele E., 2400 Fifth Ave., $146,000.

McAlpine, Ashley L. and Jason D. to Mueller, Kelly, 1618 24th Ave., $159,500.

D & M Homes LLC to Rhinehart, Shawn, 3210 Fourth Ave., $80,000.

Higgins, Heide K. and Patrick A. to Davis, Michael J., 2301 Ave. G, $75,000.

Rayburn, Carole L. and Duane F. to Martinez, Adalberto A., 2720 Seventh Ave., $12,000.

Nixt, Christopher C. and Crystal L. to Graham, Kedryn A., 2827 Third Ave., $104,000.

Thomsen, Lois to Bazan, Honoria V. and Sanchez Solis, Guillermo and Sanchez Solis, Carlos, 3602 Stuart Blvd., $25,000.

Jordan, Tracy to Rydberg, Terry, 3620 Third Ave., $35,000.

Singley, Andrew J. to Morse, Randall L., 2607 S. 16th St., $164,500.

Kruse, Craig A. to Lassek, Melissa M., 1321 21st Ave., $66,000.

Ingoldsby, Daisy M. Trust to Garcia, Leticia S. and Fierro Velazquez, Luis A., 2128 Ave. H, $120,000.

Gutzwiller, James R. and Patricia L. to Large, Michael and Sara, 2641 Ave. H, $100,000.

Rose, Trina to Christensen, Traci, 3018 Ave. E, $82,000.

Grimm, Tammy D. and Todd A. to Grimm, Allison E. and Nathan A., 229 Manawa Ave., $40,000.

Soria, Andres and Bertha to Stokes, Michelle R., 1729 Fourth Ave., $79,000.

Registered Holders of CSMC Asset Backed Trust 2007-NCI OSI to Norcap Phoenix Income Properties LLC, 2915 Fifth Ave., $62,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to MAC Investments Inc. and Old Lincoln Investments LLC, 511 S. 24th St., $46,500.


JT Properties Inc. to Pedersen, Courtney and Josh, 131 Planters St., $26,000.

Parton, Nathan and Rebekah to Green, Ann M. and Jordon M., 34 Ridge Drive, $145,000.

TS Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7 Cypress St., $55,000.

TS Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 11 Cypress St., $55,000.

TS Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 8 Hawthorne Blvd., $63,000.

TS Development LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7 Hawthorne Blvd., $61,000.

Snyder, Darcie D. Trust to Glenn, Daniel D. and Judith D., 15226 Bloomfield Lane, $600,000.

Taulborg, Terry J. Trust to Haldeman, Catherine L. and Gary W., 27897 185th St., $500,000.

Haldeman, Catherine L. and Gary W. to Lund, Daniel J., 20718 Mudhollow Road, $240,000.

Fauble, Taylor J. and Huntoon, George W. IV to Arseneau, Andrea M. and Cameron D., 1332 Lenox Circle, $250,000.

Kay, Michele E. and Angel M. to Jensen, Matthew T., 746 Ave. D, $63,000.

Westcoast Properties LLC to Morris, Nicholas J. and Proctor, Christopher J. and Kassie, 320 N. Second St., $265,000.

HBI LLC to Fleming, Jeremy and Whelan, Ashlee D., 1227 High St., $120,000.

Chappell, Brenda to Huntrods, Minden L. and Samuel C., 1111 Washington Ave., $96,500.

Cunningham, Karen to Caldwell, Travis and Valerie, 24164 Cottonwood Road, $200,000.

Secretary of HUD to Red Surfer LLC, 221 Redbud Lane, $110,000.

Rasmussen, Brian E. and Nichole to Williams, Aaron J. and Alicia A., 155 Norwood Drive, $295,000.

Moore, Carla and Ronald G. to Wimmer, Jamie L. and Nicholas A., 416 N. First St., $78,500.

Smith, Jenny S. and Thomas W. to Placek, Courtney M. and Matthew J., 306 Redbud Lane, $196,000.


Dalmas, Jerry A. and Nordboe, Diana J. to Maertins, Benjamin, 107 Shoreline Drive, Carter Lake, $525,000.

Schmidt, Harald and Barbara Trust to Becerra, Daniel R. and Saravia, Ivon, 1317 Lindwood Drive, Carter Lake, $80,000.

Gelnette, Jolynn F. and Timothy M. to Sakalosky, Douglas G. and Julie A., 910 Ave. O, Carter Lake, $39,000.

Blue Sky Inc. to Gerstner, Joseph, 3008 Nakoma Lane, Carter Lake, $140,000.

May, Colleen M. and Jason W. to Cooley, Crystal M., 116 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $170,000.


Petersen, Mike and Molly to Broderson, Phyllis, 754 S. Pine St., Avoca, $25,000.


Garrison, Coryn N. and John to Bailey, Cheyenne M., 315 N. Commercial St., Carson, $90,500.


C Bass Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certificates Series 2007-CB4 to Freedom Real Estate Investments LLC, 408 Powells Addition, Crescent, $144,000.

Nourse, Dennis E. and Mary C. to Grady, Dusti M. and Hunsinger, Kip G., 22469 Old Lincoln Highway, Crescent, $579,000.


Guyer, Carline C. and Leslie H. and Karen L. and Stephen D. to Guyer, Karen L. and Stephen D., 119 Delta St., Hancock, $56,000.


ACC 76 LLC to Western Iowa Investments LLC, 23944 300th St., Neola, $17,500.

O’Neill, Patsy A. and Paul E. to Masker, Jeanette M., 114 Mulberry Circle, Neola, $264,000.

Walter, Georgia L. and Hillman L. to Schierbrock, David, 600 Second St., Neola, $85,500.


Olsen, Larry T. and Sally A. to Brammer, Jennifer L. and Justus L., 411 Maple Drive, Treynor, $275,000.

Eagle Ridge Rentals LLC to Andersen, Grant O. and Sandra L., 23 E. Main St., Treynor, $79,000.

Eagle Ridge Rentals LLC to Andersen, Grant O. and Sandra L., 25 E. Main St., Treynor, $49,000.


Leaders, Bran and Wendy to Snyder, Cheryl M. and Tom, 220 First Ave., Underwood, $68,000.

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