Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc. to Wenzl, Daniel G. and Ann M., 8902 N. 169th St., $392,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Mathis, Harry P. III and Sheryl L., 9523 N. 150th Ave., $331,241.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Alioth, Tressa M., 16477 Read St., $319,550.

Petersen, Andrew G. and Taylor A. to Guinn, Nicholas R., 10620 N. 189th Ave., $308,000.

Proline Custom Homes Inc. to Holscher, Brent J. and Tessa J., 16123 Young St., $295,378.

Proline Custom Homes to Lanier, John P., 16125 Grebe St., $294,338.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Morton, Robert L. Jr. and Ashley R., 16302 Girard St., $273,400.

Shamrock Builders LLC to Zukas, Mary E., 14446 Vane St., $266,500.

Charleston Homes LLC to Hall, Jill and James, 15101 Elmwood Drive, $244,850.

Birge, William J. and Constance L. to Newport Homes LLC, 16032 Girard St., $38,750.


LDT Inc. to Sadler, Jeremy and Neeley, 1920 S. 214th St., $720,000.

Wenzl, Ann M. to Harder, Terry and Nancy V., 18926 Nicholas St., $515,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Braddock, Daniel J. and Nikki C., 19076 George Miller Parkway, $437,808.

Widhalm Custom Homes Inc. to Miller, Josh and Rebecca, 1336 S. 208th St., $425,289.

Charles Thomas Homes to Schlott, Abraham N. and Kelly E., 3764 N. 190th St., $425,000.

Trademark Homes Inc. to Crouch, Shelton R. and Mindy S., 4330 N. 191st St., $340,349.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Fuller, Stephen and Amber, 3912 S. 204th Ave., $340,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Zuckweiler, Roger K. and Heather, 4618 N. 208th St., $326,950.

Pine Crest Homes LLC to Abel, Jeffrey-Scott G., 20506 Taylor St., $296,295.

Home Co. LLC to Sekyra, Lawrence A. and Nancy L. Trust, 1504 N. 194th Circle, $284,257.

Roberts, Matt A. to Boganowski, Jerome and Cynthia, 18402 Jackson St., $279,900.

Hawk, Ruth D. and Mark Bailey, Katherine L., 20118 Wirt St., $200,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to AMC Properties LLC, 1510 S. 218th St., $175,000.

Miller, Joel A. and Tiffany P. to 3G Home Solutions IV LLC, 3804 Ramblewood Drive, $135,000.

Heisenberg, Roman to Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu, 22118 Quail Circle, $90,000.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church to Linkugel, David H. and Diane L., 21479 Brentwood Road, $86,850.

204 F Street LLC to Legacy Homes Omaha LLC, 20534 Howe St., $34,500.


Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction LLC to Hill, Dustin and Sara, 5706 N. 294th Circle, $851,864.

PBK Valley LLC to Fitzpatrick, Mary M., 28602 W. Meigs St., $175,000.


Sass, Andrew J. and Corie L. to Schmaltz, Mark A. and Whitney L., 23423 Agee Lane, $224,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Coffey, Jessica, 23507 Denton St., $165,000.


Louis, Steven and Sheryl to Bokenkamp, Andrew T., 1308 Jackson St., $461,000.

Central National Bank to Heim, Douglas and Judy A., 105 S. Ninth St., $269,000.

M Butte LTD to Rudra, Titon, 300 S. 16th St., $129,000.


BNR Construction Inc. to Ray, Richard E. and Nickeson-Ray, Diane, 6636 Pinkney St., $170,500.

Gracie Properties LLC to McCreary, Noel Jr., 6729 Laurel Ave., $126,800.

Westfall, Travis F. to Adams, Jeff and Mandy, 2507 N. 65th St., $118,000.

Daugherty, Susie M. to Walker, Levi, 6947 Spencer St., $95,000.

Rental Solutions LLC to 5 Kings LLC, 4402 N. 60th Ave., $85,000.

O & H Investments B LLC to Holzfaster, Titus and Jolene, 3158 N. 47th Ave., $84,000.

Vacek, Jennifer L. to Maven Avenue LLC, 5048 Bedford Ave., $63,500.

Fritzler, Paul J. and Erin to RKCK LLC, 5839 Sahler St., $60,000.

Wagner, David J. and Lisa R. to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 2629 N. 70th St., $51,500.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Midfirst Bank, 6004 Nebraska Ave., $122,713.

Weskamp, Regina C. Trust to Pletan, Jacqueline K. and Warren R., 3842 N. 65th Ave., $50,000.


Venture Properties LLC to Wicklow Enterprises LLC, 2967 Harris St., $200,000.

Pfeffer, Daniel J to Janousek, Brian, 3019 S. 43rd St., $159,000.

Yates, Everett P. to Meyers, Delores, 1134 S. 31st St., $150,000.

Bozaan, Steven A. to Dynamic Properties LLC, 4215 Mason St., $100,000.

Rager, Tamara A. to GRE Properties LLC, 3611 Leavenworth St., $80,000.

Sherman, Gilbert F. and Mary A. to Cisneros, Alejandro B. and Lorenzo, Orquidia C., 1111 S. 28th St., $35,000.


Surhiro, Yuji A. to Weinstein, Guy K., 513 S. 56th St., $229,900.

Hernandez, Hernan and Melissa S. to Sand, John K. and Sarah A., 6014 Shirley St., $185,000.

Pallas, George A. and Fanija to Shannon, Jack R. and Donna M., 6112 Woolworth Ave., $150,000.

Partusch, Patricia A. to Paulsen, Heath, 3027 S. 48th Ave., $145,000.

Norris, Becky L. to Randolph, Andrew C. and Michaela S., 2114 S. 46th St., $144,350.

Carroll, Richard E. to Lopez, Melvin and Laura, 4866 Spring St., $135,000.

Esch, Nathan to Geier, Riley, 5646 Spring St., $134,500.

Sayre, Steve to Scherling, Jonathan S. Trust, 5112 Mason St., $130,000.

Mahoney, Kevin P. to Henson, Zachary J., 3701 S. 67th St., $125,000.

Humphrey, Lisa to Kelly, Steve, 4535 Marcy St., $121,500.

Gonzalez, Roberto and Maria to Ruiz, Octavio G., 4682 A St., $105,000.

Schmidt,Robin W. to KPR Building, LLC, 1920 S. 48th Ave., $104,000.

Incontro, Lucille M. Estate to Linden, Bret J., 2510 S. 49th Ave., $125,000.


Foreman, Nicholas A. and Sarah to Mendoza, Maria V. and Marcos, 4129 M St., $178,500.

Selene Finance LP to Barrera, Celso, 5127 S. 41st St., $52,000.

Archer, Jill C. to Munoz, Carlos J., 4517 S. 21st St., $45,000.

Kaiser Investment Properties LLC to Soto, Miguel A. Jr., 3418 U St., $39,000.

Ridley, Loren J. to Chaparro, Adan D., 3214 L St., $31,000.

OM 3627 Drexel Trust to Blondie Investments LLC, 3627 Drexel St., $87,700.


Johnsen, Kathleen M. to Home Heart LLC, 1723 Vinton St., $100,000.

Navarro, Robert J. to Light Bulb Realty & Investment LLC, 1725 S. 11th St., $42,000.


Barna Properties LLC to Shannon, Joshua and Christina, 1351 Ogden St., $69,000.

Carreno, Ildefonsa and Gamboa-Flores, Daniel to Ojodeagua, Clara P., 1516 Binney St., $37,382.

Kountze Park Crown LP to Birdine, Lakeisha, 3408 N. 19th St., $20,470.


Jones, Dennis J. and Tammi Metro Health Services Federal Credit Union, 4335 Meredith Ave., $93,700.

Washington, Deborah Y. to Metro Health Services Federal Credit Union, 4518 Fontenelle Blvd., $90,000.

Moon, Virginia to Metro Health Services Federal Credit Union, 4331 Meredith Ave., $70,000.

Johnson & Moon LLC to Metro Health Services Federal Credit Union, 4339 Meredith Ave., $70,000.

Iontach Investments LLC to Crawford, Terence, 3187 Larimore Ave., $42,500.

Bank of New York to Tu, Jeff, 2628 Corby St., $26,800.


1 Chron 29:11 LLC to Ross, Seth A., 2721 Bauman Ave., $105,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Weaver, Courtney M., 7261 N. 28th Ave., $80,000.

Pesek, Dorothy to Miller Way LLC, 3015 Huntington Ave., $30,000.


Magee, Brian K. and Catherine D. to Untrauer, Jason and Uy, Lei, 9354 Dewey Ave., $632,000.

Kenney, Helen C. and Neil P. to Pappas, Alexis and Kellner, Kyle, 9720 Brentwood Road, $515,000.

Malone, G. Jeanne to O’Keefe, Nitika and Mehra, Gautam, 9825 Westchester Drive, $385,000.

Shelden, Brian to Sirian, Carol E. and Louis R., 8316 Webster St., $178,000.

Al-Nemah, K. Christine to Sanchez, Felipe and Ambriz, Kaylee, 7814 Parker St., $159,000.

Barmettler, Brian to EJK Holdings LLC, 7406 Seward St., $137,750.

Manceaux, Barry to Finocchiaro, Joseph and Nicole, 8219 Bowie Drive, $130,000.

Kizer, William M. Estate to TCR2014 LLC, 1817 N. 100th St., $650,000.


Castle Brook Builders LLC to Wanninger, John A., 3305 N. 179th St., $536,000.

Christensen, Troy E. to Neher, Lance A., 17020 Erskine St., $335,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Peery, Samuel Jr. and Debra, 15213 Jaynes St., $317,192.

Corr, Bradley B. and Lindsey L. to Green, Patrick and Warren, Casseah, 2436 N. 148th St., $292,000.

Stacey, Craig R. and Becky J. to Okechukwu, Aloysius and Chike, 14912 Ellison Ave., $243,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ghimire, Shiva and Phuyal, Bhagawati, 4710 N. 175th Ave., $237,100.

Brescia, Lorenzo E. to Hawk, Mark and Ruth, 5919 N. 146th St., $233,000.

Palagi, Ronald J. to Johnson, Steven M., 16270 Patrick Ave., $227,000.

Schroeder, Korey to Dongwen, Wang, 2103 N. 162nd Ave., $220,000.

Fuller, Amber A. to Birkemeier, Allison, 2102 N. 166th St., $180,000.

Aggen, Cheryl A. and Douglas E. to Lane, Taylor A. and Coyan, Zachary D., 4650 N. 155th Ave., $164,900.

Bosak, Gordon to Ptacek, Trenton and Avizi, Sahar, 3315 N. 147th Court, $135,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Sederburg, Ryan and David, 14652 Sprague Plaza, $122,500.

Prouty, Brent and Catherine to LeSage, Mark K. and Ellen F., 14458 Ames Ave., $120,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 17713 Spencer St., $80,000.

JHBF LLC to Castle Brook Land Development LLC, 17751 Spencer St., $80,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 17713 Spencer St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Land Development LLC to Castle Brook Builders LLC, 17751 Spencer St., $85,000.


Harlow, Seth P. and Elizabeth N. to Marino, Saul and Kasik, Katherine, 15906 Jackson Drive, $265,000.

Sorensen, Faye J. to McManigal, Jerald E. and Stacey T., 367 N. 160th St., $215,000.

Kensinger, Royce and Amanda to Becker, James O., 209 N. 161st Ave., $200,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Zehr, Ashley and Levi, 7902 N. 86th Ave., $240,000.

Hancock, Derek and Belcoe, Ana to Eledge, Andrew and Keara, 8442 Craig Ave., $205,000.

Bruner, Tracy to Oakland, Tyler and Joelle, 8826 N. 82nd St., $128,500.

Ehrhart, Pamela A. Estate to Double A Homes LLC, 6964 N. 88th St., $56,000.


Kellner, Kyle to Manatsathit, Wuttiporn and Nakayuenyongsuk, Warapan, 2906 S. 102nd St., $410,000.

Hickory and Spruce Renovations LLC to Ward, Chad and Lacey, 2822 S. 106th St., $315,000.

Ward, Chad and Lacey to Millard, Chad and Greer, Bridget, 2221 S. 90th St., $285,000.

Theis, Colin and Tina to Irish, Nikki and Patrick, 3003 S. 105th Ave., $275,500.

Erdei, Judith M. and George C. to Rager, Tamara A., 3002 S. 76th Ave., $147,000.

Bock, Marjorie J. Trust to Zimmer, Mark and Flearl, Mary, 2131 S. 91st St., $235,000.

Kohrt, Iona J. Estate to Lent, Alex V., 3105 Westgate Road, $145,000.


Eischeid, Joseph H. to Ortiz, Hector III and Kimberly, 6123 S. 102nd Terrace, $270,000.

Zbylut, Timothy J. and Molacek, Christin L. to Rey, Sebastian A. and Amber R., 6817 S. 87th St., $160,000.

Jackson, Cynthia A. to Payne, Corey R., 8464 Orchard Ave., $158,000.

Nelson, Kimberly A. to Odd Properties LLC, 8639 Lakeview Drive, $118,000.

Schenck, Phillip A., trustee for Schenck Living Trust, to Anthony, Andrew E. and Marlee M., 7218 Monroe Circle, $175,000.


Redbird Holdings LLC to Booth, Patrick, 1302 S. 181st Plaza, $490,000.

DeHaai, Jon H. and Badilla Davila, Yansy to Hamzhie, James B. and Jessica, 1716 S. 165th Circle, $241,500.

Horstman, Ryan W. and Catherine E. to Henthorn, Patricia A. and David A., 18904 Howe St., $230,000.

Revered Home Solutions LLC to Lyon, Jonathan D. and Naomie J., 15823 Valley St., $214,900.

Stater, Luke E. and Katie A. to Lightener, Cedric D. and Lesley C., 20204 B St., $186,375.

Chen, Xiaolong and Wang, Yuyu to T & G Brothers LLC, 3324 S. 159th St., $155,000.


Luchian, Eric and Palamarciuc, Livia to Valles, Efrain, 3429 California St., $150,000.

Stoffel, Thomas J. and Amanda N. to Mueller, Thomas F., 4159 Chicago St., $85,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to O & H Properties Inc., 3034 Lincoln Blvd., $97,065.


Zukas, Mary E. to Olson, Kerstin M., 5014 Izard St., $315,000.

Hassing, Andrew R. to Haley, Margaret M., 125 S. 69th St., $235,000.

Jones, Joseph E. to Monen, James P., 5017 Underwood Ave., $180,000.

Olson, Kerstin and Kendrick C. to Jorgensen, Matthew D. and Christine L., 5017 Underwood Ave., $178,000.


Howe, Dennis R. to Simmons, Joshua P., 9817 Ames Ave., $220,000.

Gibbs, Matthew G. and Meagan A. to Blessner, Stephen J. and Whitmarsh, Sarah A., 2612 N. 96th Drive, $174,500.

Suiter, Corinna A. to Lian, Hram, 6418 N. 80th Circle, $152,000.

Square One Investments LLC to Sidik, Raymond and Yonathan, Kirstine, 9423 Meredith Ave., $129,000.

Lee, Carol D. to Little Venez LLC, 8315 Vernon Ave., $102,500.


Lane Building Corp. to Harm, Timothy T. and Kristen, 20020 Monroe St., $316,323.

Davis, Andre L. and Keesha A. to Pawar, Deepak G. and Shinda, Manjusha S., 19336 G St., $310,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Dawson, Jeremy and Kelly, 4457 S. 193rd St., $298,432.

Katelman, Michael A. to Gammel, Robert B. and Linda S., 17511 Adams St., $289,900.

Rowe, Dianne L. to Peer, Donald J. and Sandra L., 5314 S. 165th St., $275,000.

BSR-FW LLC to Pacesetter Homes Inc., 19911 Polk St., $41,300.


Jaksich, Charles J. and June M. to Lewis, Todd and Deborah, 5417 S. 145th St., $192,500.

HBI LLC to Gutierrez-Carpio, Nelson and Santos, Nilsa R., 6839 S. 147th St., $190,000.

Hamzhie, James B. and Jessica to Bollig, Hannah and Denich, Ben, 14706 N St., $175,000.

Corrado, Timothy J. and Argentina to MAK Developement LLC, 10810 T Circle, $170,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Fiscaro, James J. and Lucia T., 13914 Wood Valley Drive, $253,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lawal, Opeyemi and Martins, Abimbola, 7422 N. 140th Ave., $224,300.

Gammel, Robert B. and Linda S. to Christensen, Lori A., 7014 N. 138th Ave., $218,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to McNeil, Michael K. and Catherine M., 13907 Potter Parkway, $195,300.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Reese, William H. Jr., 13927 Weber St., $194,400.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Rai, Ram K. and Sovita, 13959 Weber St., $192,100.

Burns, Jo E. to Blackstock, John W. and Henderson, Ruth E., 14066 Whitmore Circle, $175,000.


Altman, William J. and Danielle to Ferris, Anthony M., 13579 Stanford St., $187,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Huss, Jamie A. and Sydney M., 13524 Trendwood Drive, $185,000.

Karter LLC to Irish, Katherine, 13361 Grover St., $169,000.

Hynek, Justin M. to Larson, Michael T., 2823 S. 116th Ave., $152,000.

Julch, Dennis R. and Gloria J. to Chatelain Properties LLC, 3305 S. 121st St., $134,500.

Heim-Berg, Nancy and Berg, Danny L. to Mahoney, Kevin P., 12273 Westwood Lane, $98,000.


White, Darlene E. to Corr, Bradley B. and Lindsey L., 10925 N. 61st St., $159,000.


Schmidt, Kerry A. and Michael A. to Anthem Developers LLC, 12723 Izard St., $335,000.

Baker, Michael T. and Bellavia Baker, Lisa M. to Alvarez, Bill and Aimee, 15403 Seward St., $274,900.

Dobbins, Adam J. to Nelson, Ross M. and Williams, Jaime L., 309 S. 154th St., $199,500.

Dynamic Properties LLC to Hintz Homes Inc., 1006 S. 114th St., $182,500.

Linale, Pedro and Senora to Doyle, Lisa M., 204 S. 110th St., $119,000.


Martin, Gregory M. to Hernandez, Hernan and Melissa, 13534 Taylor St., $299,898.

Sceals, Sara B. to Peterson, David A., 12411 Evans St., $227,000.

Grap, Asel and Kurmanova, Zina to Cassidy, Steve and Flanner, Alyssa, 4625 N. 126th St., $180,000.

Arms, Eldon V. Jr. and Kristie McGinnis, April, 5731 N. 128th St., $180,000.

Reynolds, Kristell L. to Alexander, James E., 12306 Binney St., $175,000.

Stewart, Thomas J. and Wanda L. to Cromling, Zachary T. and Hendrickson, Lindsey L., 12123 Wirt St., $172,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to Mid-America Financial Investment Corp., 11650 Newport Ave., $117,001.

Burkardt, John V. Estate to Piatek, Julian and Malgorzata, 2603 N. 125th Circle, $115,000.



Pursley, Eric M. to Bernard, Daniel J., 1115 Offutt Blvd., $160,000.

Stuczynski, James and Carolyn M. to Atkins, Adrienne and Singley, Anthony, 1502 Franklin St., $163,000.

Perez, Mark R. and Janet M. and Ronald M. and Larry W. and Nancy J. and Michael D. and Jane L. and Kelly, Stephanie M. and Christopher J. to Wilks, Natasha L., 2112 Van Buren St., $115,000.

Evan, Yakov to Martinez, Christina and Destin, 904 Lemay Drive, $150,000.


Jacques, Apryl L. and Bruce R. to Dodson, John M., 11285 S. 200th St., $259,000.

Boyer Young Equities XIV LLC to Proline Custom Homes Inc., 19450 Redwood St., $52,000.

Luhrs, William A. and Mary H. to Salvo, Dillon M., 233 Sycamore Circle, $105,000.


Halsted, Richard K. and Kellie A. to Traster, Douglas L. and Jane D., 1106 Horseshoe Circle, $205,000.

Skorlich, Shaun M. and Linda C. to Gilbert, Kyle E. and Jennifer A., 1117 Hardwood Drive, $240,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Hunt, Kimberley L., 11515 Glenn St., $233,000.

Home Co. LLC to Noda, Rickey D. and Nancy J., 11703 S. 109th St., $386,000.

Castlebridge Homes Inc. to Hewett, Don B. and Nancy J., 11748 S. 111th St., $368,000.

Nagy, John E. Jr. and Jessica J. to Ohlin, Derek, 2009 King Drive, $181,000.

Tefft, Robert Q. Estate to Knuth, Tyler and Sliffe, John, 304 Concord Circle, $179,000.

Blessing, Trevor and Margaret to Zuerlein, Chelsey L., 608 Shannon Road, $191,000.

Masilko, Judith A. to Moore, Kaden and Pressley, Lauren, 811 Tipperary Drive, $160,000.

Cleaver, Dennis M. and Connie L. to Zbylut, Christin and Timothy, 8609 Molokai Drive, $308,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Zimmerman, Marguerite L., 14510 S. 20th St., $235,000.

Waite, David M. and Angelieke D. to Frederick, Keith I. II and Donna J., 2801 Hunter Drive, $192,000.

HBI LLC to Condon, Jason D., 3313 Montreal Drive, $190,000.

Hawk, Camille R., master commissioner, to Vasko Brothers Properties LLC, 3420 Bline Ave., $141,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Lewis, Nathaniel M. and Maya A., 4315 Brook Drive, $217,000.

Nicholson, Kelly and Mark to Markham, Laurence J. and Elizabeth M., 9708 S. 27th St., $225,000.


Christiana Trust Trust to Ballan, Scott, 7401 Elm Drive, $64,000.

Harral, Diane M. to Ervin, Lee and Denise, 7710 Marisu Lane Court, $68,000.


Horizon Realty Inc. to Mann, Joseph and Shaylynn, 1202 Troy St., $311,000.

Smith, Anne M. and Thomas to Weaver, Darryl and Amber, 1902 Savannah Drive, $250,000.

Wehrle, Craig A. and Susan K. to Toy, Thomas J. and Jessica M., 2013 Franklin Drive, $248,000.

Willson, Gary D. and Cynthia S. to Wehrle, Craig A. and Susan K., 203 Longwood Drive, $390,000.

Newport Homes LLC to Cata, Christopher J. and Jeanna K., 2207 Lola Ave., $337,000.


McDowell, Shawn and Megan to Petersen, Anthony J. and Krystal L., 10614 S. 191st St., $315,000.

Carson Custom Homes Inc. to Heil, Sandra K., 10628 S. 191st Ave., $400,000.

Hampton, Jeffrey D. and Lanai L. to Sullivan, Randall G. and Renee R., 16572 Birch Ave., $285,000.

Richland Homes LLC to McCabe, Tyler J. and Amy L., 16858 Rose Lane Road, $278,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Negrete, Mark S. and Penni L., 18595 Robin Drive, $251,000.

Crowe, Christina M. to Schlecht, Nicholas A. and Habell, Kylie A., 7211 S. 183rd Ave., $188,000.

Hartman, Joseph and Ashley to Vivek Chand, Fnu and Vivek, Christine L., 7705 S. 169th St., $255,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Haney, Jeffrey P. and Young, Jillian M., 8107 S. 188th St., $222,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Corbett, Zachary M. and Weymuth, Brandi N., 8110 S. 186th St., $218,000.


Hoppe, James C. and Rachel R. to Love, James, 14114 Margo St., $180,000.

Hupka, Arlene M. to Pallas, George A. and Fanija S., 7730 S. 155th Ave, $146,000.


Wagoner, Christopher A. and Megan C. to Harvey, Adam R. and Meagan B., 2603 Alberta Ave., $176,000.

Arroyo, Jesus and Hernandez, Sofia B. to Balderas, Arely, 2711 Harrison St., $98,000.

Garcia, Christopher and Nelson, Yuriko to Fausset, Sydney N., 7621 Chandler Hills Drive, $128,000.


Norcross, Paul A. and Amanda J. to Andersen, Rebekah and Arie, 4505 Trail Creek Ave., $165,000.

Zamora, Maria V. Estate to Reafleng, Gary R., 7509 Arrow Rock Drive, $138,000.



Opal, Patrick S. and Sarah to State of Iowa, 3637 Fifth Ave., $19,000.

Miller, Dorothy M. to Johnson, Christopher J., 4812 Navajo St., $82,000.

Andersen, David C. to Negrete, Jose A. and Rosas, Maria S., 913 Third Ave., $53,000.

Gregory, Edward J. and Natasha J. to Lake, Brian, 2550 Ave. E, $68,500.

Choice Homes LLC to Hawk, James V. and Katherine R., 3338 Middle Ferry Road, $229,000.

Cook, Thin T. to DC Solutions LLC, 1922 Sixth Ave., $45,000.

Dahl, Mary L. to Pauley, Kurt R., 719 S. Eighth St., $36,000.

Phillips, Eric A. to SLO Trust, 2120 Westside Drive, $39,000.


Manhart, Lillie L. and Lynn P. and Patty and Robert J. to Leisinger, Jonathan M. and Toni L., 720 Simms Ave., $85,000.

Lochland Holdings LTD to Jager, Jackie, 14980 Harriman Lane, $207,000.

Ward, Sherry L. and Timothy T. to Miller Way LLC, 615 Stutsman St., $45,000.

Stanek, Terrence L. and Karren K. and Kendyl K. to Banks, Derik, 175 Parkwood Drive, $190,000.


Lindeman, Georgene F. and Russell G. to Fleischer, Korby, 17034 Snowhill Lane, Honey Creek, $255,000.


Tri State Ventures Inc. to Arrick, Wesley J. and Johnson, Jodi L., 100 Second Ave., Underwood, $112,000.


Castlerock 2017 LLC to Eversole, Terri, 403 Walnut St., Walnut, $35,000.

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