Osterhaus, Matthew J. and Alongi, Morgan to Nick & Vivi Schmitt Properties LLC, 8814 N. 160th St., $200,000.

Stratford Park Development LLC to LPC Properties LLC, 8636 N. 169th St., $286,600.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 7601 N. 156th Ave., $40,950.

Anchor Pointe Development LLC to Widhalm Custom Homes Inc., 7345 N. 171st St., $59,950.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Schoenfelder, Danielle M., 17164 Phoebe St., $235,514.

State Street Investments LLC to Huntington Homes LLC, 16207 Grebe St., $43,950.

Buller, Kristin L. and Kenneth A. to Yakopec, Tiffany, 15422 Willit St., $162,500.

Lewis, Krista L. to Michael, Jordan and Melissa, 15411 Davidson St., $160,000.

JEJO Properties LLC to Mitchell, Angela M., 15409 Fillmore Circle, $154,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Evans, Meghan M., 14461 Gilder Ave., $193,200.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Ackerman, Amy M., 12204 N. 152nd Circle, $213,586.


Gardels, Austin L. and Sarah B. to Baker, Derek and Kristal R., 651 S. 184th St., $310,000.

Silverthorn Custom Homes LLC to Andersen, Pam and Bud, 4419 N. 204th Ave., $289,900.

Rosso, Larry V. and Penny E. to Pope, Mark R. and Maureen A., 3003 N. 192nd Ave., $364,000.

Parmley, Shawn S. and Charles to Clark, David B. and Bethany E., 20840 Timberlane Drive, $650,000.

Cliffside Development LLC to Schmid, Darrin and Jennifer, 19708 Mason St., $320,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Eike, Shirley M. Trust, 19353 Wirt St., $470,962.

Brakke, Reid J. and Tara to Goldstrom, Bradley A., 18932 Boyle Circle, $650,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 18423 Sherwood Ave., $58,000.

Brown, Stuart L. and Mary J. to Bednar, Oren L. and Kathryn A., 1802 N. 207th St., $172,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 1444 S. 211th St., $85,000.

Maxwell, Elizabeth and Timothy to Wallesen, Cody and Mallory, 1208 N. 209th Ave., $215,000.


O’Bryan, Molly to Stander, Karen A., 37 Ginger Woods Road, $333,000.


Muldoon, Loretta J. to Whitbeck, Kayla L., 509 Lincoln Ave., $135,000.


Mindrup, Deb and Mrozla, Julie to Ward, Colin, 300 S. 16th St., $121,000.

Crowe, Kevin E. to Stock, Ronald E. and Kristin K., 105 S. Ninth St., $290,000.


Green, Sonita R. to Htoo, November, 6704 Curtis Ave., $129,000.

Kleidosty, Jerry S. and Robyn M. to Krajicek, Kurt C., 6648 Pinkney St., $128,000.

James, Kyle M. to Staben, Gabrielle M., 6022 Pinkney St., $94,900.

Kerber, Scott P. and Deborah J. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 5820 Corby St., $40,000.

Phillips, Antone W. to Anderson, Bernard, 5401 N. 49th St., $122,500.

Petersen, Matthew L. to Hendricks, Joseph F., 5115 N. 60th Ave., $112,500.

Lane, Douglas L. and Judy T. to Lot 12 Homestead LLC, 3757 N. 56th St., $72,000.

Louis, Ali to Merry, Chandler R., 3345 N. 48th Ave., $119,900.

Palmer, Angela L. to Cloyd, Jacob, 2506 N. 64th St., $148,000.

BRO Real Estate LLC to Saner, Jacob P. and Bro Saner, Morgan A., 7061 Decatur St., $60,000.

Hansen, Barbara M. Trust to Egan, Christopher P., 6763 Spaulding St., $132,400.

Webster, James W. and Donna F. Trust to Dragon, Julie, 3351 N. 57th St., $87,000.

Booth, Sandra K. Estate to Adapt LLC, 3535 N. 53rd St., $60,000.


George, Aji and Jacci to Harding, Mariel E. and Sean W., 4219 Marcy St., $187,500.

Vision Properties LLC to Soto, Yessenia S., 3830 Grover St., $82,335.

Pratte, Jason D. to Greenblatt-Seay, Django and Hagaman, Jailyn, 3010 S. 33rd St., $150,000.

Fonfara, Margaret A. to Burge, Nicholas E. and Sarah L., 1931 S. 28th St., $76,400.


Shetlar, Jesse E. and Anne M. to Muibi, Hauwa, 6174 Elm St., $124,500.

Cassels, Mitchell to Mink Resources LLC, 6020 Pine St., $208,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 5801 Spring St., $93,000.

Bruckner, David J. and Tamara to Thilgen, Donna B. and Robert J., 5716 Pacific St., $72,500.

Bruckner, William J., personal representative of Wood, Marion L. Estate, to Thilgen, Donna B. and Robert J., 5716 Pacific St., $72,500.

Haneline, Stacie and Heather to Flanagan, Colin T., 4530 Walnut St., $225,000.

Vance, Bonnie M. Estate to Flegg, Tom and Susan, 5023 Frederick Circle, $140,000.


Covarrubias, Oscar J. and Nayeli to Hernandez, Daniel J., 6111 S. 33rd Ave., $79,000.

Vacek, Nell A. Estate to Garcia Morales, Nicolas A., 6009 S. 37th St., $80,150.


Ramirez, Noe M. to Smith, Emily L., 3715 N. 24th St., $95,000.


Chavarria, Mary B. and Leonel to Something Wilson LLC, 5910 N. 39th St., $45,000.

Tait, Brian J. and Jessica J. to Diaz, Gracie, 4124 Wirt St., $28,500.

Gallion, Nicole D. and John Jr. to SLCA LLC, 3725 Himebaugh Ave., $50,155.

Morris, Christopher and Caitlin to Mejia, Nayeli J., 3525 Blondo St., $113,000.

Kean, James V. and Diane P. to Gutierrez, Christine, 3024 Belvedere Blvd., $49,000.

McFadden, Leon B. Trust to Robert, Nating N. and Tahmlawah, Lahkapaw, 4025 Vernon Ave., $60,000.


Mesenbrink, Jeffrey L. to KS Wilke LLC, 8924 N. 36th St., $140,000.

D & J Homes LLC to Wagy, Nicole F., 4014 Bauman Ave., $115,000.

Walker, Dorothy M. to Barrier, Courtney N. and Knutzen, Brandi T., 2519 Sharon Drive, $55,000.


Kroeger, Phyllis E. Trust to Miller, Frank L. and Brandi J., 8738 Lafayette Ave., $180,000.

Berger, Thomas W. and Ann M. to Triple Enterprise LLC, 1004 N. 74th Ave., $160,000.

BRO Real Estate LLC to Saner, Jacob P. and Bro Saner, Morgan A., 1037 N. 78th St., $100,000.


Hoyt, Matthew K. and Tiffany to Digumurthi, Praveen K., 4510 N. 174th Ave., $288,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 3016 N. 178th St., $85,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 3016 N. 178th St., $80,000.

New Leaf Properties LLC to Johnson, Keith A. and Monique C., 2411 N. 168th Ave., $310,000.

Pieragostini, Paul and Sheridan to Hon, How Y. and Wendell, Richard J., 2108 N. 179th St., $400,000.

Jones, Amanda and Huntington, Brad to Burton, David L. and Taricka, 14714 Meredith Ave., $199,000.

Dabelstein, Linda L. to Aparo, Frank and Sally, 14713 Sprague St., $209,000.


Grace, Margaret M. to Kosiski, Joseph L. and Mona L., 5716 M St., $88,000.

Shavlik, Emanuel D. Estate to Nunn, Tyrell, 5424 S. 51st Ave., $126,000.


Christensen, Terry L. and Carla M. to Mullen, James A., 325 S. 178th Ave., $527,500.

Crummer, John A. and Kelly S. to Litz, Robert B. and Denise M., 17532 Parker Plaza, $162,500.

Lynn, Robert F. and Joyce M. to Bryant, Danielle R., 16214 Douglas St., $280,000.


Schlueter, Philip D to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 8941 Quest St., $140,000.

Marsicek, Nicole R. and Bradley to Miller, Nicholas M., 8838 Quest St., $158,000.

Murray, Gail A. to Matthews, Kendra A., 7412 N. 77th Terrace, $140,000.

Little, Christopher J. and Emma to Gark Homes SHV 3 LLC, 7303 N. 91st St., $157,000.

Kurynka, Kenneth T. and Lillian A. to Morrison, Laurie S., 7185 N. 78th Court, $125,000.

Castillo, Augusto and Diana to LeClair, Vickey L., 7157 N. 79th Plaza, $114,000.

Ziepke, Brian K. and Robin A. to Green, Katelyn and McCarty, Daniel, 6524 N. 75th St., $135,000.


Carroll, Shane E. and Traci M. to Moore, Michael J, 9707 Nina St., $169,900.

Apker, Neil D. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 2723 S. 102nd St., $140,000.

Sweet, William and Jamie to Feinstein, Jamie A. and Jessica A., 2123 S. 106th St., $329,000.

Bear Homes PC to Childers, Neil G. and Doris J., 1604 S. 79th Ave., $248,832.

Jones, Tim and Teresa Y. to McPhillips, Evan, 10333 West Center Road, $160,400.


Vandelay Properties LLC to CRW Mechanical Consulting and Fabrication LLC, 7769 Oakwood St., $114,000.

O & O Investments LLC to Stahlecker, Annette M. and Russel L., 7752 Highland St., $199,000.

Charter West Bank to Fronce, Jeffrey E. and Joni R., 6711 S. 75th St., $145,000.


Baerde, Esmail T. and Ruqia to Moriarty, Michael C., 3510 S. 201st Circle, $325,000.

Anderson, Scott E. Estate to Engel, Brian F., 17329 William Circle, $213,000.


RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT to Rossitto, Justin, 337 N. 35th St., $62,500.

Winters, Kara K. to Mullaney, Thomas J. and Alexis S., 1120 N. 34th St., $141,000.


Warga, Nick S. to Hammel, Christopher, 507 N. 47th St., $168,000.

Rice, Earl M. and Raquel M. to Nguyen, Han and Le, Diem T., 1118 N. 46th St., $69,000.

Larson, Denise A. to Mikuls, Kellee and Joseph P., 105 S. 51st St., $315,000.


Schneider, Hayden to Taylor, Robert W. Jr. and Elizabeth, 9616 Spencer St., $156,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 9312 Jaynes St., $105,000.

Black, Gary E. and Debra K. to JLM Properties LLC, 9025 Maplewood Blvd., $166,500.

Whitcomb, Whitney R. to Leb, Ca, 7735 Curtis Ave., $110,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 7533 Erskine St., $99,500.

Ryan, Margaret A. and William S. to Stoffel, Colin M. and Kerri A., 10373 Vernon Ave., $235,000.

Larsen, Louis R. and Shirley A. Trust to Willis, Robert E. and Joy L., 7855 Ames Circle, $150,000.


Yoakum, Phillip J. to Herndon, Vivian R., 5323 S. 158th Circle, $225,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Everson, Jacklyn L., 19880 L St., $307,550.

Bailey, Tina M. and Adam P. to Shaw, Skylar and Regina, 19607 V St., $171,999.

Kozar, Matthew and Danielle to Thipparthy, Shashidhar and Gaddampalli, Spoorthi, 18714 Birchwood Ave., $197,500.

Grover, Jeffrey R. and Callista M. to Charleston, Austin J., 17657 Jacobs St., $187,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Gomez, Mariana and Ernesto, 17515 V St., $265,000.

John, Mark Jr. and Kristin to George, Aji and Jacci, 16523 Jefferson Circle, $230,000.

Benkis, James A. and Jacqueline M. to Moore, Jeffrey and Cecily, 16404 Madison St., $232,000.

Markise, Robert L., trustee for J & K Two Trust, to Vander Vorst, Derek D. and Carolynn E., 17531 Jefferson St., $355,500.


Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 6374 S. 137th St., $109,000.

Larsen, Steven E. and Terry A. to Vanderplow, Jennifer S., 6210 Ponderosa Drive, $180,000.

APR Holdings LLC to Stallings, Gary T. and Villa, Marco A., 5949 S. 149th St., $198,000.

Anderson, Joshua W. and Mallory J. to Demeo, Steven W. and Amy M., 5817 S. 140th Ave., $155,000.

Elam, Jane E. and Paul G. to Gutierrez, Andrew R. and Jessie, 4855 S. 126th St., $170,500.

Stearn, John R. and Lindsey L. to Juhler, Jon and Vavruska, Denise, 4360 S. 149th Terrace, $210,000.

Flud, Amanda to KSG Properties LLC, 13618 V St., $142,000.

Borgheiinck, Leonard J. and Tara L. to Wang, Yao, 12639 Orchard Ave., $140,000.


Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 3630 S. 128th Ave., $109,000.

Williams, Joseph A. and Grieve, Haleigh F. to Cervantes, Asuman, 3324 Pedersen Drive, $136,500.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 3010 Pedersen Drive, $94,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Weeks, William, 13462 Wright St., $109,000.

Morrison, Laurie S. to Heim-Berg, Nancy, 12273 Westwood Lane, $86,000.

Ruhl, Reggie L. and Halsey L. to Johnson, Nicholas A. and Amy C., 12224 Crawford Circle, $200,000.


Dober, Marvin to Scott, Deborah L., 5273 Tucker St., $152,500.


Ostdiek, Frederick J. and Cynthia M. to Reimnitz, Jillene J. and Michael J., 928 S. 153rd Terrace Court, $183,000.

Salerno, Jean A. to Kerby, Jeannine A. and Peter J., 705 N. 129th Plaza, $165,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Radke, Tyler J. and Brianna M., 14906 Paul Plaza, $141,600.

Motmer Holdings LLC to Buchanan, Scott, 14767 Burt Drive, $251,000.


Burton, Elly L. and Roy Jr. to Shie, Ler and Hsay, Lah K., 6623 N. 112th Ave., $151,000.

Baxter, James D. and Susan M. to Redemske, Bryan C. and Christine, 5733 N. 116th Circle, $190,000.

Clark, Tiffany to Morris, Christopher and Caitlin, 2706 N. 127th St., $160,000.

Christiansen, Anne M. to Naimoli, Donald G., 12929 Vernon Ave., $142,000.

Johnson, Nicholas A. and Amy C. to Gutierrez, Ramon F. and Andrade Gutierrez, Andrea M., 12928 Curtis Ave., $151,750.

Baehr, Steven J. and Tiffany to Servais, Joseph E. and Hoesing, Ashley N., 12310 Spencer St., $198,000.

Bryant, Danielle R. to Hendrix, Kevin L., 11642 Hartman Ave., $155,000.

Peklo, Robert E. and Suzanne M. to Ariyarathna, Krishan and Lekhani A., 11342 Fowler Ave., $165,000.

Stoffel, Colin M. and Kerri A. to Docter, Tyson G. and Rebecca L., 10860 Martin Ave., $169,500.

Kavanagh, Walter J. Estate to Hadfield, Lindsay and Johnson, Joshua, 2676 N. 129th Circle, $171,500.



Carman, Bradley L. II to 4506 JLC LLC, 1212 W. 15th Ave., $77,000.

Vaughn, Barbara A. and Bobby R. Trust to Shapland, Gregory T. and Patricia J., 2102 Victoria Ave., $121,000.

Randall, R.L. to Veley, Bradley and Keller, Kirsten, 2103 Dagmar Ave., $153,000.

Bowden, Katherine and James P. and Liebentritt, Jacquelyn and David to Rice, Joseph and Rachael, 2227 Wilson Drive, $95,000.

Hawk, Camille R. Trust to O & H Investments Inc., 2408 Franklin St., $60,000.

Jorgensen, Dennis A. and Grace to Walker, Nancy, 2720 Lloyd St., $125,000.


Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 19508 Rosewood St., $61,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 7709 S. 194th Ave., $47,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Home Co. LLC, 7718 S. 195th St., $53,000.


Chambers, Benjamin R. and Megan C. to Raymond, David and Debra, 21007 Quarry Lane, $305,000.

Witt, Denny L. and Marian C. Trust to Dutton, Daniel and Amanda, 21210 Schofield Drive, $319,000.

Schram, James P. Trust to Schram, Jason, 22093 Hilltop Ave., $251,000.

Jensen, David L. and Tamara S. to Reeves, Joshua and Stephanie, 22384 Burr Oak Circle, $460,000.

Harm, Toby D. and Kori to Vidlak, Larry and Melissa, 334 Highland Drive, $135,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 7819 S. 196th St., $53,000.


Iverson, Melanie G. and Donald E. Trust to West Papillion Catholic Community, 11002 S. 114th St., $1,263,000.

MJ Design Build Inc. to Daugherty, Daniel S. and Leslie A., 12032 Pintail Drive, $336,000.

Pacholski, John J. and Christy J. to Schoedel, Jed and Mary, 12611 S. 83rd St., $343,000.

Riley, William E. to Guerrero, Ernesto and Stephanie, 705 Fenwick St., $247,000.


Neitzel, Todd W., personal representative of Neitzel, Donald J. Estate, to Neitzel, Todd W. and Gayle, 250 N. Seventh St., $130,000.


Grubb, Carl M. and Kimberly D. to Haubold, Joshua M. and Ronda L., 13607 S. 40th Circle, $239,000.

Cole, Dwight C. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 13611 S. 26th Circle, $146,000.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Delta Capital Inc., 13611 S. 26th Circle, $167,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Hollar, Ruth A., 14514 S. 20th St., $239,000.

Gour, Kevin S. and Colleen K. to Hrbek, Nicholas A. and Jennifer N., 3420 Faye Drive, $180,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Gour, Kevin S. and Colleen K., 4413 Brook Drive, $294,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co. LLC, 4910 Waterford Ave., $56,000.


HSBC Bank USA to Billingsley, Mark A. and Bowsman-Billingsley, Nancy A. 7910 S. 69th St., $195,000.

Driscoll, Matthew V. and Lynn A. to Illg, Daniel J. and Joann, 7215 S. 101st Ave., $402,000.

Kittrell Properties LLC to Morrison, Amanda R., 7406 Lillian Ave., $139,000.


Bennett, Chad D. and Shar M. to Rickner, Jennifer and Owen J., 11834 Timberridge Drive, $325,000.

Westover, Nathan A. and Angelina to Howard, Mark A. and Renne L., 1315 Greenwood Ave., $195,000.

Gryskiewicz, Mandy R. to Romaire, Michael J. and Obenschain, Caitlin E., 2201 Aberdeen Drive, $198,000.

Magnussen, Jesse J. to Parks, David F., 6612 Elk Hurst Drive, $224,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Nelson, Cleon, 6633 Ridgewood Drive, $298,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Agulhon, Anthony K. and Grace P., 715 Castle Pine Drive, $359,000.


Kieffer, Michael A. and Roxann to Butler, Paul F. and Judy, 11003 S. 173rd St., $334,000.

Kutsch, Brian M. and Beth M. to Azonyibo, Kokou and Cherita, 17744 Margo St., $168,000.

MWSD LLC to Dave Paik Builders Inc., 18409 Birch Ave., $62,000.

Hardesty, Mark E. and Yolanda M. to Brodersen, Lisa, 7224 S. 176th Ave., $163,000.

MWSD LLC to Laid Back Lifestyle LLC, 7912 S. 181st Avenue Circle, $83,000.


Cortinas, Michael J. and Julie A. to Pectol, Jeffrey M. and Anna M., 12918 Olive St., $183,000.

Gubser, Kyle C. to Klingbeil, Luke M., 15316 Chalco Pointe Drive, $156,000.

Rodriguez Anaya, Adrian and Rodriguez, Diana D. to Mills, Janessa L., 8510 S. 143rd St., $140,000.

Schmitz, Madeline L. and Paul, John D. to Veren, Clinton and Jamie, 8713 S. 139th St., $152,000.


Hakenson, Imay B. to Castagnol, Daniel J. and Willmes, Jackie K., 3618 Barretts Drive, $123,000.

Schafer, Jack W. and Roberta A. Trust to Eilertson, Marilyn R. and Flood, Robert E., 7035 S. 41st Ave., $125,000.


Parr, Paul T. and Victoria L. to Parr, Shelby A., 4709 Glasgow Ave., $200,000.



T-M Family LLC to Perez Ramirez, Gonzalo and Lazo Isabel, Orellana, 1023 S. Third St., $60,000.

Gallardo, Edwin R. to Rojo, Jadixi E. and Gloria E., 3212 Ninth Ave., $72,000.

Ebert, Terri L. to Ebert, Bernadette I. and James L., 2640 Ave. D, $130,000.

Flynn, Jacquelyn K. to Petersen, David and Sarah, 2518 Ave. D, $119,000.

Choice Homes LLC to Morris, Joshua W., 3350 Middle Ferry Road, $269,500.

Finley, Kelly A. to Ash, Brenda L. and Eric L., 4720 Navajo St., $118,500.


Jones, Victoria to Diaz, Javier O. and Rojas France, Maricela, 703 Madison Ave., $82,000.

Fleming, Rachel and Zachery to Tweedy, Heather A., 214 Hyde Ave., $110,000.

Andrew Family Trust to Mabbitt, Nissa K. and Todd J., 208 Pickardy Lane, $158,000.

Michl, Lisa R. to Medinger, Patrick, 261 Elmwood Drive, $122,000.

Moore, Kathleen P. and Robert M. to Biorn, Jason N. and Sarah E., 22297 Three Bridge Road, $310,000.

Clifton, Erin and Michael G. to Globe, Rachel and Leslie, Cory, 832 Filmore Ave., $210,000.

Liston, John and Rebecca to Mayer, James C. and Tanya S., 1502 Abercorn Drive, $269,500.

HCC Investments LLC to Liston, John, 5145 Providence Road, $48,500.

Rouse, James S. and Pamela J. to Harmsen, Greg and Tara, 1600 Grand Ave., $110,000.

Slade, Jacqueline A. to McKinley, John M. and Susan L., 128 Elliott St., $57,000.

Kucks, Jamie and Kevin to Bosch, Buffy J. and Michael J., 22836 Breckmans Road, $424,000.

Thomas, Sharon E. Trust to Schobert, Connie J., 100 Glen Oaks Drive, $265,000.


Martinez, Chad and Julie to Slade, Jacqueline A., 1418 Dorene Blvd., Carter Lake, $79,500.


Rzemyk, Lindsay M. and Thomas J. to Beach, Laine M. and Wil C., 564 Oak St., Avoca, $81,500.

Clark, Connie S. and David and Cox, Colleen K. and Richard and Greve, Carrie L. and Gerry and Nielsen, Calvin L. and Diane to Craycraft, David E., 703 N. Walnut St., Avoca, $119,500.

Larson, David J. and Lea M. to Denning, Kathryn J. and Michael A., 1017 N. Frost Ave., Avoca, $110,000.


Meyer, Todd A. and Tonya A. to Kieffer, Michael A. and Roxann M., 29085 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $600,000.


Mergens, Diane and Donald B. to Hadfield, Fred C. and Patricia, 106 Pearl St., Neola, $35,000.

Phillips, Cynthia R. and Virgil R. to Carter, Derald H. and Marsha J., 117 Mulberry Circle, Neola, $265,000.


Adair Holdings LLC to Domingues De Almeida, Yara and Garcia Resendes, Alexandre, 413 Park St., Oakland, $18,000.


Norvern LLC to Welcome Homes Inc., 22177 Bret Loop, Underwood, $53,000.

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