Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Charleston Homes LLC, 7414 N. 161st St., $37,450.

North Ida Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 7226 N. 162nd St., $39,950.

Boyer Young Equities XV-Heritage LLC to River Stone Custom Homes LLC, 10213 N. 152nd Ave., $39,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 15981 Reynolds St., $42,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Richland Homes LLC, 16004 Young St., $43,950.

Sweetbriar Syndicate LLC to Zurek, Nicole and Bradly, 11822 N. 175th Circle, $150,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Angeles, Ismael, 14476 Gilder Ave., $192,900.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Krasne, Adam J., 16091 Weber St., $200,812.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Kamstra, Tracy L. and Robert W., 15064 Sandpiper St., $265,452.

Sidoruk, Boris and Cameo to Maus, Andrew J., 7304 N. 151st Circle, $400,000.


Fire Ridge Real Estate LLC to Brown, Carol J., 19653 Harney St., $30,000.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Hildy Construction Inc., 2434 N. 191st Ave., $34,250.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 5810 S. 238th St., $84,950.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Kubat, Joseph S. and Amy L., 2016 S. 208th St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 1444 S. 211th St., $90,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Foxx, James B. and Kimberly S., 2415 S. 219th St., $93,000.

Binder, Kevin G. Trust to Baltzell, Beau and Amy, 21428 Fieldcrest Drive, $186,500.

Wilmes, Laura to Duren, Jack D. and Shelby S., 1617 N. 208th St., $235,000.

Baker, Larry and Alma to Eley, Lisa A., 19105 Lake St., $265,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Kruse, Larry C., 4715 N. 205th Ave., $298,450.

Schmid, Daniel A. and Veronica L. to Wilcher, Joel D. and Mary, 2727 N. 191st St., $299,900.

Cambridge Homes LLC to Johnson, Mitchell J., 2603 N. 185th St., $350,000.

Cooper, John S. and Susan M. to Powell, Robert S. Jr. and Rachel H., 18401 Jackson St., $373,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Thummalapalli, Rama and Kakumanu, Sireesha, 18909 Boyd St., $397,992.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Lucey, Guy E. and Julie A., 3818 N. 190th St., $405,406.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Sickler, Vince and Mallory, 4013 N. 190th St., $409,900.

Vencil Construction Inc. to Milenkovich, Richard D. and Shannon L., 2305 N. 188th St., $410,000.

Concept Homes & Design Inc. to Graves, Thomas C. and Serafini, Lisa Y., 2402 N. 188th St., $490,000.

Luke Custom Homes LLC to Phipps, Amber and Worsley, Michael, 19021 Lafayette Ave., $725,146.


Johnson, Scott L. and Debra D. to Costello, Regina and Christopher, 115 E. Whittingham St., $92,000.


Hamel, Michael R. and Carol L. to Stene, Terrie L., 508 N. Front St., $95,000.

Bonella, David A. Estate to Albers, Ryan, 22637 Wilson Ave., $160,000.


Rolfe, Jeanne A. and Scott, Mary A. to Jackson, Ryan A. Trust, 312 S. 16th St., $150,000.

Salerno, Michael G. to KR Properties LLC, 420 S. 11th St., $320,000.

Johnson, Michael L. to Kuester, Anthony G. and Catherine E., 1502 Jones St., $414,000.

Mahoney, Richard J. and Susan K. to Murow, Daniel and Bolling, Charity, 1308 Jackson St., $480,000.


Burke, Alice H. Trust to LCT Homes LLC, 5905 Sahler St., $54,372.

Anderson, Delores M. to McMurphy, James P. and Sherry L., 5635 Ohio St., $60,000.

Arnold, Kimberly L. and Walker, Harold R. Jr. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 3514 N. 55th St., $72,000.

McGill, Kathy and Brian to Huss, Ryan, 6664 Decatur St., $102,000.

Foster, Terry to Huitron, Esber and Ochoa Soto, Yesenia, 4506 Laurel Ave., $20,000.

Kidwell, Nannette to Cyr, Keith P., 3551 N. 59th St., $20,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Van Noort, Jared and Alexandria, 6619 Franklin St., $115,000.

Pomerleau, Christopher and Sharma, Shivani to Lempka, Justin, 4919 N. 64th St., $119,250.

Home Start LLC to Shwe, A. and Lay, Moo, 6634 Curtis Ave., $141,000.

HBI LLC to Irvin, Thomas C. and Barkley Hunter, Heather, 2304 N. 50th St., $173,000.


Hall, Ethan and Sadieto Arroyo, Arturo, 3116 Vinton St., $50,000.

Bank of America to Miklas, Joseph M., 3920 Gold St., $60,100.

Truong, Thanh T. and Chau, Bich to Shirk Management LLC, 4212 Barker Ave., $70,000.

Cubrich, Robert J. to Buhl, Marc and Hope, 2814 S. 38th Ave., $20,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to 100 Year Homes Inc., 2211 Hanscom Blvd., $105,000.

Chaidez Blanco, Jubentino and Chaidez, Delfina to Roach, Daniel and Myers, Jennifer, 2424 S. 42nd St., $108,000.

Seykora, Daniel R. and Jacqueline M. to Rokahr, Shane and Makayla, 4381 Mason St., $109,900.

Pratt, Scott L. Jr. to Salgado, Liliana, 2730 S. 41st St., $138,000.

Vazquez, David A. to Garcia, Roger and Yanira L., 3635 Olin Ave., $142,000.

Zych, Robert J. and Janet M. to Mumm, Joshua D. and Kerry L., 2122 S. 33rd St., $145,000.

Lynch, Ryan and Allen, Stephanie L. to Mertes, Micah J. and Duerr, Erin R., 3201 S. 32nd Ave., $185,000.

Mitchell, Scott B. Sr. and Mitchell, Mary M. to Mullen, Brent and Carmichael, Kristen, 1823 Twinridge Blvd., $235,000.

Fox, Robert A. and Mary A. Trust to Bode, Akanksha and Thaddaeus, 3560 Woolworth Ave., $252,000.

Leise, Michele and Andrew to Wilton, Kristina M. and Stanley R., 4213 Walnut St., $270,000.

Uptown Properties LLC to Widhalm, Christian, 919 S. 31st St., $295,000.


Lee, Shawn M. and Shelly to Cherry, Roger and Patricia, 2229 S. 59th St., $65,000.

Steffen, Kenneth L. and Rosemary J. to Kessler, Randall M., 3101 S. 56th St., $127,950.

Hankin, Robert B. and Pangle, Sarah to Widener, Benjamin B. and Cassandra J., 4836 Woolworth Ave., $205,000.

Davis, A. Scott to Cai, Rongxuan and Ding, Ping, 4678 Pine St., $225,000.

Gillaspie, Elizabeth A. to O’Connor, Joseph R. and Caitlin M., 5649 Emile St., $312,000.

Mejstrik, Marten R. to Bost, Joseph and Rachel, 5714 Jones St., $429,000.


HBI LLC to Arias, Victor, 6227 Wilson Circle, $35,000.

Zagata, Joseph and Margaret to Rodriguez, Juan M., 4225 S. 22nd St., $56,500.

Morales, Martin C. to Sandoval, Salvador M. and Bustamante, Lilla S., 5014 S. 36th St., $66,500.

Czerwinski, Mark and Michele to Uttecht, Larry H. Jr., 4485 Dayton St., $70,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to W Realty LLC, 4019 S. 35th St., $74,000.

Anderson, Paul and Suzanne to Sherman Properties IV LLC, 3819 S. 33rd St., $82,500.

Kankovsky, Frank J. to Hernandez, Claudio J., 6103 S. 19th St., $104,000.

Ryan, Daniel J. and Rayleen to Arman, Karley A., 5613 S. 22nd St., $115,000.


Beck, David A. and Valerie to Gomez, Pedro M., 2933 S. 18th St., $33,000.

Favela, Fidel and Lucia to P3M Investments LLC, 2210 S. 15th St., $115,000.

Koethe, Scott and Julie to Mejstrik, Marten R., 1233 Marcy Plaza, $268,000.

Dietzler, Brittany L. to Thomas, Brian A., 715 Pacific St., $280,000.


Johns, Carol A. and Williams, Eddy M. to Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc., 4210 N. 21st St., $22,000.

U Name It Construction LLC to Valdivieso, Cesar E., 5215 N. 14th St., $20,000.

Silva Moreno, Jose J. to Linares, Isai, 2616 N. 15th St., $22,600.


Horning, Fred H. Trust to Rash, Andre J., 3852 Decatur St., $27,500.

Barn Old Inc. to Arnold, Erin, 4545 N. 40th St., $35,000.

Hollis, Lisa and Courtney to Gemerson Properties LLC, 3730 N. 42nd St., $42,200.

3949 Kansas Avenue LLC to DG Homes LLC, 3949 Kansas Ave., $66,000.

Three T Investments LLC to Moran Asencio, Olinda C., 4510 N. 41st St., $70,000.

Punch It Out Inc. to Harrington, Pamela J., 3472 Fowler Circle, $110,000.


CESH LLC to Armstrong, Marc L. and Sammie J., 2879 Ida St., $99,900.

HBI LLC to James, Stephanie, 2879 Titus Ave., $110,000.

Andrews, Kourtney to Garrison, Alexandra and Joneson, Jeffrey, 6710 N. 41st St., $144,500.


Science Safety Inc. to Red Ladder LLC, 8214 Hillside Drive, $50,500.

A & A Properties LLC to Anderson, Salina V. and Russell L., 515 S. 78th St., $97,000.

Bird, Travis J. and Molly J. to Lavelle, Mary E. and Michael J., 923 N. 74th Ave., $135,500.

Hoesing, Nicholas to Pfeffer, Brian J. and Suhr, Corrie A., 842 N. 76th St., $145,000.

No Equity Homes LLC to Mahoney, Susan K., 529 S. 87th Circle, $206,000.

Turner, Paul J. and Beverly G. to Russell, Julia, 902 S. 88th St., $360,000.

Kavan Homes Inc. to Troia, Andrew and Duff, Corey, 9926 Harney Parkway, $462,500.


Castle Creek Development LLC to Pine Crest Homes LLC, 5369 N. 155th St., $43,500.

Castle Creek Development LLC to Lambert, Edwin M. and Kathleen A., 5546 N. 153rd Ave., $47,950.

G Lee Homes Inc. to Hildy Construction Inc., 3218 N. 178th St., $80,000.

McMichael, Donald H. Jr. Estate to Comer, Justin F. and Mary A., 3325 N. 148th Court, $135,500.

Kelly, Scott and Shelley to Hill, Dustin R. and Love, Kathy, 14927 Wirt St., $157,500.

Albus, Gregg J. and Laura J. to Monaghan, Angela K., 4802 N. 177th St., $165,000.

Peterson, Amy N. to OHG LLC, 17170 Manderson St., $168,500.

Feregrino, John Jr. and Lindsey M. to Oripov, Bakhrom and Karrie K., 15214 Butler Ave., $205,000.

Clure, Brett and Megan M. to Goren, Eran, 15111 Meredith Ave., $211,500.

Syed, Asim J. and Hussain, Tehniyet to Brue, Erinn, 16526 Ames Ave., $241,000.

Fitzgerald, Patrick M. and Jill M. to Herr, Dennis W. and Sheri J., 3913 N. 161st Ave., $259,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kelly, Scott P. and Shelley A., 17205 Meredith Ave., $272,900.

Slotsve, Wayne E. and Donna H. to Ferrel, Wesley R. and Stacy J., 2101 N. 144th Ave., $273,000.

Paulson, Clinton M. and Katie M. to Ginn, Michaela, 15215 Vernon Ave., $273,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Rodriguez, Wolfgang and Troncoso, Claudia L., 2304 N. 176th Ave., $399,950.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Podrazo, William J. Jr. and Deborah J. Trust of 2015, 17809 Binney St., $416,557.


Hiatt, Mary E. Estate to Geaney, Mark, 5609 S. 52nd St., $68,500.

Hasbrouck, Jerry D. and Joanie L. to Martinez, Ciro, 4504 S. 48th St., $100,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to W Realty LLC, 5037 S. 49th St., $105,000.

Czerwinski, Mark L. and Michele M. to Uttecht, Larry H. Jr., 4713 S. 53rd St., $140,000.

Knoll, Steven C. to Urbina-Guerrero, Jose E. and Urbina-Gonzalez, Maria M., 4819 K St., $176,500.


McGaha, Scott A. and Amy L. to Smith, Brian and Michelle R., 1622 N. 174th St., $296,000.


Legacy Ventures I LLC to W Realty LLC, 7529 Mary St., $84,000.

Evans, Jacob to Evans, Sara and Ryan, 7910 Redick Ave., $140,000.

Washington, Pierre D. and Anna M. to Conte, Michael J. and Kayla R., 8045 Newport Ave., $141,000.

Miller, Theresa K. to Tway, Pite and Paw, November, 8005 Bauman Ave., $144,000.

Vargas, Davey and Saphire B. to Schenkelberg, Jerry A. and Jennifer J. Trust, 6958 N. 87th Ave., $147,500.

Chapman, Jared J. to Hill, Justin and Sturdivant, Kayleen, 8212 Clay St., $150,000.

Nelson, Benjamin L. and Jamie to Okuma, Hugh and Jennifer, 7530 N. 82nd Circle, $153,000.

Rokusek, Emily to Barnes, Aaron and Haley, 7338 N. 90th St., $161,000.


Dahir, Debora A. to Quinn, James D. and Vickie L., 8020 Nina St., $120,500.

Smith, Zachary A. to Kreifels, Martin F. and Charise B., 8714 A St., $140,000.

TK3 Investments LLC to Weiler, David J. and Manana N., 2824 S. 76th Ave., $140,000.

Bilek, Richard M. and Jaycie to Cruz, Gilberto and Ovato, Maira, 8173 Hascall St., $141,500.

Om 3517 S 105 Trust to KFM Properties LLC, 3517 S. 105th St., $162,000.

De Los Reyes, Manolo F. and Eden C. to Mallum, Mitchell G. and Tamera S., 7639 Wright St., $170,000.

Stroh Orians, Karen Trust to Vacek, Robert, 3125 S. 80th St., $200,000.

Firmature, Joseph Jr. and A. Gloria to Wheeler, Patricia L. and Jason W., 1305 S. 94th St., $275,000.

Bovard Sayre, Karen K. to Lofgren, Luke and Mandy, 9102 Poppleton Ave., $290,000.

Wilson, Brian A. and Caroline J. to Engel, Brian K. and Cynthia S., 2410 S. 102nd St., $407,000.


Menck, Thomas W. and Peggy to 5703 LLC, 5703 S. 77th St., $55,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Pusher, Jessica, 5402 S. 75th St., $129,000.

Konecky, Elisha R. to Merchant, Eric A. and Suzanne M., 6701 S. 83rd Ave., $151,500.

Kawa, John E. and Irene M. Trust to Brazil, Joe J., 4905 S. 78th Ave., $154,900.

McWilliams, Tony L. and Brenda K. to Arehart, Myles, 10321 N St., $160,000.

Curtis, Kevin M. and Jodi L. to Schultz, Alexander and Madelin, 5080 S. 106th Ave., $242,400.

Phipps, Amber R. and Worsley, Michael to Butterfield, Dean and Maurine, 6510 Daly Circle, $360,000.


Johnson, Margaret M., trustee, to Tyler, Beth L., 15905 Frances Circle, $175,000.

Jackson, Nathan and Meisha to McGuire, Colin T., 2418 S. 164th Ave., $194,000.

Roll, Joyce A. and Rex A. to Goodson, Michele and Darin C., 15932 Spring St., $194,000.

C130 LLC to Roll, Rex A. and Joyce A., 2323 S. 166th St., $235,000.

Merritt, Michelle D. to McCoy, David L. and Alisa C., 19819 Frances St., $287,500.


THT Enterprises LLC to D & J Homes LLC, 3118 Cass St., $73,000.

JSD Real Estate Co. LLC to Soethout, John, 3000 Farnam St., $79,000.

Miller, Nicholas W. and Ellen M. to Keithley, Steven G., 4127 Nicholas St., $94,000.

Foster, Christopher G. to Perry, Eliza W. and Cronin, Matthew A., 3409 California St., $116,000.

YK Holdings LLC to Gilbatrar LLC, 414 N. 31st St., $120,000.

Sifuentes-Futrell, Christine J. Trust to INE LLC, 200 S. 31st Ave., $174,000.

Costanzo, Bryan to Tranmer, Mitchell L., 200 S. 31st Ave., $182,500.


Boland, Thomas and Elena to Schenzel Properties LLC, 623 N. 47th St., $135,000.

Raiti, Angela E. and David L. Trust to Danielson, Mary A. and Hommen, Michael F., 852 N. 68th St., $176,500.


Hartle, Patricia and Dibble, Lester D. to Miller Way LLC, 2524 Benson Gardens Blvd., $48,500.

Dishong, Joseph T. and Teresa T. to Team Rhino PC, 9423 Grand Ave., $68,000.

Moehring, Melissa to Graham, Jacinda K., 4721 N. 82nd St., $143,500.

Schorle-Milan, Karla N. and Milan, David to Tian, Jing, 5005 N. 107th St., $148,000.

Mahony, Jacque to Voss, Jillian, 2705 N. 96th Drive, $149,900.

Root, Lynn E. to Seredina, Yelizaveta M. and Ellis, Richard W., 4210 Terrace Drive, $170,000.

Borg, Michael A. and Suzanne M. to Adanlete, Veve, 9524 Sprague St., $170,750.

Hazlett, Jonathon J. and Dooley, Katherine L. to Gujjula, Nagarjuna and Reddy-Gujjula, Harita, 5824 N. 80th St., $197,000.


Zahm, Nicholas and Amanda to Shane, Danny and Sandy 2014 Trust, 19428 X St., $163,000.

Kiger, Jennifer M. to Jensen, Sandy, 4811 S. 189th St., $165,000.

Lash, Levi and Jenna to Stokes, Annemarie, 5623 S. 190th Terrace, $190,000.

Johnson, Judith A. Trust to Owen, Jeffrey D. and Elizabeth H., 15634 Monroe Circle, $192,000.

Meyer, Scott E. and Cindy K. to Stessman, Nicholas M., 16805 M Circle, $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Medina, Leo and Ycelsa, 19868 L St., $258,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pallepati, Vivek and Dugyala, Preethi, 19879 K St., $268,400.

Yang, Andy W. and Reed, Sugiko M. to Hazard, Matthew J. and Kelsey M., 17014 T St., $280,000.

Ludwick, Dale A. and Susan M. to Kopun, Gabriel V. and Lyndsey T., 6309 S. 176th St., $292,000.

Bright, Jim A. and Penny S. to Grant, Dewan and Elizabeth, 17528 Jefferson St., $295,000.

Mills, James A. and Elizabeth A. to Black, Jordan and Megan L., 4322 S. 174th Ave., $315,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Ludwick, Dale A. and Susan M., 6707 S. 199th St., $359,654.


Simonsen, Mark J. to Ball, Melva R., 15414 R St., $130,000.

Grojean, Benjamin S. and Krystal to Omaha Homes LLC, 6527 S. 139th Circle, $135,000.

Reeves, Nicklaus J. and Tiffany L. to Byers, Donavan and Brandy, 14304 Anne St., $135,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Peters, Susan A. and James R., 5529 S. 152nd St., $145,000.

Markham, Nicholas P. and Marlena L. to Neely, Roger, 5138 S. 121st St., $155,000.

United Equity LLC to Tran, Whitney D. and Tri, 13567 Polk St., $155,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 14616 Monroe St., $155,600.

Book, Judith K. Trust to Wills, Jacqueline, 6013 Oakcrest Plaza, $160,000.

Chamberlain, Catherine S. and Medina, Gilbert S. to Spomer, Julie, 4374 S. 154th St., $210,000.

Hauptman, Nathan R. and Molly to Holtmeyer, Kyle D. and Elizabeth, 4368 S. 149th Avenue Circle, $222,750.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu, 7159 N. 122nd Ave., $41,900.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Luethge Homes LLC, 11562 Scott St., $59,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 8011 N. 129th St., $72,000.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to Hildy Construction Inc., 12922 Reynolds St., $130,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peitz, Amy S. and Nathan G., 7423 N. 140th Ave., $228,800.

Brown, Tyler J. and Kaitlyn M. to Sherman, Terry W. and Mary L., 13962 Potter Parkway, $235,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Houser-Hanson, Tamala R., 13940 Wood Valley Drive, $252,300.

Pedersen, Chad M. and Melissa A. to Smith, Todd E., 7901 N. 116th St., $278,000.


Luedtke, Joseph Estate to Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 3510 S. 120th St., $135,000.

Anglemyer, Taylor and Jillian to Jacobsen, Alexander J. and Amanda J., 2318 S. 125th St., $152,500.

Hancock, Eric and Traci to Cook, Jasmine A. and Cook, Latashia S., 2323 S. 133rd Ave., $159,000.

Hitzfeld, Carol A. to Rohde, Karen A., 14817 Arbor St., $160,000.

Buck, Christopher M. and Christine A. to Zart, Daniel and Leah, 3409 S. 108th St., $178,000.

Moore, Jake J. to Rouse, Shannon K., 3330 S. 137th St., $179,900.

Grace Life Bible Church Of Omaha to Liberty Church Inc., 11213 Bel Air Drive, $425,000.


Legacy Ventures I LLC to W Realty LLC, 3130 Harrison St., $84,000.


Scott, Deborah L. to Awng, Naw, 6515 Newport Ave., $125,000.

Hall, Robert J. and Mel S. to Williams, Ramel L. and Stacey, 6249 Whitmore St., $147,000.


Bingham, Angela M. and Patrick to Reddy, Sharath K. and Saritha, 14462 Seward St., $170,000.

Ginn, Michaela C. to Iveson, Sarah E. and Ladouceur, Joel D., 15105 Lincoln Circle, $184,900.

TSV A LLC to Bell, Patrick and Smoot, Ashley, 15505 Marcy Circle, $192,900.

Randall, Carole R. Trust to Geiger, Michael P. and Hatley Geiger, Mary E., 920 N. 146th Circle, $200,000.

Overmiller, Janis E. Trust to Orand, Steven D. and Carol K., 12371 Rose Lane, $235,000.

Burchard, Alice G. and L. John to Determan, Joseph A. and Wendy J., 13421 Parker Circle, $425,000.


Merrill, Carolyn L. and Alfred D. to Pecha, Patrick M. and Lacie C., 10810 Larimore Ave., $141,500.

Serafini, Craig to Oswald, Bianca and Clayton, 6616 N. 116th Circle, $153,000.

Claborn, Kyle B. and Sarah to Universal Assurors Agency Inc., 2717 N. 121st Ave., $156,600.

Hannum, Deena M. and Joshua E. to Gelecki, Grant S., 6230 N. 114th St., $165,000.

McCollough, Reggie J. to Faris, Tony, 6202 N. 131st Ave., $165,000.

O & H Properties Inc. to Thomas, Yvette L. and Anthony L., 13013 Jaynes Circle, $168,000.

Clure, Brett and Megan to Barnes, Jacqueline, 4825 N. 136th Ave., $252,500.

Wolf, Alexander J. and Angela S. to Ingram, Jennifer M. and Joel A., 4912 N. 139th Ave., $319,900.



Phillips, Denise L. and Daniel W. to Mead, Michele S., 506 W. 33rd Ave., $137,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Fay Servicing LLC, 2805 Crawford St., $78,000.

McDowell, James L. to Heaton, Tanner L., 1725 Bellevue Blvd. North, $159,000.

Hamilton, Thyroney and Oliver to Pelletier, Joel G. and Lanpher-Pelletier, Tina M., 1701 Thomas Drive, $135,000.

Halmes, Rachel and Bullock, Andrew to Wirth, Bradley S. and Halmes, Sara M., 1511 Warren St., $150,000.

McCaghy, Vincent A. and Gloria C. to McKee, Keith D. and Carleen E., 1319 Camp Gifford Road, $300,000.

Frics, Paul A. and Bonnie J. to Armstrong, Eric H. and Stephanie E., 1102 Bellevue Blvd. South, $235,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Svehla, John K. and Lebeda-Svehla, Kristen M., 1022 Denver St., $114,000.


Grundmayer, Gregory P. and Laura J. to Omaha RJ1 Rents LLC, 208 Meadow Drive, $143,000.

Cottonwood Investments LLC to Wacker, Jodi, 19832 Bellbrook Blvd., $380,000.

McCune Development LLC to Laid Back Lifestyles LLC, 19780 Devonshire Drive, $50,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Mullins, Katie E., 17220 Morgan Ave., $237,000.

Isaacson, Ronald and Sheila to Grundmayer, Gregory and Laura, 128 S. Bryan St., $234,000.

McCune Development LLC to Laid Back Lifestyles LLC, 11467 S. 198th St., $50,000.

Kirkpatrick, Rochelle L. and Robert W. and Amy to Nahomy, Cory and Kim, 11203 S. 170th St., $239,000.

Cafferty, Kim B. and Mary A. to Christensen, Chad and Rachel, 10909 S. 237th St., $599,000.


Brown, Kevin P. and Jane M. to Waters, John J. and Kara A., 905 Joseph Drive, $232,000.

Rothe, Terry E. and Sandra R. to Bruyette, Matthew D., 310 Cheyenne Drive, $164,000.

Kircher, Thomas J. and Rosemarie H. to Greska, Benjamin R. and Samantha M., 302 S. Fillmore St., $250,000.

Austin, Denise J. to Burke, Liam C. and Desiree C., 2409 S. Mineral Drive, $236,000.

Donley, Jessie W. and Jenna M. to Royster, Jessica C., 1702 Eastview Drive, $242,000.

Kimberlin, Kyle and Margaret to Christiansen, Cameron L. and Wittland, Maggie K., 1304 Mesquite Circle, $320,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to VKB Properties LLC, 1202 La Port Drive, $143,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Boatwright, Jason M. and Kimberly D., 11512 S. 110th St., $353,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to KH2 Equity LLC, 1016 Normandy Drive, $147,000.


Kildow-Hull, Lorraine Trust to Palmer, Janice A. and Danielle E., 500 S. Seventh St., $280,000.

Sayers, Richard A. to Fryar, Rick and Kimberly, 405 S. Fourth St., $174,000.

Fryar, Rick and Kimberly C. to Brown, Jeff A. and Muggy, Brian and Samantha, 285 N. Third St., $180,000.


Cottonwood Investments LLC to Chandler, Joshua, 9713 Linden Ave., $145,000.

Ransom, Tracy E. and Chelsea D. to Lee, Jason T. and Patricia C., 3723 Lawnwood Drive, $178,000.

Linder, Howard and Hall, Echelle to MTGLQ Investors LP, 2412 Circletown Place, $144,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Powers, Preston J. and Kendra R., 14606 S. 23rd St., $300,000.

Curtis, Robert J. and Melanie N. to Nguyen, Toby T. and Brooks, Katie L., 14207 S. 18th St., $255,000.

Nguyen, Toby T. and Brooks, Katie L. to Munar Penaloza, Julian M. and Munar, Kristen, 13905 S. 43rd St., $212,000.

Moore, Robert B. and Jenna M. to Nikolaus, Darin L. and Laurel, 13508 S. 42nd Ave., $298,000.

Caswell, Sunee and William R. to Good, Robert L. and West, Mary K., 13206 S. 35th Ave., $220,000.


Sandiland, Thelma P. to Lukes, Leo L. and Debora C., 8820 S. 99th St., $235,000.

Anderson, Sonia. to Serow, Christopher C. and Lisa C., 8421 S. 103rd St., $385,000.

Boatwright, Jason M. and Kimberly D. to Randall, Nicholas J., 7907 S. 101st St., $258,000.

Peterson, William and Lisa to Kane, Erin M. and Misty A., 7773 Greenleaf Drive, $150,000.

Thurman, Michele R. and Todd A. to Tromler, Joshua J., 7601 Susan Ave., $150,000.

Zhao, Qiang and Jinhua to Kline, Conor O. and Lauren, 7411 Terry Drive, $119,000.

Busby, James M. and Kimberly R. to Sargent, Daniel P. and Alison E., 10075 Quail Ridge Drive, $289,000.


Royster, William and Jessica. to Nuckoles, Rodney W., 6652 Park Crest Drive, $375,000.

Stepanek, Victor C. Estate to Siders, Andy and Deanna, 5551 Maass Road, $500,000.

Richards, Jessie J. and Amanda M. to Slade, Tshara M., 4612 Waterford Ave., $235,000.

Fleuren, Daniel and Sarah to Cooper, Jacob L., 4607 Brook St., $215,000.

Ashford Hollow Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4515 Brook Circle, $40,000.

Cottonwood Investments LLC to Walsh, Kim, 324 Inglewood Circle, $314,000.

Ryba, Larry Estate to Jones, James C. and Dawna G., 15806 S. 63rd St., $221,000.

Ryba, Connie R. to Jones, James C. and Dawna G., 15806 S. 63rd St., $221,000.

Augustine, Kevin O. and Brandi S. to Maynard, Paul N. and Shannon, 1505 Beechwood Ave., $210,000.

Cook, Pamela J. and Michael K. to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 11828 Timberridge Drive, $280,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Schmidt, Wyatt A., 11828 Timberridge Drive, $280,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Anderson, Alisha K., 8219 S. 190th Ave., $286,000.

Vetsch, Katlin and Justin. to Johnson, Taylor and Cara, 7721 S. 162nd Ave., $265,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Cabral, Deborah A., 16901 Aurora St., $278,000.

Baker, Donald E. and Catherine M. Trust to Frodyma, Alex and Danielle, 15726 Cherrywood St., $191,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Attarwala, Muffadal and Meghan M., 10628 S. 189th St., $389,000.


Jennings, David N. and Emily E. to Vargas, Octavio Y. and Lajba, Marie L., 7115 Audrey St., $192,000.

Johnson, Cara L. and Taylor S. to Newhouse, Christine, 8010 S. 154th St., $172,000.

DeMaria, John M. and Anderson, Tina L. to Peterson, James, 7605 S. 136th St., $165,000.

Blazka, Frank R. Estate to Buena Vista Development LLC, 7201 S. 148th St., $114,000.

Robles, Amy M. and Roberto to Reynolds, Maureen E., 15518 Borman St., $174,000.

Vavruska, Denise A. to Ballard, Adam and Stacia, 13522 Josephine St., $159,000.

Arter, Kim R. and Valker, William S. to McGlothen, Andrew J., 13414 Olive St., $168,000.

Huynh, Thanh and Tran. Daisy to Woodson, Makayla and Doke, Mallerie and Ryan, 13002 Edna St., $158,000.


Kreifel, Kelly J. to Beckman, Jeffery M. and Megan A., 9403 S. 28th St., $293,000.


Matthies, Robert J. to Orozco, Eliseo Jr., 5220 Gertrude St., $145,000.



Swanson, Kaye A. and Leonard C. to State of Iowa, 3634 Fourth Ave., $140,000.

Kemmish, Gerald D. and Glenda D. and Steadman, Delmar D. and Sally A. to Minor, Anna M. and Jeffrey, 501 26th Ave., $35,000.

Smith, James and Karen to Drummey, Douglas P. and Haifa M., 2304 Ave. F, $28,000.

Ellis, David M. and Jacqueline L. to Johnstone Partners LLC, 20 Country Club Acres St., $75,000.


Red Light Properties to Fox, Thomas J., 25 Spencer Circle, $131,000.

Nash, Jason M. and Kristina M. to Potvin, Dena C. and Thomas R., 5303 Carrick St., $315,000.

Whitesel, Phylis A. and Steven F. to Dewitt, George G. and Sarah D., 114 Fenwick Circle, $233,000.

Johnston, Heather and Michael to Balcom, Nicole M., 1231 Fairmount Ave., $110,000.

Council Bluffs Development Corp. LLC to Poe, Cynthia and Deborah and Matthew and Warren, 112 Autumn Circle, $185,000.

Johnson, Dorothy J. to Johnson, Alyssa and Joshua, 510 Iowa Ave., $60,000.

Broadway, George and Tremont, John A. to Suiter, Corinna, 118 N. Millard St., $335,000.

Primmer, Chad D. to Cross, Kathleen L., 526 S. Third St., $347,500.


Heyveld, Russell and Tara to Seltzer, Nicholas and Thaddeus, 508 Knox St., Macedonia, $43,000.

Deakins, Natasha M. to Seltzer, Nicholas and Thaddeus, 202 Dye St., Macedonia, $34,000.


Dickerson, Denise D. and James D. to Dickerson, Kelsey and Matthew D., 30605 Second St., Neola, $180,000.


Turner, Joan L. Trust to Anderson, Paxton M. and Turner, Brian D., 207 Kearney St., Oakland, $45,000.


Bonar, Vernel to Klahn, Duane D., 120 Main St., Treynor, $175,000.


Alan Investments III LLC to Bauerkemper, Donald, 604 Atlantic St., Walnut, $40,000.

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