Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Brookstone Development LLC, 9716 N. 151st St., $44,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to Predoehl, Nathan H. and Sharon M., 9712 N. 151st St., $44,950.

Weber, Coleman J. and Deja L. to Land, Derek J. and Hannah B., 9621 N. 150th Ave., $300,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 8923 N. 170th St., $46,000.

Marc David Custom Built Homes to Ford, Jayson A. and Debra J., 16921 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $346,055.

Cooper, Chad and Bianca to Anderson, Joel and Nicole, 14767 Eagle St., $208,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Clark, Daniel B. and Ott, Cari S., 14559 Gilder Ave., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lamke, Brandon P., 14464 Gilder Ave., $194,100.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Heinemann, Nathan and Tonna, 12702 N. 182nd Circle, $553,827.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Kuhns, Carl and Marlene D. Trust, 15459 Mormon Circle, $133,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Vasko Brothers Properties LLC, 15092 Mormon Circle, $185,000.


Nelson, Kent and Kimberly A. to Cradick, Matthew L., 820 S. 206th Ave., $475,000.

Castle Brook Builders LLC to Chaudhari, Ketankumar B. and Samani, Rashmi, 2427 N. 187th Ave., $485,048.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Dinh, Ngoc T. and Lam, Quoc, 2320 N. 186th St., $80,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2320 N. 186th St., $70,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Dinh, Diem T., 2314 N. 186th St., $80,000.

Heavican Homes Inc. to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 2314 N. 186th St., $70,000.

Shacari Inc. to Cain, Eugene J. and Deeanne, 21235 Bonanza Blvd., $620,000.

Royal Development Inc. to Johnson, Scott C., 19019 Cuming Circle, $459,900.

Royal Development Inc. to McCoy, Jacob O. and Lisa M., 1623 S. 208th St., $500,000.

Pac 211 LLC to JKC Construction Inc., 1340 S. 211th St., $90,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to 100 Year Homes Inc., 21213 Welsh Road, $118,000.


Grace Custom Homes Co. to Karimjee, Corey and Jada Trust, 5919 N. 295th St., $225,000.

Kotlarz, James and Tara to Foster, Jason and Lisa, 28607 State St., $362,500.

Lampman, Steven S. and Marcia A. to Samson, Douglas and Theresa, 117 W. Whittingham St., $167,000.


Hall, Robert J. and Shelia to Hanusek, Brandon J., 308 Jefferson St., $117,000.


Vakulskas, Scott to Lisko, Brian P. and Karen O., 1013 Howard St., $325,000.


Thielen, Robert J. to Reyes, David and Anna-Maria, 6770 Bedford Ave., $129,000.

Scoggins, Leona J. to Schmidt, Brian L., 5104 Decatur St., $176,000.

Molnar Investments LLC to Thin, Ba and Myint, Htoo, 5002 Spaulding St., $137,500.

A & E Contracting LLC to Pringle, Kenneth, 2603 N. 45th St., $55,000.

Sanning, Todd A. and Aimee to Royers, Mary, 2307 N. 65th Ave., $105,000.

Johnson, Lynn R. Sr. and Katherine L. to Iles, Chloe, 2026 N. 64th St., $128,500.


Mahony, Kay F. to Mackey, Bernard A., 4315 Pierce St., $95,000.

Bacome, Adam and Mary to Tacke, Brian F. and Katie E., 3917 Martha St., $135,750.

Sindelar, Kiely J. and Cheryl A. to H & S Partnership LLP, 3704 Arbor St., $89,300.

Christensen, Leslie A. to Barie, Lucy A., 3063 S. 33rd St., $137,000.

Powder Pursuits LLC to Bingham, Mark A., 2407 Hanscom Blvd., $180,000.

Cabrera, Librada to Vidales, Jose S., 1307 S. 25th Ave., $23,500.

System Investments LLC to KRC Capital LLC, 1145 Park Ave., $117,000.

Citta, Frank Trust to Czerwinski, Mark L. and Michele M., 2532 S. 41st St., $75,450.


Monaghan, Thomas J. and Griggs, Meegan to Arbo LLC, 818 S. 50th Ave., $87,000.

Bacon, Keith E. to Kaufman, James, 5858 Gold St., $80,125.

Schoning, Susan N. to JKP Properties LLC, 5521 Pacific St., $108,000.

Wills, Jacqueline M. to Coolidge, John E. and Terese M., 5419 William St., $146,000.

Wascher, Aaron D. and Mary J. to Jizba, Samuel P., 4627 Center St., $137,500.

Emerton, Max and Debra to Evans, Tyler and Katelyn, 4556 Shirley St., $175,000.

Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church to Wolff Contracting LLC, 1929 S. 51st St., $66,600.

Hunter, Ryan M. to TWOCAN LLC, 1918 S. 49th St., $127,500.


Cuevas, Sophia L. and Jose E. to Garcia, Luis M. and Ana, 6233 S. 42nd St., $142,000.

Howard, Mark A. and Winfrey, Renne L. to Moore, Steven L., 6232 S. 39th St., $127,000.

Sempeck, Judith M. to Brown, Carlos A. and Stacey L., 6052 S. 41st St., $128,900.

Vierck, Sarah J. and Karl to Harris, Connie, 5836 S. 20th St., $60,000.

Semin, Joseph G. and Shelly A. to Zavala, Leticia, 4905 S. 39th St., $115,000.

King, Melissa S. and Brian to McMahon, Leslie, 4862 S. 17th St., $59,000.

Washington, Melvin J. Jr. and Stella G. to Diaz, Stella G., 4609 S. 33rd St., $60,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Chamizo, Juan, 4019 S. 25th St., $38,500.

Cherko, Igor and Ramirez-Cherko, Teresa to Palos, Martin H. and Silva, Agueda, 2824 Monroe St., $70,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Ruiz, Jairo E. and Michelle D., 1310 Jefferson St., $135,000.


Campos Serna, Maria C. and Sosa, Miguel O. to Diaz, Ricardo V., 2725 S. 20th St., $120,000.

Brooks, Kameron S. to Saejung, Elayne, 1234 Park Wild Ave., $155,000.

Snyder, Michael and Megan to Kimmel, Patrick J. and Crowe, Cassie C., 1034 Mayberry Plaza, $370,000.


Banc of America Funding 2005-B Trust to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 3927 N. 22nd St., $31,000.

Murray, Ray Jr. and Jackson, Gussie M. to Jackson, Lynn M., 3717 N. 23rd St., $25,000.

Inter City Properties LLC to Pacheco, Anita C., 3414 N. 18th St., $33,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Rigg-Heidorf LLC, 1613 Manderson St., $265,000.


Eblen, Sam and Sharon to Husso Properties LLC, 3914 Miami St., $27,000.

Berscheid, Andrew to Ogba, Curtis Sr., 3359 Erskine St., $43,000.


Garcia, Chris and Nelson, Yuriko to Marchand, Veronica M., 6519 N. 36th St., $85,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 6506 N. 36th St., $47,500.

Elmar Nebraska Enterprises LLC to Claeys, Jacob D., 3320 King St., $99,000.

Rydberg, George and Walker, Lisa D. to Walker, Deborah R., 2861 Sharon Drive, $36,850.


Damico, Ramona A. to Militti, Lawrence M. and Maureen M., 9705 Nottingham Drive, $418,000.

McKee, Michael J. to Pettit, Roxanne S. and Roger, 8207 Seward St., $150,000.

Reid, Douglas G. to Hernandez, Margaret L. and Adrian A., 725 N. 76th St., $82,300.

Bobby Jean LLC to Gomez, Mayela A., 511 Beverly Drive, $195,000.


Tatschl, Sean M. and Browning, Suzanne K. to McKenzie, Scott A. and Paula A., 6728 N. 153rd St., $250,000.

Henderson, Angelia D. to CSH LLC, 5708 N. 167th Avenue Circle, $180,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cameron, Corey A. and Marlene, 5602 N. 153rd Ave., $297,250.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Bender, Ross M. and Kucera, Nadine L., 4807 N. 172nd St., $296,400.

Steffes, Paul and Ronette to Hurd, Courtney, 4510 N. 153rd Circle, $198,000.

Wilson, Andrew T. and Friedman Wilson, Amy to Meisenbach, Brittany A. and Mark K., 3803 N. 161st St., $291,000.

Castro, Alexei L. and Campos, Susane S. to Hrdy, Sally, 3315 N. 147th Court, $118,900.

R & B Properties LLC to Tiebi, Lasonia and Jean-Francois, 3215 N. 161st St., $429,000.

A-1 Home Restoration to Baker, Michael T. and Bellavia-Baker, Lisa M., 17627 Patrick Ave., $466,644.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pilachowski, Helena M. and Bernard, 17215 Meredith Ave., $268,800.

Garfield, Jeremy M. and Niemeyer, Theresa M. to Dallon, Nathan C. and Rachel R., 16308 Ohio St., $197,000.

Johansen, Kimberly A. to Stratman, Shane and Jami, 15047 Laurel Ave., $199,000.

Rasmussen, Donald J. and Kara L. to Kaldahl, Richard V. and Barbara A., 14974 Himebaugh Ave., $258,000.

Wetzel, Erin C. to Vann, Teresa, 14718 Camden Court, $182,500.

Christiansen, Sharon B. Trust Agreement to Smith, Roger J. and Connie J., 14467 Browne St., $145,500.


Rydl, Steven L. and Jane M. to Rincon, Protacio, 4806 S. 60th St., $77,500.

Curtis, Larry L. to A & L Remodeling LLC, 4738 S. 53rd St., $103,000.

Randone, Angelo T. and Patty M. Trust to JMAC4Homes LLC, 5312 Weir St., $102,000.


Neil, Edward D. and Kimberly R. to Warren, Heidi, 17235 Windsor Drive, $314,000.

Bean, Michael W. and Deborah J. to Hinson, Jeremy and Kelsie, 16422 Jones Circle, $462,500.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to 100 Year Homes Inc., 15712 Parker St., $106,000.


Hribik, Daniel and Gina to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 8908 N. 75th Ave., $150,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Hrbek, Robert J., 7507 Ernst St., $122,030.

Nebraska Property Rentals LLC to Morrison, Donald R. and Mata, Jahirizsel, 7277 N. 77th St., $180,000.


Masilko, Joseph W. to OM 3517 S 105 Trust, 3517 S. 105th St., $133,300.

Hoffman, Brian J. and Megan M. to Duling, Leslie J. Trust, 1520 S. 93rd Ave., $296,500.


Keller, Seth A. to Rossell, Kevin and Brittany, 8118 Wildewood Drive, $168,000.

Baughman, Jody and Kyle to Marean, Mitchell, 7732 Main St., $120,000.

Wilson, Paul K. and E. Annette to Brooks, Kameron S., 7528 Hayes Circle, $185,000.


Fauss, Michael G. and Jessica K. to Stater, Luke and Katie, 20236 Nina St., $307,000.

Hedge, Joe J. to Geary, Thomas N. and Julie A., 20020 Pierce St., $509,500.

Amundson, Christopher and Sarah to Mackiewicz, Kari L., 1506 S. 177th Ave., $340,000.


Rathbun, Robert J. and Melinda J. to Schaneman, Gregory L., 4332 Cass St., $50,000.


Davis, John B. Jr. and Kimberly S. to Cynet Inc., 700 Fairacres Road, $620,000.

Walker, John M. and Moland, Abigail M. to Great Plains Investments LLC, 5609 Western Ave., $336,000.


Bogar, Robert E. and Deborah E. to Jones, Dennis J. and Tammi L., 9149 Fowler Ave., $147,400.

Slatten, Michael to Slatten, Bethany M., 8405 Keystone Drive, $85,000.

Thielen, Margaret to King, Kirsten V. and Thielen, Robert J., 2704 Kimberly Drive, $185,000.


BSR-FW LLC to Pinecrest Homes, 6552 S. 199th St., $51,300.

Kayser, Kelly M. and Nicholas to Shanks, Kolby and Kristy, 6411 S. 162nd Ave., $194,000.

Luedtke, Jeffrey J. and Angela C. to Clark, Colton and Poltack, Allison, 19515 X St., $160,000.

JK Ventures LLC to Mansour, Ziad, 18958 L St., $172,000.

Adkins, Rita A. and Sherman L. Jr. to Milburn, Steve T. and Cheryle R., 18755 Drexel St., $220,000.

Fortune, Kenneth F. III and Dawn E. to Pierce, Nicholas, 17227 Polk Circle, $300,000.

Knowski, Michael L. and Sandra A. to Blessing, Trevor J. and Margaret A., 16867 Patterson Drive, $190,000.

Kingery, Michael W. and Amy E. to Bruster, Eric M. and Trisha A., 15919 Ohern St., $162,500.


United Equity LLC to Kleager, James D. and Kayle E., 6616 S. 152nd St., $149,900.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Schieffer, Diane, 5314 S. 155th St., $155,000.

SAS Properties LLC to Erpelding, Dakota, 5111 S. 129th St., $173,000.

Kjar, Gary to Cook, Jessica and Bradley, 15312 Patterson Drive, $195,000.

Odd Properties LLC to Taylor, Timothy L. and Sara L., 11123 U St., $140,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Gurung, Bishnu and Dhan, 7431 N. 140th Ave., $246,800.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nicholas, Jane R., 7419 N. 140th Ave., $221,400.

Miller, Michele A. to Brennan, Patrick M. and Lora L., 14201 Wood Valley Drive, $169,000.

Anderson, Joel and Nicole to Bodduluri, Rajasekhar and Paladugu, Srivasuki, 10905 Potter St., $147,000.


Beckenhauer, John L. and Claire E. to Bullington, Jordan and Amy, 3628 S. 116th St., $260,000.

Nelson, Steven A. and Melanie to Swinnerton, Daniel B. and Dawn M., 3613 S. 121st St., $104,000.

Zhu, Chongsheng and Zhao, Lanjuan to Cheeryble Brothers LLC, 14024 Pine St., $140,000.

Bybee, William O. and Miriam L. Trust to Bybee, Skyler W., 12417 A St., $154,500.

Matt, Peter M. and Claire D. to Harter, Steven C. and Aurora J., 12114 Skylark Drive, $175,000.

Barnhard, Frederick E., trustee for Barnhard Family Trust to Victora, Alicia A. and Joseph E., 1404 S. 126th St., $219,000.

Shada, Mildred H. Estate to Pandis, Margaret and James, 11917 Hickory Road, $222,500.


Daubman, Jon and MacDonald, Krystina to Musgrave, Courtney R., 7017 N. 65th Ave., $125,000.

Anderson, Marjorie A. to Gleason, Nathan, 5705 Whitmore St., $120,000.


Waldecker, Bradley E., trustee for Waldecker Trust, to Chastain, Jourdain, 14954 Lafayette Plaza, $180,000.

Home Enterprises Inc. to Rohleder, Joseph and Stukenholtz, Carmen R., 11362 Jackson St., $149,900.


Crawford, Charity A. to Rabe, Tanner, 5016 N. 126th St., $165,000.

McKenzie, Scott A. and Paula A. to Zhang, Xin, 4806 N. 130th Circle, $144,000.

Robinson, Ted A. and Leslie A. to Jumaah, Abdulwahhab and Hasan, Abbas F., 3210 N. 131st St., $307,500.

Bolte, Marcus L. to Andreoli, Jennifer L. and Elizabeth A., 2222 N. 125th Avenue Circle, $180,000.

S & P Development LLC to West Realty Solutions LLC, 12978 Lark St., $136,913.

Sevrench LLC to VIP Homes Inc., 12966 Corby St., $110,000.

Aparo, Frank and Sally to Sodawasser, Andrew J. and Catherine L., 12324 Binney St., $185,000.



McBryde, Grayson G. and Jennifer S. to Snell, Joseph S. and Pauline A., 808 Douglas Drive, $180,000.

Junio, Vinard and Punia, Nicole G. to Cano, Lukas J. and Yanez, Yara E., 508 Wilshire Drive, $139,000.

Molnar Investments LLC to Alberts, Ashley, 3510 Hancock St., $43,000.

Nosal, Kenneth L. and Elizabeth J. to Urban, William and Nichole, 1704 Betz Road, $178,000.

Goodwin, Dylan G. and Alexa to Lohrman, Tania, 1606 Sycamore St., $144,000.

Bellevue Christian Church to Biz Enterprises LLC, 1412 Englewood Drive, $130,000.

Smedley, Gerald F. Estate to Campos Cabrera, Remedios E. and Franco Limon, Juan F. Jr., 1007 Somerset Drive, $151,000.


Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Vairo, Christopher M. and Strader, Leslie A., 8101 S. 194th St., $316,000.

Spaccarotella, Pamela L. to Hofer, Vincent and Carla E., 7914 S. 193rd St., $323,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Zechmann, Bryon, 7912 S. 193rd Ave., $340,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Cannon, Chris and Kallen, 7812 S. 195th St., $54,000.

McCune Development LLC to Hildy Homes, 610 Devonshire Drive, $44,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Pichler, Christa R., 205 Acorn Circle, $149,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Lethcoe, Tory R. and Katie J., 16932 Samantha Road, $285,000.


Mutual First Fed Credit Union, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 901 Sally St., $159,000.

Zaloudek, Daniel L. and Lisa E. and Marcella J. to Shotkoski Land Co. LLC, 309 Garden St., $135,000.

Harrah, Dana M. and Andahl, Laura to Lechner, Gabriel T. and Lanning, Alena M., 2314 Walnut Creek Drive, $244,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 2102 Walnut Creek Drive, $197,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Garafola, Guiseppe and Carol L., 11710 S. 110th St., $278,000.

Fauth, Kris B. and Amy L. to Winship, Matthew W. and Quinn, Brenda R., 11160 Laramie St., $263,000.

Fletcher, Cassiopeia L. to Kettelhake, Layne A. and Sell, Rebecca A., 1115 Colt Circle, $172,000.

Kloppel, Jedediah A. and Andrea M. to Chen, Zhuying and Zhang, Wei, 10613 S. 111th St., $285,000.

Belt Construction Co. Inc. to Herrera Lirio, Eduardo J. and Vargas Espinal, Raquel M., 10461 S. 125th Ave., $439,000.


OM 3716 Lawnwood Trust to R & B Properties LLC, 3716 Lawnwood Drive, $125,000.

Reade, Carol A. to Styl Properties Inc., 3401 Tasha Circle, $138,000.

Andrews, Timothy A. and Sonja J. to Safarik, Duane J. Sr., 3205 Mirror Circle, $134,000.

Ahsam, Ralph and Renette L. Trust to Roblewsky, Patrick A. and Linda M., 2913 Blackhawk Drive, $250,000.

Hellbusch, Shane to Grottannelli, Keith V. and Laura L., 2201 Morrie Drive, $177,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Sworab, William G. and Mary L. 1906 Mayflower Road, $272,000.

Becker, Troy G. to Martins, Michael J. and Amber, 14513 S. 28th Circle, $167,000.

Cook, Donald R. and Alison M. to Schneider, Zachary S. and Jessica A., 13613 S. 42nd Circle, $225,000.

Henderson, Christopher M. and Jade E. to Spencer, Caleb M. and Amanda, 13310 Courtney Drive, $171,000.

Linnell, Robert S. Jr. and Janet L. to Kildow, Dale and Melinda, 11702 Amos Gates Circle, $248,000.


Nguyen, Vu D. and Pham, Kim T. to Pham, Jonny and Tran, Cindy T., 9821 Windy Circle, $195,000.

1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Armetta, Dino, 7703 Park View Blvd., $154,000.

Ecker, Thomas P. and Ruth A. to Nelsen, Jeff and Sally, 7411 S. 101st Ave., $280,000.


Morgan, Heidi to DeBuhr, Eldon, 1605 Charleston Drive, $158,000.

Levindofske, Larry J. and Bobbie J. to Carter, Richard N. and Sheila M., 11902 S. 53rd St., $330,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Rima, Abagail E. and Dustin D., 11609 Glenn St., $249,000.


Songster, Timothy D. Sr. and Samantha L. to Maresh, Joseph and April K., 8016 S. 161st Terrace, $172,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Wyatt, Christopher D. and Amanda S., 7207 S. 184th St., $276,000.

Fools Inc. to Willitts, Donald V. II and Catherine J., 18710 Merion Drive, $325,000.

Peterson, Ryan to Incontro, Anthony T., 17847 Margo St., $165,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Payzant, Todd W., 17021 Aurora St., $308,000.


Bender, William A. to Raphael, Nicole and Trisler, Matthew, 13505 Josephine St., $152,000.


Slobodnik, Robert L. Estate to Yost, Timothy, 4245 Harrison St., $80,000.

McGee, Jason A. and Lisa to Garcia, Edwin, 4010 Greene Ave., $120,000.



Montgomery, Erin C. and Hubert R. to Williams, Kaylea, 1511 23rd Ave., $120,000.

THT Enterprises LLC to Ludemann, Jeremy, 1517 S. Seventh St., $20,000.

Hall, Matthew J. and Sorenson, Kristine to Dela Cruz, Kristoffer and Ratliff, Josephine, 105 S. 24th St., $115,500.

Davis, Renee to Reardon, Andrew J. and Heidi M., 3018 Ave. C, $99,500.

Series A of Coats Investments LLC to State of Iowa, 3662 Ave. A, $85,000.

Walling, David and Julie and Larry to Landon, Justin and Walling, Jamie, 2527 Seventh Ave., $110,000.

LNV Corp. to Gillespie, Lee and Trisha, 903 22nd Ave., $100,000.


Egland, Christopher J. and Megan J. to Tillman, Greg, 394 Lincoln Ave., $119,000.

Danker, Paula E. and Randolph, David A. and Jennifer L. to Baker, Kathy J., 300 Harrison St., $39,500.

Baker, Kathy J. to Carlson, Chad and Vanessa, 300 Harrison St., $60,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Atherton, Kahla, 422 Cleverdale Drive, $237,500.

Kessler, Karen K. to Von Mende, Dawn, 708 Wilson Ave., $80,000.

Brown, Richard S. Jr. and Warren, Lina L. to Fichter, Daniel G. Sr. and Tara T., 19586 Garner Ave., $192,500.

Leonard, Jared J. to Showers, Jane and Roger, 118 Arbor Circle, $255,000.

Wahle, Heinrich K. to Churchill, Jody L., 758 Mill St., $46,000.

Hedrick, Leland D. to Hackett, Fred D. and Sherri S., 724 Redwood drive, $215,000.

Hulett, Deanna L. to Hartzell, Cindy, 22403 Three Bridge Road, $126,000.


Woltmann, Becky L. and Justin H. to Meyers, Anna M., 405 W. Wool St., Avoca, $33,500.

Peterson, Susan E. to Larson, David J. and Lea M., 409 N. Chesnut St., Avoca, $25,000.

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