Hildy Construction Inc. to Bird, Ayantu C. and Ryan L., 8938 N. 170th St., $400,000.

Swinney, Harry W. and Mary K. to Jarosz, Jessica M. and Nicholson, Nathan P., 8818 N. 161st St., $250,000.

Peitzmeier, Christine M. to Velasquez, Paul A., 8114 N. 146th St., $180,000.

Chaudhry, Hassan S. and Aslam, Munazza to Gleason, Heather, 8025 N. 146th St., $180,000.

Mitchell, Robert K. Jr. and Michelle L. to Petersen, Jens J. Jr. and Rebekah E., 8018 N. 150th Terrace, $195,000.

Powers, Brian S. and Poelmans-Powers, Ramona to Goranson, Lauren A., 8014 N. 154th Ave., $188,000.

Neary, Kort J. and Anna to King, James G., 7933 N. 153rd St., $243,600.

Lage, Jacob to Deines, Benjamin A., 7815 N. 153rd St., $215,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Moore, Leandre, 7222 N. 162nd St., $370,625.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Dent, Charles W. III and Kathryn A., 7160 N. 163rd St., $328,375.

Maxim Enterprises LLC to Mesenbrink, Jeffrey L., 17052 S. Reflection Circle, $899,000.

Johnson, Craig and Erin to Maxim Enterprises LLC, 17028 S. Reflection Circle, $175,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 16953 Rachael Snowden Parkway, $39,150.

Reamer, Christopher L. and Lori A. to Talbott, Mark E. and Susan M., 16356 Young Circle, $417,000.

Sabir, Kamini and Sabir Shakeel, Mohammad to Kabore, Wendemanegde J. and Dubee, 15757 Howell Circle, $325,000.

Anderson, Brett A. to 15427 Davidson LLC, 15427 Davidson St., $167,000.

Hanson, John J. and Donna J. to Lewis, Marshall W. and Kimberly K., 14549 Mormon St., $170,000.

Tripp, Robert and Rosa to 14542 Mormon LLC, 14542 Mormon St., $162,500.

Home Company LLC to Baczwaski, John and Jayna, 12925 N. 185th St., $420,089.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Denman, Stanley R. and Janet L., 12210 Ashwood Drive, $292,000.

Nazarenus, Norman W. to Strom, Bryce and Jessica, 10311 N. 188th Ave., $27,000.


Pilkington, Jay A. and Kari R. to Abdalhamid, Baha and Khaddam, Samar, 704 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $415,000.

Sillyman, Judy M. to Wertz, Michael and Sharon, 607 S. 200th St., $350,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to John, Mark S. Jr. and Kristin R., 5826 S. 239th St., $475,909.

Charleston Homes LLC to Luedtke, Jeffrey J. and Angela C., 5021 N. 208th Ave., $253,232.

Arensdorf, Karl H. and Carmen L. to Keeler, Karen M. and Sundell, Jacob A., 4209 N. 195th St., $421,300.

Daly, James J. and Lisa A. to Carson, Adrianne and Scott, 4034 S. 224th Circle, $567,000.

204 F Street LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 3904 S. 208th St., $62,500.

Meier, Benjamin L. and Tamara L. to Coleman, Justin, 3313 Piney Creek Drive, $312,000.

Covington Homes Inc. to Vaughan, Julie D. Trust, 2720 N. 191st Ave., $309,950.

Eichelberger, Joshua M. and Jaclyn M. to Edstrom, Duane and Karen, 2617 N. 189th St., $238,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 2502 N. 188th St., $83,000.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Todd, Joshua R. and Mandy M., 2436 N. 187th Ave., $396,145.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Sawaged, Maria and Joseph, 2415 N. 186th St., $512,304.

Lueck Mack Enterprises LLC to Oakhaven Homes Inc., 2373 S. 220th Ave., $164,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Tige Development & Design Inc., 2313 N. 188th Terrace, $283,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Peters, Brian S., 2121 S. 210th St., $500,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Krepela, Carl E. and Jody R., 2109 S. 211th St., $662,435.

McLey, Andrea K. and Craig to Schuelke, Sara R., 20115 Gateway Road, $184,000.

York, Thomas N. Jr. and Greta W. to Gall, Holly M. and Jeremy A., 19814 Harney St., $440,000.

FRK Development LLC to Nelson Builders Inc., 18933 Boyd St., $45,000.

Gimenez, Patricio J. and Gonzalez, Susana P. to Ronning, Gary L. and Nancy F., 18818 Spaulding St., $419,900.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Khanikaev, Timur and Hamidi, Avista, 18769 Spaulding St., $348,600.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Vencil Construction Inc., 18765 Spaulding St., $45,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Kesavapatnam, Swaroop K. and Dharmapuri, Bhargavi S., 18403 Willis Ave., $533,739.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Laflan, Alison, 18363 Lake Circle, $449,000.

Prairie Homes Inc. to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 18312 Burdette St., $45,000.

Siemer, Joshua P. and Jena S. to Benson, Molly J. and Brett G., 1821 N. 207th St., $187,000.

Broniecki, Stephan M. and Kathleen A. to Harkins, Leslie B. and Linda L., 1715 Blue Sage Parkway, $525,000.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Fisk, Jason and Melissa, 1709 S. 207th Ave., $536,635.

Gracey, Thomas E. and Mary E. to Mungaray, Ruben and Delores, 1613 S. 213th Circle, $560,000.

Ramm Construction Inc. to Duffy, Michael and Ashlee, 1516 S. 210th St., $481,900.

Cherukuri, Anil and Kolli, Kranthi to Panga, Yugandhar and Pemmasani, Geetha P., 1418 N. 209th St., $240,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Seitz, Scott and Sueann, 1404 N. 195th St., $499,499.

PAC 211 LLC to Perdue, Jeff and Jenae, 1348 S. 211th St., $70,000.

Schenk Family Trust to Fletcher, Douglas S. and Tanya H., 5732 S. 238th St., $515,000.


Meschede, Tim H. and Lucille M. to Leisey, Laurie A., 2 Ginger Woods Road, $357,500.


Frost, Dwight M. Jr. and Kelly A. to Mayotte, James J. and Jennifer L., 261 Lakehurst Drive, $448,500.

Home Building Consultants Inc. to Sass, Andrew and Corie, 23427 Agee Lane, $332,558.

Home Town Properties LLC to Pierce, Danielle D. and Sloan, Brian R., 202 Madison St., $174,500.


Shaffar, Daniel J. to Hecox, Mark and Jill, 312 S. 16th St., $114,900.

Keener, Jed D. to Vandevoort, Michael, 312 S. 16th St., $165,000.

Pacas Reeder, Karen to Williams, Victor, 300 S. 16th St., $109,000.


Schneider-Deines, Linda to Jennings, Desmond and Marlene A., 7064 Spencer St., $132,000.

Elsener, Patrick J. and McKenna M. to Prosolow, Kassandra L. and Victor E., 6515 Bedford Ave., $153,000.

Vlaanderen, Suzann M. to Curiel, Hector Jr., 6133 Pinkney St., $125,000.

Yusem, Salina and Scott to THC&D Inc., 6011 N. 48th St., $46,400.

Poppert, David W. and Tracy A. to Fry, April R. and Champ, Sadie J., 5902 Sahler St., $79,000.

CESH LLC to Norval, Nathanial R., 4943 Ruggles St., $182,000.

Omaha Municipal Land Bank to Fairview Property Management LLC, 4919 Gretchen Ave., $38,000.

Conger, Gabriel F. and Abigail M. to McCracken, Jason and Naudia, 4855 Blondo St., $231,000.

Dodendorf, Robert L. to Minassian, Melissa, 3943 N. 67th Ave., $126,000.

Christensen, Bradley J. and Melissa M. to Calderon, Jose and Osorio, Rosa L., 3938 N. 55th St., $45,000.

DeJong, Amy L. to Galloway, Jennifer, 2332 N. 65th Ave., $82,000.

Parker, Shawn B. to Schutte, Ethan, 2315 N. 63rd St., $135,000.

Thompson, John C. and Kaitlin E. to Gillespie, Ryan, 2305 N. 65th Ave., $40,000.

Toppa, Wendolyn A. to Holst, Debra J, 2035 N. 63rd St., $147,900.

Wallin, Nona W. Trust to Christensen, Bradley J., 3938 N. 55th St., $45,000.


Whitt, Edith A. to Hansen, Charles J. and Mikala M., 4352 Pacific St., $180,000.

Mahony, Timothy M. and Kay F. to Sheer Ego LLC, 4309 Pierce St., $130,000.

Hillman, Brandon and Wilch, Sarah R. to Kaster, Michael J. and Gentry, Elizabeth, 4223 William St., $246,000.

Tang, Kang and Shao, Chun-Hong to Martinez, Eduardo, 3944 Gold St., $170,000.

Carlson-Brown, Vincent J. and Sarah L. to Ibrahimi, Sophia S. and Flanagan, Jonathan M., 3064 S. 34th St., $153,000.

American Advisors Group Inc. to 2424 M Street LLC, 2939 Martha St., $50,350.

Dominguez, Eloy F. and Del Toral, M. Teresa to McClain & Thompsen Investments LLC, 2573 Poppleton Ave., $113,800.

Hanson, James W. to Hollingsworth, Michael and Liu, Xiang, 1014 S. 35th St., $128,000.


Thompson, Nicholas E. and Molly M. to Schaecher, Kelley, 6154 Oak St., $157,500.

Nohner, Emily to Seals, Tyler and Elizabeth, 5810 Woolworth Ave., $240,000.

Campbell, Sherrie to Hergert, Zachary J. and Kalee A., 5607 Pierce St., $156,000.

Van Roekel Family LP to Ward, Barry E., 5579 Walnut St., $155,000.

Cook-Mikkelsen, Heather to Toscano, Eugene P. and Esther L., 4531 Hickory St., $237,000.

Talmadge, Jason D. and Sarah E. to Mart, Amy K. and Meyer, Kevin M., 4526 Mayberry St., $190,000.

Welniak, James B. and Kathy L. to Kinsella, Sara K. and Tom J. IV, 4503 Woolworth Ave., $175,200.

Folda, Mabel A. to Nash, James M. and Loretta S., 2722 S. 48th Ave., $170,000.

Malfavon, Jairo to Douglas, Anthony W. and Hillary L., 2110 S. 47th St., $145,500.

Durst, Michael J. and Katie R. to Schmitt, William H. and Julianne R., 2107 S. 49th Ave., $160,000.

Nelson, Jeremy A. and Julia H. to Biskup, Livia R., 1302 S. 52nd St., $205,000.

Wright, Margaret L. Estate to Draper, Carmen A., 5807 Frances St., $129,000.


Peters, David C. and Janis E. to Reyes Cisneros, Naybi A., 914 Atlas St., $74,000.

Nguyen, Loi V. and Jenny to Bynum, Shundale E., 6812 S. 31st St., $130,000.

Imlay, Tim and Colleen to Escamilla, Randolfo A., 6217 S. 41st Ave., $99,000.

U.S. Bank to Chavez, Ricardo L. and Rojos, Valeria L., 5814 S. 20th St., $41,000.

Aguilar Reinosa, Jaime and Mancia De Aguilar, Marina to Velasquez Garcia, Antonio, 5724 S. 30th St., $127,500.

Curry, Julie A. and Deno to Cervantes-Velasco, Isaac, 5424 S. 18th St., $33,000.

Reiss, Kerry and Deborah to Sanchez, Spencer, 4964 S. 36th St., $58,700.

Urban, Marsha and McRea, Joan to Ibarra, Juan and Quevedo Lara, Marla G., 3914 W St., $98,000.

Jimenez, Juan C. and Michelle B. to Barajas, Jimmy, 3911 S. 34th St., $75,000.

Welshons, Jessica R. and Weggen, Casey to Melendez, Roberta L., 3543 Drexel St., $70,000.

2206 K Street LLC to Colonial Soma LLC, 2206 K St., $916,719.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 3618 Polk St., $20,536.


Ferro, Timothy P. Jr. to Huju, Jacob R. and Rebecca M., 2520 S. Eighth St., $116,500.

Jury, James J. and Dorothy E. to Darlin Properties LLC, 1923 S. 18th St., $75,000.

Flores, Eloy and Del Terel, Teresa to Kobernick, Amanda J., 1706 S. 14th St., $92,000.

Jury, Dorothy E. and James J. to McEwan, Shannon R. and Joseph W., 1705 S. 18th St., $58,000.

Weaver, Jeff P. and Hanna R. to Cantarero, Amilcar A., 1610 Elm St., $130,000.

Kowal, Bernardette P. to Rydberg, Jessica, 1450 S. 14th St., $134,950.

TFG Properties Inc. to Wisely, Jessica M., 1021 S. 21st St., $55,500.


Schlotfeld, Henry to Naz, Kanwal, 5208 N. 14th Ave., $40,000.

Thomas, Clifford D. to Abram, Patty R., 5020 Florence Blvd., $28,000.

Inter City Properties LLC to Sheared, Terrance, 1811 Lothrop St., $60,000.


Jaillet, Andrew J. to Janovich, Jim, 5753 N. 35th St., $45,000.

De La Rosa, Sidonia and Gallegos, Apolonio to Rivera, Ana M., 5002 N. 42nd St., $85,000.

Rothlisberger, Jeffrey K. and Donna to Beaman, John T. and Harris, Sarah L., 4465 Nebraska Ave., $118,000.

Maven Avenue LLC to Maven Avenue LLC, 4331 Miami St., $23,200.

Diaz, Adrian Jr. to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 4326 Camden Ave., $35,500.

Bana Investments LLC to Cortez, Lionel M., 4231 Redman Ave., $26,500.

McRae, Laurie and James L. to Ackerman, Kenneth A. and Clark, Ellen M., 4213 Corby St., $61,000.

McNeail, Jeanette M. to Puk, Simar, 4149 Burdette St., $138,500.

Jemoberg Sprague LLC to Phm VII LLC, 4102 N. 30th St., $169,900.

Washington, Lonnie and Pamela to Shestak, Tiffany L. and Deidra J., 4021 Ohio St., $57,750.

Bird, Travis to Maly Investments LLC, 3826 Blondo St., $65,000.

Hasanain Properties LLC to Glassroots Real Estate LLC, 3823 Hartman Ave., $30,850.

Rodriguez, Noemi and Cabrera Dominguez, Marcelino to Rincon, Brenda J., 3301 N. 38th St., $80,000.

Ripper LLC to Baggyhair Properties Inc., 2706 Ellison Ave., $33,000.

Serrano, Menalco A. to Castro Enterprises PC, 1820 N. 31st St., $36,000.


Thomas Properties I LLC to Sanders, Ayla, 6917 N. 33rd St., $75,000.

FWMM Inc. to Lunnin, Larry A., 3022 Bondesson St., $70,000.

Johannes, Mary T. to Hamilton, Hallie A. and Philip T., 2444 Titus Ave., $93,250.


Bartek, Drew and Alicia to Joseph, Navya and Joy, Sanju, 7704 Lafayette Ave., $170,000.

Hopson, Tyler L. to Newburry, Robert G. and Jud, Sheila, 1517 N. 107th St., $167,000.

Urlaub, Mark to Meyer, Todd A., 1203 Cole Creek Drive, $115,000.

Hotovy, Steven and Miller, Marguerite Trust to Bourque, Christopher and Ann, 10523 Decatur St., $160,000.

Beck, Grace E. Estate to Rushlau, Steve M. and Mettenbrink-Rushlau, Kari N., 1806 Robertson Drive, $139,000.

Wright, Jean M. Estate to Favor, Daniel, 1034 N. 75th St., $115,000.


Kuriyavar, Nagesh and Krishnappa, Yashaswini to Keller, David M. Jr. and Erin K., 6706 N. 150th St., $272,500.

Garg, Lokesh and Runolfsdottir, Soley M. to Mares, Chad E. and Lopez, Olga Y., 6410 N. 150th St., $265,000.

Bruhn, Stacy L. to Elsasser, Kyle, 6211 N. 150th St., $228,500.

Elftmann, John W. and Karen M. to Wojtkiewicz, Paul E. and Amy J., 6203 N. 151st St., $290,000.

Mohr, Debra L. to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 5914 N. 152nd Ave., $41,000.

Torczon, David L. and Melanie R. to Nabity, Peter and Kellie, 5808 N. 163rd St., $340,000.

Banister, Adam C. and Bethany to Bronzan, Joshua N. and Felicity P., 4701 N. 163rd St., $209,900.

Koch, Kelsey B. to Donahue, Perry M., 4101 N. 146th Court, $125,000.

Schwartz, Jefforey A. and Mary E. to Zhi, Ruijuan and Liu, Zhenguo, 4027 N. 172nd Ave., $186,000.

Mobley, Stephen E. and Dicksy R. to Bitzes, Lora J. Trust, 3906 N. 161st St., $310,000.

Wayman, Guy R. and Michaeline M. to Krienert, Ashley R. and Wissink, Nathaniel A., 2714 N. 152nd St., $294,000.

Shafer, Landon J. and Kendra to Dye, Steven K. and Debra L., 2706 N. 178th St., $380,000.

Bruns, Christopher D. and Ashley N. to Self, Gary D. and Julie S., 2627 N. 161st St., $495,000.

Prestige Homes Inc. to Vangerpen, Michael R. Trust, 2216 N. 178th St., $450,000.

DeFoe, Britani A. and Adam J. to Twilleager, Michael J. and Michelle A., 17601 Erskine St., $415,000.

Nice, Richard E. and Antonia M. to Torczon, David and Melanie, 17575 Grand Ave., $291,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pithan, Tom R. and Julie A., 17514 Tibbles St., $267,182.

Feilner, Derek G. and Laura D. to Syed, Ajmal, 16909 Grand Ave., $192,500.

Stephens, Patrick J. and Margaret J. to Brodersen, Janet and Chad, 16905 Locust St., $265,000.

Ranpatabendi, Nalaka and Nishavini to Banerjee, Ratan, 16462 Burdette St., $185,000.

Knight, Robert J. and Melody to Wandg, Xiao and Zhang, Sha, 16419 Fowler Ave., $208,000.

Pravecek, Ryan W. to Sells, James and Rebecca S., 16416 Sprague St., $240,000.

Christensen, Joseph R. and Rebecca to Vankat, Bradley C., 16257 Saratoga St., $190,000.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to DeBruin, Larry A. and Hanna M., 15459 Ogden Circle, $310,838.

Miller, Andrew and Rebecca to Hoie, Eric B. and Mullin, Megan, 15209 Wirt St., $189,000.

Panton, Edward and Katie to McCarville, James T. and Nicole L., 15072 Taylor St., $353,000.

Harnett, Gary R. and Sheryl K. to Tietz, Darin D. and Kristine S., 15002 Ellison Ave., $273,000.

Vonnahme, Bradley E. and Ashley B. to Beck, Austin and Heidi, 14942 Butler Ave., $187,000.

Torczon, Derek J. and Carrie L. to Latta, Todd E. and Janet L., 14726 Sprague St., $220,000.

Rath, Carrie L. to Wycor Investments LLC, 14502 Fowler Ave., $178,000.

Swihart, Amy A. to Christensen, Jed and Marie, 14460 Larimore Ave., $205,000.

Laible, Rodney L. Trust to Mohrlock, Lorraine A., 15104 Tibbles St., $103,832.


Paltani, Tom to Ferguson, Gary and Harper Ferguson, Phyllis, 5316 U St., $57,500.


Keblesh, Michael J. and Hanh N. to Brake, Daniel J. and Deborah, 17563 Parker Plaza, $170,500.

Thomas, Vincent C. and Maria C. to Wiethop, Charles R. and Kari L., 16322 Page St., $539,000.

Gerhardt, Bruce R. and Michelle M. to Alexander, Bryan T. and Laura E., 16268 California St., $635,000.

Davis, Terry A. and Kathleen M. to Ptacnik, Justin and Emily, 16205 Capitol Ave., $344,000.

Dubas, Dustin and Melissa to Thompson, Nicholas E. and Molly M., 16028 Chicago St., $300,000.

Matuella, Daniel E. to Larsen, Dale G., 15720 Capitol Ave., $230,000.

Yin, Milton and Norma Trust to O’Neill, Kathryn, 307 S. 169th Circle, $335,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 16202 Western Ave., $201,241.


Johnson, Michelle E. to Sell, Nickolas J. and Nancy, 8912 N. 75th Ave., $160,000.

Bycenski, Levi and Carly to Quinnette, Laura L., 8753 Quest St., $172,500.

Mutz, Catherine A. to Peters, Tara and Greg, 8720 Quest St., $165,000.

Whitmarsh, Troy W. to Scott, Doretha R. and Williams, Keyonna L., 8007 Howell St., $165,000.

Pounds, Chelsea to Kpelevi, Yao S. and Kudzi, Yawa S., 7969 Bondesson St., $163,000.

Malone, Amy C. and Natalie to Venteicher, Myong, 7962 Morris St., $156,000.

Jansen, Richard D. and Leslie A. to Dungan, Rusty and Adriana, 7915 Newport Ave., $156,000.

Polk, Brandon S. and Comba, Mikayla L. to Ali Real Estate LLC, 7629 Mary St., $138,000.

White, Regina K. and Ernest J. to Morris, Kenneth J. and Heather D., 7514 N. 106th Ave., $218,000.

Jarocz, Jessica to Kruse, Joel, 7420 N. 77th Terrace, $150,000.

Morgenthaler, Jennie L. to Arens, Vernon J. and Sandra L., 7373 N. 77th Ave., $187,000.

Garber, Daniel and Shu-Hwa to Taylor, Jonathan L., 7014 N. 87th Ave., $169,000.


Suarez, Fernando and Kati to Pilypaitis, Michael D. and Rebekah L., 9056 Valley St., $156,000.

Jambor, Benjamin A. to Winterstien, Amanda J., 8807 Westridge Drive, $167,000.

Lesiak, Nicholas F. and Lauren E. to Dvorak, Lori, 1153 S. 96th St., $306,000.


Doering, Todd A. and Erin E. to Valdovinos, Esweidy S., 7387 Madison St., $174,000.

Hao, Tan and Niiya, Akemi to Nava, Javier and Del Carmen Chagolla, Maria, 6768 S. 75th Ave., $180,000.

Larson, Thomas J. III and Elizabeth A. to Labs, Robert D. and Thompson, Andrea, 5211 S. 82nd St., $144,500.

Hodgen, Betty L. to Henke, Michael R. and Sara R., 5017 S. 93rd Circle, $160,000.

Buckley, Judith G. Trust to Winther, Cody R. and Kara E., 5336 S. 107th Ave., $199,000.


Huebner, Susan A. to Mauseth, Aaron S. and Jennifer R., 3329 S. 158th St., $175,000.

Luhrs, Melyssa J. to Paladino, Frank C. Trust, 2918 S. 157th Circle, $189,900.

Newgard, Robert C. and Rhonda A. to Davis, Terry and Jessica, 2331 S. 186th Circle, $504,500.

Proksel, Patricia L. to Leahy, Thomas Jr. and Dillon, Dominique, 2312 S. 166th St., $260,000.

Weinert, Gerald M. and Catherine S. to Schuldberg, Jorge F., 2028 S. 182nd Avenue Circle, $340,000.

Trull, Douglas and Reiser, Jill to McNeal, Jeremy and Heather, 2019 S. 186th St., $383,900.

Cross, Thomas and Erin to Luther, Ryan and Katherine, 20115 George B. Lake Parkway, $372,000.

Mursch, Michael R. and Jeannie L. to McLarnon, Elizabeth and Scribner, Laurie, 18109 Atlas St., $302,500.

Hill, Scott and Carrie to Senske, Emily and Rynders, Scott, 15935 Frances Circle, $197,000.

Longacre, Lana K. to Baccari, Mario E. Trust, 1509 S. 190th Plaza, $299,000.

Williams, Steven and Jessica to Lozoya, Maria D., 1417 S. 163rd Ave., $200,000.

Ridenoure, Bonnie S. to Karlgaard, Robert and Chelsea K., 1338 S. 177th St., $375,000.

Kotzer Doone, Grace and Doone, Francis P. to Jacox, David A. and Jacqueline K., 1226 S. 193rd St., $465,000.


Freeman, Dawni S. to Fountain, Bruce and Laurie, 522 N. 36th St., $182,000.

Manning, John W. and Don T. to Williamson and Jamison Investments LLC, 518 N. 32nd St., $85,000.

Robertson, Brian and Aleta to Green, Steven R. and Anastasia M., 361 N. 41st Ave., $205,000.

Noble, Michael and Betsy to Noble, Aaron M., 332 N. 36th St., $80,000.

Moore, Gwendolyn to Thomas Properties I LLC, 1417 N. 31st St., $80,000.

East Campus Realty LLC to Fields, Michael R., 120 S. 31st Ave., $264,900.

Long-Koynock, Anita to Ruse, Kelly, 111 S. 38th St., $210,000.


Loden, Jason and Teresa to Domenge, Norine E., 6939 Izard St., $179,900.

Forbush, Cody J. and Royce D. to Johnson, Dirk and Jessica, 6925 Charles St., $150,000.

Lind, Darrell R., trustee for 6608 Charles St. Land Trust, to 1966 LLC, 6608 Charles St., $83,500.

Clark, William R. III and Theresa L. to Fogarty, Bennett R. and Susan C., 652 N. 66th St., $640,000.

Home for Now LLC to Rowe, Gary L. and Rhonda L., 6066 Charles St., $98,500.

Rubin, Warren M. and Sara to Novak, Sharon K., 6035 Hamilton St., $152,000.

Fogarty, Bennett R. and Susan C. to Ives, Claire E. and Andrew G., 5109 Western Ave., $325,000.

Hunt, Jeffrey R. and Dana N. to Wiggins, Andrea and Everett, 310 S. 68th Ave., $299,000.

Pierce, Kristina L. to McDowell, Kenneth S., 1303 N. 50th Ave., $145,000.


Langendorfer Properties Five LLC to Mactier, Jodee and Sime, Charles, 4723 N. 96th St., $150,000.

Allen, Kathleen J. to Bragg, Justine and Schnebel, Jeff, 4311 Terrace Drive, $165,000.

Abel, William C. and Rachael A. to Duffy, Matthew E. and Mary E., 4204 N. 92nd Ave., $120,000.

Gutchewsky, R.P. and Jane E. to Yan, Bohua, 3939 N. 101st St., $167,000.

Mills, Lori-Lynne to Rodriguez, Nat and Ruby, 10717 Boyd St., $207,750.

Fenton, Shauna M. to Korf, Evan J. and Lindsay G., 10618 Hilltop Road, $180,000.


Adkins, Sherman L. and Rita A. to Hall, Alex H. and Stephanie M., 6302 S. 158th St., $269,925.

Champion, William and Jennifer to Rau, D. Rusty and Karen M., 6018 S. 193rd St., $264,000.

Schult, Denyse R. to Gilsdorf, Eric and Bence-Gilsdorf, Tiffany, 5205 S. 186th Ave., $165,000.

Jacobsen, Paul and Brenda to Williams Consulting Inc., 5033 S. 196th Circle, $168,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Benson, Randal S. Jr. and Breanna F., 4169 S. 202nd Avenue Circle, $266,565.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Thran, Dustin and Kelly, 4163 S. 202nd Avenue Circle, $279,796.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 19965 Polk St., $41,700.

Pink, Amy C. to Krajicek, Michele, 19704 O Circle, $379,000.

Wertz, Michael and Sharon to Swolley, Robert C. and Amanda S., 18732 Birchwood Ave., $251,000.

Schilling, Jake and Alexus J. to Schwenke, Bradley D., 18676 S St., $180,000.

Hagge, Nathan R. and Amanda S. to Chfat, Raad S. and Mohammed, Rana A., 18646 Ohern Circle, $218,000.

Hayes, Charles E. III and Alexzandra L. to Lasley, Dalaina J. and Craig S., 17812 Washington Circle, $308,000.

Slagle, Kelli to Kammeyer, Hallie and Lonn, 17604 T St., $334,000.

Storlie, Chadwick W. and Deborah S. to Snarskis, Robert J. and Christina, 17588 Z St., $362,000.

Reeve, Delores to Rapier, Jacquolynn A., 17522 Polk St., $230,000.

Austin, Denise A. to Koethe, Gary R. and Carolyn M., 17412 Polk St., $227,500.

Hamilton, Deederick O. and Martha to Johnston, April, 17113 T St., $340,000.

Hartgerink, Brian K. and Pamela K. to Reese, Christian J. and Caitlyn M., 16804 I Circle, $300,000.

Pilarski, Melinda A. to Dropinski, Darin and Mary B., 16767 J Circle, $409,000.

McLaughlin, Danny M. and Tracy E. to Schuchmann, Chad and Kimberly, 16002 Madison St., $275,000.

Benziger, Joan E. to Pham, Bich T. and Nguyen, Jimmy T., 15660 Orchard Ave., $223,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Heartland Holdings A LLC, 19409 T St., $141,000.

Markise, Deborah A., trustee for J & K One Irrevocable Trust, to Adamiak, Brian M. and Rebecca S., 17504 V St., $329,500.


Hunt, Warith and Kristine to Weaver, Robert D., 6261 Ponderosa Circle, $171,000.

Benson, Randal S. and Breanna to Mines, Geraldine A., 6235 S. 142nd St., $186,000.

Gburek, Clarence and Audrey to Gburek, Jay and Heather, 6018 S. 109th Avenue Circle, $135,000.

Barnett, Sue R. and Kal to Schooler, Maranda A., 5612 S. 114th St., $142,000.

Riemer, Mark and Melissa L. to Murphy, Rigel L., 5105 S. 129th St., $170,000.

Hausman, David L. and Laura A. to 4438 S. 139th St. LLC, 4438 S. 139th St., $925,000.

Hoffmann, Michael Z. and Whitney P. to Marousek, Jacob and Andrea, 4411 S. 152nd Circle, $237,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Lazoritz, Stephen and Mary O., 15520 Lakeside Place, $49,000.

Vandekreeke, John P. and Candace R. to Wolfe, Christopher and Vandekreeke, Tricia, 15268 Blackwell Drive, $144,000.

Loschen, Deborah S. to Schoon, Kelly, 14815 H St., $210,000.

Friemel, Andy and Debra to Kohlbek, John M. and Danette M., 13912 Ohern St., $124,000.

Lajiness, Joshua and Sarah J. to Wattier, Wayne P. and Julie A., 13659 W St., $157,000.

Madrigal, Krissy J. to Sharifi-Arani, Vesal and Faran, 10808 Borman Ave., $123,000.

Agosta, Nadine R. Trust of 2012 to Sandell, Chad A. and Erica A., 5011 S. 124th St., $181,000.

Mongar, Janice E. Estate to Jensen, Christina L., 15428 R St., $160,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Ideal Designs Remodeling and Construction LLC, 7504 N. 117th Circle, $64,900.

Grant, Trevor and Marki to May, Marla, 10921 Weber St., $172,500.


Taylor, John M. II and Nancy L. to McCormick, Michael K. and Colleen H., 1523 Pinewood Drive, $221,000.

Burns, Frank V. and Jeanne M. to Oliver, Shaung and Gaymer, 14718 Castelar Circle, $197,000.

Godinez, Francisco T. to Lewis, Jamarr E., 13912 Walnut Circle, $188,000.

Bachand, Lee H. to Phillips, Emily J., 1356 S. 133rd St., $225,000.

Hill, Michael J. and Baker, Leanne to Bartek, Dianne M., 12023 Westwood Lane, $108,000.

Murray, Bernice R. Trust to Wicht, Michael J. and Karolyn J., 2109 S. 123rd Ave., $170,000.


Jensen, Marcia A. to Christensen, Andrew and Julie, 8711 N. 57th St., $235,000.

Hayes, Michael R. to O’Keefe, Emily and Steinspring, Adam, 7042 N. 54th St., $150,000.

Brown, Lucille M. and Payne, Monica to Reh, Beh, 6824 N. 64th St., $157,500.

Deutsche Bank to C&N Investments LLC, 6605 N. 65th St., $135,700.

Heiman, Dianne M. to Pay, Shar and Meh, Su, 6424 Vane St., $139,500.


Cardella, Margaret M. to Horn, Kristen M., 936 Meadow Road, $252,500.

Robinson, Kenneth E. and Alyce J. to Jarrett, John A. and Connie S., 824 S. 130th St., $252,500.

Sevrench LLC to Chen, Tao, 15106 Burt St., $160,750.

Brun, Russell L. and Stacey M. to Salcido, Sylvia, 15014 Jackson St., $215,000.

Bisson, Bruce W. to Griess, Michael D. and Kristin L., 1457 N. 143rd Avenue Circle, $899,000.

Utsch, Louis W. and Rachelle M. to Pham, Tuyet L., 13720 Hamilton St., $820,000.

Hermanns, Mark S. and Mikal D. to Ptacek, Jason E. and Laura C., 12330 Decatur St., $220,000.

Nixon, Jessica L. to Washington, Lonnie J. and Pamela K., 12203 Shamrock Road, $211,000.

Ault, Barbara S. to McColley, Lisa J. and Mark R., 12122 Parker Circle, $207,500.

Koller, Cara to Fila, Elizabeth, 11021 Harney St., $125,000.

Winkleman, James D. and James to Voigtlander, Jean, 10808 Seward St., $120,000.

Porter, John P. Trust to Wedell, Richard L. and Linda F., 829 N. 131st Plaza, $240,000.

Eigenberg, Raymond R. Trust to Matuella, Daniel E., 11937 Miracle Hills Drive, $125,000.


Becker, Alexander R. III and Karen R. to Kotaru, Ramesh, 5606 N. 128th St., $152,500.

Huckeby, Lara J. to Ge, Ai and Robb, Ian, 4735 N. 131st St., $140,000.

Bossen, Bruce A. and Darlene M. to Wesemann, Duane C. and Kathryn A., 4214 N. 130th Circle, $133,500.

Oliver, Shaung to Khu, Paw, 2731 N. 113th St., $155,000.

Pryor, Bernadine R. to Roucka, Tyler S., 2117 N. 129th St., $155,000.

Tietz, Darin D. and Kristine S. to Barker, Ashleigh and Dean, Abram, 12975 Redman Circle, $140,000.

Marasco, Charles A. to Weaver, Scott, 12904 Curtis Ave., $175,000.

Liljedahl, Ryan and Amber to Benda, Breanna N., 12705 Corby St., $180,000.

Kabore, Wendemanegde J. and Dubee to Thramer, Andy, 11735 Camden Ave., $170,000.

Lamb, Adam and Amy to Blake, Eric, 11724 Saratoga Circle, $179,000.

Mitchell, Nancy J. and Alvano, Mike to Buckley, Judith G., 11711 Ruggles Circle, $165,000.

Ramos, Jorge C. and Jacqueline R. to Vlaanderen, Suzann M., 11324 Saratoga St., $180,000.

Gilster, Daniel W. and Teresa L. to Pritchard, John W. Jr. and Amanda, 10867 Mary St., $185,000.



Corbin, Paul R. and Kristal C. to Phillips, Kevin B. Jr. and Corbin, Kassandra C., 1702 Washington St., $140,000.

Burgess, Jason and Allen, Megan M. to Brown Porter, Terri A., 1605 Pelton Ave., $166,000.

Birt, Karoline V. to Taylor, Timothy J., 2529 Jefferson St., $96,000.

Moffat, Clif and Tamara R. to Angelo, Morgan, 2709 Franklin St., $95,000.

Oestmann, Matthew P. and Mylissa to Reynolds, Sean and Jennifer, 703 Martin Drive, $240,000.

Timm, Donald J. and Beverly D. to Martin, William L. and Elizabeth F., 1807 Pelton Ave., $150,000.

Wilkerson, Burl J. and Ruth K. Trust to Secor, Anna, 2004 Smith Road, $175,000.

Laird, Todd A. and Lynda A. to Roseland, Cory, 1808 Collins Drive, $169,000.


Chandler, Jacob W. and Rachel L. to Kelly, Robert C., 12610 S. 218th St., $223,000.

Christiana Trust to Meier, Dustin J. and Poell, Jessica L., 717 Wallace St., $110,000.

Voegele, Ryan J. and Lindsey A. to Hansen, Henry E. Jr. and Therese M., 12045 S. 218th Circle, $241,000.

Wortman, Richard K. and Tawnya to Alsman, Jacqueline and Nathan, 340 W. Glenmore Drive, $186,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Mara, Amanda M. and Joshua D., 8124 S. 193rd Ave., $330,000.


Zimmerman, Michael F. to Hill, Steve and Amy, 807 Richelieu Court, $173,000.

Mahaney, Dennis E. and Deirdre E. Trust to Grego, Jean M. and Jerry J., 909 Sterling Drive, $230,000.

Noble, Shane and Andrea C. to Hall, Douglas L. and Diana C., 807 Redwood Lane, $210,000.

Grothues, Marcus W. and Christy G. to Trimble, Michael C. and Tracey L. G., 1408 Beechwood Ave., $190,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Ward, Thomas, 807 Clearwater Drive, $194,000.

Sindelar, Kenneth R. and Catherine A. to Scott, Paul J. and Heather L., 12626 S. 81st Ave., $400,000.

Bottass, Richard R. and Kristy R. to Jodice, Laurel A. and Adam P., 2120 Broadwater Drive, $340,000.

Kudym, Brian M. and Andrea M. to Doering Todd A. and Erin, 2311 Walnut Creek Drive, $260,000.

Spanjers, James L. and Linda J. to Conover, Nicholas E. and Erin B., 809 Elm Hurst Drive, $266,000.

Fairfax Brothers LLC to Carlson, Greg W. and Sarah K., 1207 Cork Drive, $285,000.

Shepherd, Rachael E. to Magrans, Michael G. and Dulce, 2112 S. Mineral Drive, $232,000.

Wood, Peter P. and Victoria L. to Steele, Trenton W. and Karla, 917 Knapp Drive, $399,000.

Rodney, Willie and Jacquelyn E. to Fisher, Nicholas and Meghan, 810 Galway Circle, $240,000.

Markowski, David A. and Sharon R. to Williams, Patrick and Theresa, 7443 Leawood St., $441,000.

Wentlandt, Trevor A. and Karen S. to Pecha, Rebecca S. and Ecker, Robert E., 12606 S. 82nd St., $420,000.

Diederich, Terry and Cynthia M. to Doyle, Sara P. and Casey W., 11155 Prospect St., $285,000.

White, Laura and Austin to Hutfless, Denise M., 1127 Rawhide Road, $181,000.

Runte, James A. and Laura L. to Cunningham, Luke and Zoe, 1102 Sterling Drive, $200,000.

Cornwell, Philip S. and Amber to McTague, Linda, 301 W. Gold Coast Road, $210,000.

Nagy, John E. and Jessica J. to Hamby, Charles M. Jr., 1701 S. Fillmore St., $315,000.

Bargen, David and Melissa to Huston, Luke J. and Amanda M., 1009 Clearwater Drive, $318,000.


Bell, Timothy P. and Paula A. to Shrader, Daniel L., 18006 Cottonwood Lane, $424,000.

Broshears, Charles M. and Richard M. and Wanda to Kulm, Morgan and Lauren, 11905 Mitchell Road, $180,000.


Stenger, Michael W. and Stacy L. to Harding, Adam M. and Danielle R., 13610 Tregaron Drive, $350,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Peebles, Rebecca L. and James T., 15110 S. 17th St., $312,000.

Styl Properties Inc. to McCormick, Joshua D. and Amber E., 3401 Tasha Circle, $235,000.

Erickson, Phillip D. and Heather to Derochie, Rusty Jr., 2508 Sheridan Road, $241,000.

Ashford Hollow Development LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 4466 Brook Drive, $135,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Duong, Linh H. Jr., 15003 S. 23rd St., $315,000.

Murillo Alvarez, Nancy to Montana, Michael J. and Jennifer, 3402 Redwing Drive, $215,000.

York, Michael, trustee, Perpetual Sobriety Education Trust to Miralles, Jennifer, 9703 S. 25th Ave., $240,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Eikenburg, David, 4466 Brook Drive, $316,000.

Scott, David C. and Angela M. to Gallagher, Charles C. III, 14511 S. 22nd St., $265,000.

Glassburn, Kevin L. and Wilkins, Sarah E. to Simon, Wyatt, 9814-9816 Linden Ave., $200,000.

Smith, Adam M. and Walker, Ashlynn N. to Meyer, Deborah L., 14108 B Tregaron Ridge Ave., $145,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Keith, William Scott and Ruth M., 1815 Mayflower Road, $256,000.

Taylor, Anne and David to Warren, Nathan M. and Andrea Rae, 3117 Joann Ave., $168,000.


Shaw, Steven and Andrea to Pawlenty, Jason F., 7222 Joseph Ave., $105,000.

Ecker, Robert E. and Rebecca S. to Moon, Nicole and David, 7411 S. 93rd St., $305,000.

Nading, Curtis R. and Judith A. to Chapek, Thomas and Elaine, 7125 S. 100th Circle, $360,000.


Loesch, Stephen M. and Katherine G. to Wadsworth, Elizabeth Ann and Mark C. Jr., 1902 Ridgewood Drive, $358,000.

Walsh, Kim L. to Kiefer, Tristan K. and Janel Q., 2804 Leigh Lane, $290,000.

Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Wagoner, William P. Jr. and Erin C., 9412 S. 70th Ave., $403,000.

Montalbano, William M. and Sherry L. to Pradhan, Partha and Roul, Punyasha, 2109 Savannah Drive, $280,000.

Schirber, Michael N. and Merna L. to Little, Jonathan M. and Velma L., 11206 Kentucky Road, $190,000.

Betts, John M. and Pamela H. to Urbanski, Thomas and Jessica, 120 Allison Ave., $400,000.

Holden, Peter and Nicole to McConnell, Chris and Nicki, 2115 Liberty Lane, $285,000.

Kasper, Korey and Kelly to Rathje, Travis and Renee, 13505 S. 47th St., $283,000.

McCarthy, Brooke H. and Watts, Andre to Payne, Steven, 2130 Bear Creek Road, $265,000.

Lewis, Jeanne M. to Hass, Jon and Kathryn, 2005 Blue Sage Drive, $220,000.


Biss, Robert A. and Arda R. Trust to Behrens, Everett B. and Luann R., 7041 S. 164th St., $225,000.

Unruh, Chase L. and Kortney L. to Kiesel, Jarrod A. and Julie A., 7750 S. 190th St., $275,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Moeschler, Daniel L. and Margaret A., 18808 Birch Ave., $252,000.

Thiemann, Zachary J. and Catherine M. to Konda, Maruti S. and Sreevalli, 19009 Margo St., $229,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Spaulding, Michael L. and Diane M., 8170 S. 190th St., $241,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Talley, Brandon P., 8154 S. 186th St., $215,000.

Hanssen, Benjamin G. to Moore, Roy J. and Vanessa, 17766 Lillian St., $175,000.

Gibbons, Steven M. to Aslam, Shahid and Tayyaba, 17202 Banner St., $243,000.

Steffen, Sharon J. to Nash, Jordan L., 7826 S. 161st Terrace, $178,000.

Odunusi, Oluwole A. and Danielle to Marquez, Andres V. and Zepeda, Silvia S., 17308 Emiline St., $255,000.

MWSD LLC to Advantage Development Inc., 18461 Birch Ave., $124,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hartfield, Ian M. and Meeghan A., 18804 Birch Ave., $242,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Davidson Michael L. and Megan L., 18908 Cottonwood St., $319,000.

McKay, Michael C. and Angela D. to Bell, Mark and Karen, 16523 Briar St., $225,000.

Samson, Douglas G. and Theresa M. to Sookram, Gupta and Vicki, 7113 S. 162nd Ave., $255,000.


Nicholson, Lucas J. and Michelle L. to Jacob Partners Properties LLC, 13202 Gertrude St., $132,000.

Robbins, Marcus to Hardin, Mary, 14701 Emiline St., $165,000.

Lutz, Michael and Andria to Jones, Jason and Barbra, 13201 Schirra St., $200,000.

Norgelas, Ryan M. and Sara J. to Giese, Andrew W. and Valentine, Stephanie L., 15356 Chalco Pointe Drive, $291,000.


Henry J. Sudbeck Builders Inc. to Bober, Karen, 2046 Gindy Circle, $275,000.

Valla, Mary A. Trust to Guzman, Johnny, 9406 S. 28th Ave., $230,000.

Heldt, Jeffrey A. and Kathryn A. to Senior, Peter D., 2710 Bonnie St., $100,000.

Keller, Ronald F. to Utterback, Patricia A. and Kristofer M., 3402 Spruce St., $132,000.


Solorio Zarate, Mauricio and Ramirez Solorio, Sandra to Rodriguez Chavez, Roberto and Ramirez Solorio, Irene, 8801 S. 45 Ave., $134,000.



MBI Inc. to McGurren, Terrence T., 2322 Ave. F, $121,500.

Gilland, Cathy S. and Ricky S. to Farr, Jacob and Grewe, Hannah, 704 S. 25th St., $136,500.

Espinoza, Benita A. and Javier R. to Silva Martinez, Mario A., 1609 Fourth Ave., $60,000.

Surpassets LLC to JSP Real Estate LLC, 820 Seventh Ave., $260,000.

Red Surfer LLC to Collins, Christopher M., 1901 & 1903 S. Seventh St., $134,000.

King, Wilma A. to Trujillo, Luis E., 2417 Third Ave., $98,000.

E Class Properties LLC to Mihalenko, Taylor, 3454 Ave. B, $78,000.

Paper, John W. Jr. to Miller Way LLC, 3032 Sixth Ave., $25,000.

Eakin, Dianne L. and Larry and Putnam, Dean C. Sr. and Dean C. Jr. and Doreen to Husa, DeeAnn, 1050 N. 26th St., $97,500.

Critz, Sarah and West B. to Minatra, Megan M. and Shama, Jake H., 2615 S. 16th St., $165,000.

Young, Jody A. to Richter, Melissa R., 3409 Third Ave., $110,000.

King Properties LLC to Opal, Patrick S. and Sarah A., 1107 Ash St., $125,000.


DIMMN LLC to SE Land & Realty LLC, 227 Bluff St., $165,000.

Richards, Farrah J. and Robert B. to Buneta, Andrew D. and Ashley L., 22694 Three Bridge Road, $475,000.

Newman, Cheryl A. and Roger D. to Blakely, Doreen and Dunteman, Gary L., 18389 Sunnydale Road, $355,000.

Peterson, Joann C. and John F. to Ratliff, Eryn D., 442 Houston Ave., $92,000.

Filby Properties XIII LLC to Bly, Bryan D., 511 Eighth St., $28,000.

Stoll, Emily and Gregory M. and Julie A. to Tichota, James, 222 Fleming Ave., $169,000.

Gregg, Patrick E. and Theresa G. to Zenor, Jeremy A. and Julee J., 808 Simms Ave., $215,000.

Collier, Michael P. and Seina, Joseph S. to Gregory, Stanley T., 19255 Grand Ave., $265,000.

Gish, Cynthia and Dan to Tallman, Edward J. Jr., 210 Bennett Ave., $250,000.

Blue, Carolyn A. and Waschkowski, Dylan C. and Stephanie to Cozad, Brent and Brittney, 2 Scarlet Oaks Road, $195,000.

Dodson, Robert A. and McHale, Margaret A. to Swingholm, Cody and Sara, 513 Iowa Ave., $135,000.

Jacobsen, Elaine J. and Robert C. to Dodson, Robert A. and McHale, Margaret A., 736 Forest Drive, $250,000.

Berns, Betty L. to Fort, Linda M. and Mark A., 15465 Hilltop Road, $170,000.

Haggstrom, Amy S. and Todd A. to Harden, Sydney, 120 McGee Ave., $122,500.


McWilliams, Jason to Keenan, Carroll, 1330 Lindwood Drive, Carter Lake, $1,000,000.

Hamm, Dustin and Mayden-Hamm, Thelma to Kuhl, Mikala K. and Tyler M., 1214 Willow Drive, Carter Lake, $167,000.


Rice, Bill A. Jr. and Yedid, Inbal to Fleek, Jimmie D. Jr. and Tami L., 16879 Scotchpine Lane, Honey Creek, $298,000.


Kiviranta, Robert to Shady, Nicole M. and Travis W., 10627 370th St., Macedonia, $158,000.


Petersen, Danielle K. and James J. to Elsener, Mckenna M. and Patrick J., 28218 Sycamore Road, Neola, $310,000.


Mortensen, Janet A. and Robert L. to Lempka, Benjamin A., 310 S. Gates St., Oakland, $90,000.

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