Hauder, Timothy J. and Yolanda to Ashmore, Merle and Connie, 12013 N. 178th Circle, $625,000.

Paradise Homes Inc. to Jensen, Kurt A. and Wendy S., 7021 N. 162nd St., $406,906.

Milan, Leo F. III and Kelly J. to Klein, Steven D. and Wendy S., 18432 Stargrass Road, $355,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Matzke, Gerald E. III and Jessica M., 8127 N. 172nd St., $344,900.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Haywood, Alicia M., 16408 Vane St., $326,264.

Charleston Homes LLC to Heinrich, Chad, 7320 N. 162nd St., $322,200.

Dennis, Kara R. and Cody R. to Dahlquist, Jennifer, 7837 N. 154th Ave., $220,000.

Hall, Adam B. and Ashlee to Lyons, Connor and Alexandra, 14804 Young St., $217,000.

Smith, Ashley N. to Wenninghoff, David L., 8051 N. 144th Avenue Circle, $183,000.

Brown, Kyle S. to Milan, Leo III, 14451 Knudsen St., $175,000.

Keit, Joan and Wright, Warren to Milan, Kelly, 15326 Willit St., $160,000.

State Street Investments LLC to Charleston Homes LLC, 8022 N. 159th Ave., $40,950.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 8232 N. 162nd St., $29,250.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16123 Mormon St., $29,250.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16111 Mormon St., $29,250.

State Street Investments LLC to Sherwood Homes Inc., 16014 Grebe St., $29,250.


Castle Brook Builders LLC to Strahm, Branden and Kleinschmit, Anne, 3852 S. 208th St., $480,240.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Slechta, Jeremy J., 1311 S. 211th St., $475,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Ames, Jaclyn R. and Ryan D., 21003 William St., $471,000.

Castle Brook Builder LLC to Bressman, Sara, 2506 N. 188th St., $444,900.

Nelson Builders Inc. to Vyas, Punit, 2549 N. 187th Ave., $420,000.

Thelen, Randy J. and Christa to Wright, Zach T. and Jennifer L., 605 S. 195th St., $415,000.

Homes by Premier Inc. to Ashbrook, Brent and Mariah, 6604 S. 209th St., $313,000.

203rd Plaza LLC to Gibson, Robert R. and Erica K., 24116 U Circle, $129,500.

Shoiab, Mohammad and Sadia to Eriksen, Michael A. and Anderson Eriksen, LaDonna, 19404 Grande Ave., $125,000.

SNGF Development LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 18621 Honeysuckle Drive, $125,000.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Sutter, Joseph E. and Dawn M., 3860 S. 208th St., $92,500.

Malibu Holdings LLC to Neal, James M. and Karen S. Trust, 20720 Nina St., $90,000.

JKC Construction Inc. to Harms, Richard L. and Buchanan, Lynne M., 1340 S. 211th St., $90,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Trademark Homes Inc., 2522 N. 187th Circle, $80,000.

FRK Development LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 4320 N. 190th Circle, $70,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Sharp, Michael and Micaela, 23503 Berry St., $59,950.

Blondo 186 LLC to RAMM Holdings LLC, 18405 Sherwood Ave., $58,000.

Blondo 186 LLC to Showcase Homes Inc., 18404 Burdette St., $50,000.

South Hamptons Land Development LLC to Home Co. LLC, 23609 Berry St., $49,950.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Kavan Homes Inc., 18905 Quinn Drive, $35,250.

Elkhorn Highlands Inc. to Kavan Homes Inc., 2610 N. 191st Ave., $34,250.


Witte, James S. and Angela J. to Lunn, Burt W., 7914 N. 279th St., $599,000.

Ashmore, Merle D. and Connie K. to Hauder, Timothy and Yolanda, 14201 N. 240th St., $480,000.

Bluewater Development Corp. to Witte, James S. and Angela, 6416 N. 293rd Circle, $225,000.


Grace Custom Homes Co. to Wetjen, Richard E. and Peggy L., 135 S. 243rd St., $88,608.


Katz, Benjamin to McDermott, Theresa L. Trust, 1024 Dodge St., $125,000.


Kennedy, Judy A. to Clark, Benjamin A., 2704 Country Club Ave., $292,000.

Polak, Kelly and Amanda R. to Wycoff, Cole and Barnard, Bailey, 2712 N. 52nd St., $243,500.

New Vine Properties LLC to Jackson, Keith and Michele, 2940 N. 47th Ave., $157,000.

Loya, Geronimo R. and Teresa to Than, Ma and Mu, Cha, 4907 N. 57th St., $155,000.

Kreikemeier, Bradley P. and Jennifer to Sunderman, Evan G. and Payne, Ayla J., 3209 N. 48th St., $153,000.

Lane, Douglas M. and Judy to Nowatzke, Carrie, 6794 Binney St., $130,000.

Culhane, Terry and Croisant, Suzanne to Eldorado Enterprises LLC, 2544 N. 63rd St., $127,000.

Pozos, Alejandra A. and Jesus to Htoo, Kaw and Kwet, Thanci, 5312 N. 46th St., $109,900.

MPK Homes LLC to Shen, Jiangang, 7075 Wirt St., $94,000.

Megee, Leonard E. and Blaur, Margaret B. to Reyes, Yonnys A., 4911 N. 62nd St., $89,000.

Barsell, James and Helen to Geho, Patrick E., 6117 Blondo St., $85,000.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Safe Harbour Eat-XXIV LLC, 2028 N. 50th Ave., $120,000.


Uptown Properties LLC to Legacy Model Properties LLC, 3102 Mayberry Plaza, $249,000.

APK Ventures LLC to CG Holdings LLC, 4201 Marcy St., $215,000.

LLDM LLC to Pure Properties LLC, 924 S. 31st St., $200,000.

Bueling, John J. and Amy R. to Becwar, Pat, 2531 Rees St., $62,500.

Willbrand, Marvin R. and Judith S. to Castro Enterprises PC, 2523 S. 31st St., $55,000.

Chatelain, John C., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 3619 Vinton St., $59,001.


Falke, Patrick W. and Megan C. to Parks, Thomas A. and Katie A., 4521 Pine St., $270,000.

Leighter, James L. and Wasser, Julie A. to Farmer, Kurt A. and Elizabeth R., 5615 Pine St., $250,000.

Suck, Jeff and Lisa to Suck, Nathan L., 2115 S. 61st St., $153,000.

Brownstone LLC to JKP Properties LLC, 1711 S. 61st Ave., $140,000.

Emrich, Stefanie J. and Bradly J. to Albrecht, Randy L. and Jacob W., 2110 S. 48th St., $125,000.

Tuepker, Marcus and Michele to Richards, Tracy and McAuliffe, Raina, 5616 Cedar St., $122,000.

Sommers, Ruby G. Trust to Grossman, Michael A. Trust, 1823 S. 55th Ave., $145,000.


FA Properties LLC to Henriquez, Jose D. and Menjivar, Martha, 4116 M St., $145,000.

Alba, Juan A. and Delia to NR LLC, 4023 S. 36th St., $126,500.

McNabb, Tamara L. to Hooper, Tyler D., 4382 Patterson St., $100,000.

Medina, Rafael O. to Taqueria El Rey Inc., 5409 S. 20th St., $72,934.

Buller, Olivia S. to Mar-Cisneros, Jose, 4739 S. 16th St., $64,700.


Hardle, Spencer to Richardson, Tonya J. and William, 1027 Marcy Plaza, $224,000.

Ruiz, Dora E. and Marcos to Hall, Ethan and Sadie, 609 Dorcas St., $105,000.

Yurasek, James R. and Pieracci Yurasek, Allison M. to Martinez, Erika, 3504 S. 20th St., $104,900.

Elsasser, Wayne W. and Kathiey to Mammel, Nancy, 524 Center St., $20,000.


Cartwright, Elizabeth J. to Briseno, Juan M. and Jacinto Lopez, Gabriela, 1920 Lothrop St., $64,000.

Engineered Property LLC to Mendoza-Salgado, Ana M., 1822 Miami St., $29,000.

Kountze Park Crown II to Buop, Gach J. and Thic-Koryom, Nywal, 1923 Wirt St., $23,332.

Snodgrass, David A. and Jody L. to Schlotfeld, Henry, 5208 N. 14th Ave., $20,000.


TC Realty Holding LLC to Vatury, Amishay, 3509 Seward St., $100,000.

D-Pack LLC to Fleetwood Investments LLC, 6328 N. 36th Ave., $78,000.

Nelson, Kathryn P. to Payton, Jessica L., 4315 Franklin St., $70,695.

Daves Rentals LLC to Stewart, Karina, 2566 Camden Ave., $66,900.

Nguyen, Mandy and Dang, Nam to Taylor, Howard, 4720 N. 36th Ave., $57,000.

Venture Properties LLC to 4038 Seward Street LLC, 4038 Seward St., $41,675.

Iontach Investments LLC to Kirby, Michael, 3519 N. 30th St., $41,500.


Miller, William F. to Gaarder, Nancy J., 2720 Iowa St., $117,000.

HBI LLC to Ogden, David S. and Reznicek, Robert J., 7202 N. 34th St., $115,000.

CESH LLC to Ramo, Carlos M., 2879 Newport Ave., $110,000.

Osborn, Daniel L. and Megan T. to Phelps, Donte and Melissa, 2867 Newport Ave., $94,000.


Delaney, Karen M. to Meyer, Joseph E., 522 N. 72nd Ave., $185,000.

Hager, Terry and Denice to Casagrande, Robert P. and Taj M., 9362 Decatur Plaza, $182,500.

Markham, Angela J. and Matt to Williams, Jonathan and Elizabeth, 1826 N. 78th St., $161,000.

Robinson, Timothy S. and Patricia to Erickson, Lloyd E. Jr., 8321 Seward St., $147,000.

DLG Holdings LLC to Hall, Thomas G., 7739 Cuming Circle, $90,000.

Red Ladder LLC to JKP Properties LLC, 8214 Hillside Drive, $75,000.


Coady, Brian E. and Brooke E. to Jackson, Brian and Jessica, 2802 N. 161st Ave., $415,000.

Jackson, Brian and Jessica to Phillips, Tiffany J., 2511 N. 166th Ave., $300,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tamang, Bijay K. and Dhan M., 15257 Kansas Ave., $289,592.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Tamang, Sai K. and Wang D., 15263 Kansas Ave., $285,867.

Cunningham, Milond E. and Phyllis L. to Maloy, David and Alison, 2321 Nelsons Creek Drive, $263,000.

Hruska, Chris and Kristin to Neff, Vivian, 14470 Grand Ave., $251,000.

Guilbe, Alejandro and Arlin to Matthews, Terrell L. and Kathleen H., 16017 Manderson St., $243,500.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Christiansen, Sharon, 4601 N. 176th St., $199,155.

Baumert, Beau T. and Paige to Marco, Tara and Charles T. III, 16465 Grant St., $193,000.

JAH LLC to Rall, Logan A., 17172 Spaulding St., $184,000.

Woockman, William B. and Allison M. to Canyonwood LLC, 4219 N. 171st Ave., $180,000.

Meier, Robert J. and Glenrose to Nieweg, Michael A. and Tessa J., 4347 N. 173rd St., $150,000.

Flechs, Julie K. to Antonio Villegas, Carlos A. and Antonio, Melissa A., 14653 Ames Plaza, $125,000.

S & B Realty LLC to Adesina, Aderonke F., 14656 Sahler Plaza, $120,000.

Christensen Miller, Carrie J. and Miller, Kurt to Mendoza, Elizabeth A., 3325 N. 148th Court, $119,000.

Smigelsky, Janice A. Trust to Lamberty, Elaine J. and Larry R., 2232 N 161 St., $449,000.


Escalera, Edgar O. to Ceballos, Saira, 5041 S. 49th St., $160,000.

Ourada, Thomas A. and Merrilee A. to Villanueva, Michelle, 6806 S. 51st St., $150,000.

Bejar, Sergio S. and Martinez, Yasmin to Santacruz, Luis L., 4830 O St., $127,500.

Guhde, Nicholas J. to Garcia Guzman, Sergio and Garcia, Marisol, 5425 S. 53rd St., $115,000.

Rogel, Isirdo and Maria to USA Builders LLC, 4917 Y St., $25,500.

Wilkie, W. Eugene Trust to Dorman, Brandon and Brandi, 4501 S. 47th St., $60,000.

Nowak, Dolores M. Estate to O’Connor, Ryan M. and Samantha R., 5164 Ohern St., $163,000.


Dolphens, Frank E. Jr. and Vicki L. to Gappa, Kyle and Lindsay, 406 N. 161st Avenue Circle, $266,750.


Schwabauer, Michael P. to Dingwell, Benjamin, 6522 N. 105th St., $207,000.

Davis, Rosemary G. to Webber, Robert K. and Legg-Webber, Mary E., 10620 Potter St., $200,000.

Haug, Lathan R. and Kramer Haug, Nicole A. to McGee, Cody, 8936 Read St., $162,000.

Fleming, Benjamin A. and Rachel L. to Bouge, Terry, 8022 Girard Plaza, $126,500.

Galles, Gregory L., trustee, to Carrizal Properties LLC, 8012 Craig Ave., $100,500.


Harmon, Nolan D. and Katie to Fletcher, David J. and Kelly M., 2506 S. 92nd Plaza, $215,000.

Kerby, Peter J. and Jeannine A. to O’Connor, Paul T., 1722 S. 96th St., $207,000.

Castle, Katherine E. and Roger L. to Revered Home Solutions LLC, 8104 Grover St., $132,000.


Kolm, William B. and Samantha to Toledo, Juana, 9524 N St., $177,000.

Bishop, Blair E. to Hill, Lonnie and Teresa, 10329 N St., $172,500.

Odd Properties LLC to Gagnon, Jeffrey T., 8639 Lakeview Drive, $150,000.

McCright Properties LLC to Peterson, Elizabeth A., 6637 S. 83rd Ave., $141,000.

Brown-Moore, Margaret N. Trust to Trifecta Properties LLC, 9359 N St., $140,000.


Susman, Victor S. and Cassandra A. to Kirkpatrick, Terry E. and Lori S., 17566 Bay Wood Drive, $575,000.

Kubie, Charles K. and Lisa A. to Froelick, Martin J. and Diane T., 19279 Williams St., $485,500.

Smith, Beverly A. to House, David C. and Saundra K., 2304 S. 179th St., $247,000.

Buresh, Marilyn C. Trust to Macke, Joanne and Noel, Mandi M., 3513 S. 196th Ave., $413,000.


Knezevic, Branislava to Funk, Nathan T., 3000 Farnam St., $155,000.

Kalina, Joseph E. to Massengale, Sarah, 105 N. 31st Ave., $93,000.

Cruz-Cedillo, Victor to Wiggins, Timothy A., 2907 Charles St., $47,100.

Hatch, Jeff and Sara to Garcia, David A., 128 N. 31st St., $45,000.


Vokal, James D. Jr. and Elizabeth M. to Herrera, Francisco J. and Jacquelynn F., 119 S. 51st St., $361,000.

Focht, Mary S. to Focht, Mary C. and Loughran, Patrick J., 5005 Burt St., $140,000.

Ramos, Josephine R. to Bruno, William III, 6022 Hamilton St., $129,000.

Macias, Javier R. to Castro Enterprises PC, 6548 Western Ave., $118,000.


Allison, Jean E. to Beckmann, Steven, 4623 N. 96th St., $148,500.

Cohano Investments LLC to Tuttle, Aenea L. and Matthew A., 9211 Fowler Circle, $148,000.

Lazio, Donald S. and Tiffany to APM Properties LLC, 9217 Fowler Circle, $86,000.

Morrison, Monica A. Trust to Van Voltenberg, Donna, 9709 Grand Ave., $152,500.

Belton, Marilyn L. Estate to Scott, Eugene W. Jr. and Teresa, 10461 Boyd St., $170,000.


Ford, Ryan E. to Markham, Matthew J. and Angela J., 4102 S. 173rd St., $300,000.

Geiken, Steven A. and Kimberli A. to Tafoya, Mike and Burns, Jillian, 6018 S. 159th Ave., $295,000.

Sommerfeld, Robert E. and Mary A. to Pfeffer, Daniel and Lang, Brandi, 4946 S. 186th Ave., $278,500.

McGuire, Lori R. to Bierman, Neal J. and Macy N., 17209 I St., $276,000.

Wischnowski, Benjamin J. and Emily J. to Wistrom, Lee C. and Caitlin E., 6423 S. 157th St., $265,500.

Stracke, Paetra M. and Daniel to Sullivan, Robert T. and Nikole L., 18627 L Circle, $255,000.

Jefferson, Melissa R. to Cortes de la Riva, Joy, 6623 S. 163rd St., $224,000.

Gowan, Keith D. to Kissinger, Ryne J. and Vaiskunas, Emily M., 5007 S. 164th St., $195,500.

Retzer, Elizabeth L. to Koch, Dawn M., 5011 S. 164th St., $192,000.

Corder, Brandon A. to Chesnut, Jeffrey K. and Iwan, Kylie M., 16513 Weir St., $186,000.

Pfanstiel, Katrina A. and Conway, Bernie to 18025 Office Condo LLC, 19521 W St., $177,000.

Tice, Scott A. and Kelly J. to Tookhi, Mirwais, 19412 X St., $166,000.


McBratney, Kenneth M. and Marsha K. to Beltran, Martina, 10892 Polk St., $213,500.

Brungardt, Mark to Ford, Gerald and Melissa, 5641 Blackwell Drive, $210,000.

Henderson, Amy L. to Lanspa, Eric D. and Nicole M., 13433 Polk St., $187,500.

Damron, William M. and Sara M. to Hauxwell, Sarah L., 15160 T St., $178,000.

Boyle-Manganaro, Maureen and Manganaro, Michael to Svoboda, Daniel and Jennifer, 15205 Madison St., $174,000.

Mack Lease of Omaha LLC to Edstrand Real Estate LLC, 5920 S. 118th Circle, $155,000.

Taylor, Sarah B. to Denali Real Estate LLC, 12565 O St., $134,000.

Murphy, Mary L. Estate to Cramer, Andrew A., 12768 Deauville Drive, $85,000.


Celebrity Homes Inc. to Heuertz, Jay, 13926 Wood Valley Drive, $258,152.

Deer Creek Reserve LLC to GDR LLC, 8007 N. 129th St., $50,000.

Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Touchstone Construction Inc., 7183 N. 122nd Ave., $41,900.


Fredrichs, Anne M. to Curry, Joyce F., 1621 S. 113th Plaza, $317,500.

York, Scott A. and Alma to Truitt, Fredrick D., 15323 Howe St., $212,500.

Green, Mary L. to Nekola, Lori M. and Karl, 13364 Trendwood Drive, $199,000.

Hustad Real Estate Holdings LLC to TC Accommodator 153 LLC, 3401 S. 121st St., $160,550.

Rose, James G. and Jana L. to Sagitteh, Pierre and Manylath, 11653 Westwood Lane, $135,000.

Rosas, Joseph and Guinan, Winter to Watsabaugh, Jane K., 3421 S. 121st St., $128,000.

Molnar Investments 401K Trust to Alrubaiai, Imad, 11820 Cedar St., $209,000.

Brink, Edward E., trustee, to Legacy Ventures I LLC, 3365 S. 130th St., $147,000.


Hickey, John M. and Patricia D. to Paw, Say and Kyar, Ah, 9861 N. 60th St., $357,500.


Siebrandt Investments LLC to Falke, Patrick and Megan, 742 Palamino Road, $402,000.

Day, Suzanne L. to Willie, Rodriquez and Dingman, Darcie, 13106 Hamilton St., $379,900.

Prince, Clare E. and Patrick W. to Panas, Ted and Peterson, Lisa, 235 S. 117th Ave., $300,000.

Tipton, Jeremy L. and Abby to Barkhaus, Thomas J. and Mandy, 11009 Jones St., $171,500.

Failla, Nicolas D. and Kayla N. to Nassi, David, 11213 Jackson St., $166,500.

Sulhoff, Randall L. and Anne B. to SAS Properties LLC, 210 S. 117th Ave., $149,000.

Royce, Michael S. and Elaine to Brenneman, Parker, 10914 Jones St., $143,500.

Brown, William M. to Kuhry, Terrence R., 11937 Miracle Hills Drive, $118,500.

McMillen, Lysle S. Jr. and Eileen to Newman, Janice, 12727 West Dodge Road, $70,500.


Flores, Joshua C. and Jessica N. to Briggs, Joshua R. and Kali J., 14008 Hillsborough Drive, $255,000.

Fox, Mandy to Welsh, Abigail R., 12105 Bedford Ave., $200,000.

Raffety, Douglas J. to Bilome, Nzobakira and Solange, Nyabenda, 2736 N. 123rd Circle, $187,000.

Dreismeier, Paul F. and Darlene M. to Wordekemper, Norman J. and Binderup, Mary, 11788 Hartman Ave., $185,000.

Erickson, Julie and Anthony to Brown, Kyle S., 12908 Camden Ave., $177,000.

Matthews, Terrell L. and Kathleen H. to McCoy, Ryan D., 10907 Bauman Ave., $168,000.

Idelman, George E. and Jill E. to Davis, Patrick J. and Kendra R., 2517 N. 112th St., $164,900.

Knott, Tyler and Brooke to Nelson, Chaz, 11113 Laurel Circle, $157,500.

Nebraska Properties LLC to Tan, Jianguang, 5430 N. 126th Ave., $155,000.

Keely, Monica to JRJA Land Trust, 5823 N. 127th St., $154,000.

Johnson, Tammy L. to O & H Properties Inc., 6432 N. 131st St., $120,500.

Jimenez San Vicente, Vicenta to Jimenez San Vicente, Vicenta and Nunez Tavares, Floreliza A., 13023 Nebraska Ave., $71,100.



Wagner, Allen D. and Amy to Barta, Travis S. and Rebecca M., 1004 Dogwood Circle, $196,000.

Grob, Jeffery J. and Kelli A. to Rich West Inc., 1008 Bert Murphy Blvd., $175,000.

Lemm, Wayne E. and Andrea B. to Lemm, James P. and Nicole A., 128 Hillside Drive, $143,000.

Kohler Properties LLC to Rowley, Renee, 1309 Main St., $175,000.

Stock, Jamie P. to James, Blake M. and Alicia M., 1812 Hancock St., $164,000.

Nightser, Michelle D. to Smith, Bridget C., 2309 Main St., $124,000.

Cohano Investments LLC to Glassman, Sean, 303 W. 10th Ave., $36,000.

Craig, Shawn R. and Becky M. to Pech, Gary and Wassenaar, Krista, 907 Bayberry Drive, $246,000.


D & E Custom Building & Design Inc. to Kardell, Shaun and Jessica, 10722 S. 215th St., $315,000.

Hurtz, Richard J. Trust to Jackson, Ethan and Sara, 11209 S. 213th Circle, $180,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Kolm, William B.and Samantha R., 11501 S. 201st St., $419,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Dodd, Dana S., 17085 Christensen Road, $302,000.

Dynasty Homes LLC to Eagle Custom Ranch Homes Inc., 19312 Robin Drive, $49,000.

3Ds Construction and Property Management LLC to Weddle, Christopher J. and Lindsay R., 20005 Oak St., $48,000.

Miller, Jacklyn and Darius to Duff, Morgan N., 20922 Maple Circle, $175,000.

Blasnitz, Jeffrey and Wanda S. to Corcoran, Ryan and Kathryn, 21115 Schofield Drive, $293,000.

Alexander, Nicholas J. and Shannon to Taphorn, Gregory, 22211 Harrison St., $350,000.


Richland Homes LLC to Sutter, Matthew and Sarah, 10714 Laramie St., $277,000.

Showcase Homes Inc. to Jou, Stanley and Wendy, 11513 Schirra St., $445,000.

D&J Vogel Construction Inc. to Graham, Paul M., 11721 S. 111th St., $386,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Freeman, Jordan and Jacqueline N., 12108 Pintail Drive, $440,000.

Advantage Development Inc. to Trademark Homes Inc., 12109 Pintail Drive, $60,000.

Beutler, Gregory G. and Karen M. to Garlow, Christopher M. and Rankin, Patricia M., 1241 Limerick Road, $279,000.

Greska, Benjamin R. and Samantha M. to Payne, Susan E., 301 Prospect Drive, $192,000.

JAH LLC to Monk, Jessica, 303 W. Gold Coast Road, $185,000.

Wagner, Stephanie L. and Chad to Becker, Matthew T., 724 Dublin Drive, $160,000.


Nelson, Chad and Ember to Gerdes, Charles H. and Kay L. Trust, 155 Chestnut St., $179,000.

Lutz, Jason E. and Valerie to Kildow Properties LLC, 850 N. Fourth St., $130,000.


Winroth, Ryan L. and Janessa L. to Dorffler, John M., 10307 S. Second St., $240,000.

Miller, Bennett D. and Brittany F. to Keller, Travis and Shari, 3005 Lynnwood Drive, $215,000.

Wallin, Daniel D. and Nicole to Diaz, Marcos and Marmolejo, Lilian 10712 Lewis and Clark Road, $225,000.

Baron, Matthew and Jacqueline to Eitzen, Zachary and Emily, 13305 S. 33rd St., $170,000.

Walker, Dennis M. and Shawn L. to Rossman, Nathan R. and Brandi K., 13602 S. 42nd Circle, $264,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co. LLC, 13706 S. 53rd St., $75,000.

Ashley, David M. and Wittenbrook Ashley, Diane to Colon, Reyes and Deana A., 13706 Tregaron Drive, $271,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Grimm, Jason and Tiffany, 13709 S. 53rd St., $50,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Brown, Seth and Brittany, 13713 S. 53rd St., $50,000.

Edmiston, Stefan and Samantha to Koeller, Zachary B. and Christa A., 13809 S. 42nd Ave., $215,000.

Pedersen, James D. to Godwin, Thomas and Honour, 14412 S. 28th St, $158,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Kerr, Toni M. Trust, 14506 S. 20th St., $247,000.

Hike, Leo V. to Hike, Leo W. Jr. and Joanna K., 15410 S. 10th St., $120,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Nordhues, Paul B. and Mari L., 1923 Mesa St., $246,000.

Alvarado, Juan F. to Blackson, Cameron G. and Angela C., 202 Leisure Lane, $125,000.

Jewell, John and Anna to Winger, Robert C. and Ashley M., 2908 Kelly Drive, $250,000.

Belz, Cheryl L. and Naprstek, Mary E. to Baker, Kenneth A. and Kim M., 2914 Annabelle Drive, $325,000.

Wright, Jeremy M. and Cynthia L. to Bolubasz, Bohdan and Lerma Bolubasz, Martha, 3723 Schuemann Drive, $200,000.

Clearwater Falls LLC to Home Co. LLC, 5204 Birchwood Drive, $62,000.

Abboud, Daniel T. to Daeges, Adam, 9706 S. 28th St., $250,000.


Pignotti, Paul and Lisa to Barth, Brandon K., 7305 S. 71st St., $107,000.

Urbanek, Timothy and Melissa to Bates, Eric D. and Hieu N., 7336 S. 71st Ave., $75,000.

Beckman, Jeffrey and Megan to Zahm, Nick and Amanda, 7809 S. 72nd Avenue Circle, $190,000.

Small, Bradley A. and Theresa A. to Del Rosario Ramirez, Maria, 7906 Laurel Court, $175,000.

Vest, Ronnie J. and Susan M. to Swanson, Jesse R., 8105 Valley Road, $167,000.


Wallack, Jason C. and Heidi to Kanipe, Travis L. and Navar, Saul, 11803 Windcrest Drive, $447,000.

Norris, Brandon S. to Sims, David and Samantha, 1602 Savannah Drive, $185,000.

Klamm, Christopher E. and Michelle R. to Funkhouser, John, 2004 Franklin Drive, $260,000.

Ethofer, Terry J. to Bouckaert, Daniel and Rebecca, 2010 Dana Lane, $249,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Harrison, Jerry L. and Donna, 2127 Skyhawk Ave., $285,000.

Mitchell, Robert W. and Roberta L. to Nguyen, Minh D. and Diem H., 5006 Coffey St., $315,000.

Vasko Brothers Properties LLC to Eilers, Robert E. and June G., 5205 Woodlane Drive, $273,000.

Pacesetter Homes Inc. to Wiles, Craig E. and Kerry M., 6805 Beth Ave., $392,000.

Jones, James C. and Dawna G. to Zhang, Michael and Popescu, Corina, 702 Fall Creek Road, $320,000.

Taute, Alex and Paige to Zheng, Li and Shi, Wen, 8714 S. 68th St., $225,000.

Brott, Jonathan D. and Melissa A. to Nelson, John, 8717 S. 67th St., $223,000.


Davis, Daniel W. and Joann M. to Koll, Gregory S. and Lorie M., 10632 S. 191st Ave., $450,000.

Musil, Devyn M. and Sorenson, Chase to York, John and Jodi, 15828 Blackwalnut St., $172,000.

Barnes, Matthew E. and Melissa A. to Cole, Scott D. and Karissa M., 15839 Cottonwood St., $178,000.

Simmons, Michael and Alyssa to Summers, Alec and Julie, 15840 Cottonwood St., $169,000.

McCormick, Cory L. and Jessica L. to Taylor, Sarah B. and Emanuel C. III, 16605 Josephine St., $275,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Wanning, Jesse and Devin, 16911 Greenfield St., $306,000.

Schmitz, Madeline L. Trust to Kerns, Tricia K., 17019 Briar St., $310,000.

Taphorn, Gregory E. to Laake, Robert and Christy, 18016 Olive St., $186,000.

Kopecky, Anisa and Jeff to Meyer, Jamie, 18110 Josephine St., $181,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Olsen, Rhonda K., 18591 Robin Drive, $223,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Taylor, Adam R. and Lindsay S., 18606 Blackwalnut St., $340,000.

Corcoran, Ryan P. and Kathryn to Kozol, Robert A., 7401 S. 177th St., $173,000.

Holt, Virginia to Johnson, Carolyn K., 7703 S. 162nd St., $216,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Burley, Michael A. and Kylie A., 7803 S. 186th St., $327,000.

Mahal, Megan to Killana, Dinesh and Chaitanya, 7834 S. 161st Terrace, $185,000.

Richland Homes LLC to Lohnes, Blake, 8903 S. 169th St., $292,000.

Osborne, Jerad L. and Pamela S. to Keller, Ward R. and Marina V., 8919 S. 163rd St., $265,000.

Felberg, David R. and Sabra R. to Ortiz, Hector and Linda, 9809 S. 176th St., $297,000.

Kronaizl Investments LLC to Runquist, Travis and Laura R., 9904 S. 163rd Ave., $535,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Weaver, John K., 11217 S. 115th St., $326,000.


Burns, Jillian M. to Donaldson, Alan and Alyssa, 12913 Gertrude St., $195,000.

Gullord, Brett D. to Pfahl, Anady and Buller, Jasmine, 13704 Lillian St., $185,000.

United Equity LLC to Barlow, Holly K., 14813 Margo St., $187,000.

Barth, Brandon K. to Feltman, Robert C. and Harper Pearson, Sasha, 14908 Echo Hills Drive, $147,000.

Robinson, Jessie and Jenny M. to Jimenez, Andres, 7433 S. 155th St., $192,000.


Swanson, Curtis A. and Michael D. to Swanson, Arden L. and Karen, 2511 Holly St., $110,000.

H & S Partnership LLP to Stock, Jamie P., 2534 Margo St., $85,000.

KFM Properties LLC to Schmidt, Troy A., 7507 Chandler Hills Drive, $134,000.

Svacina, Crystal to Timberline Homes Inc., 9314 S. 24th St., $37,000.

Maass, Joseph M. and Ann M. to Sorgenfrei, Dallas and Jessica, 9407 S. 27th St., $263,000.


Garlow, Christopher M. and Rankin, Patricia to Forstrom, James and Jordan, 8416 S. 64th Ave., $205,000.



Kriley, Diane I. to Marohl, Brian K., 2320 Ave. H, $115,000.

BP Quality Homes to Holman, Kathy and Shannon, 2404 S. 11th St., $240,000.

McQuad, James E. to Justensen, Mary M., 3 Lakeshore Court, $110,000.

Baker, Elsie J. to Kelly, Courtney, 3418 11th Ave., $95,000.

Bothwell, Max A. to MAC Investments Inc., 303 S. 21st St., $48,000.

Howell, Sandra to Middleton, Harriett, 1706 Fourth Ave., $96,000.

McVey, Jennifer M. and Zachary J. to Johnson, Matthew B. and Olson-Johnson, Katherine E., 2381 Ave. M Way, $160,000.

HBI LLC to Hayes, Taylor, 202 S. 18th St., $131,000.

Rayburn, Carole L. and Duane F. to Jones, Ian, 501 S. 24th St., $88,500.


Villars, Victoria A. and Zach R. to Lassek, Cheryl L., 603 S. First St., $118,000.

Madsen, Arlene J. to Kriley, Diane I., 1127 Arbor Ridge Drive, $147,500.

Glassburner, Norma J. Trust to Historical Society of Pottawattamie County, 515 S. Fourth St., $125,000.

Emery, Vincent R. and Rose B. Trust to Blain-Nelson, Penny L., 750 Parkwild Drive, $228,000.

Lustgraff, Danah and Thomas to Coppock, Christopher, 501 Graham Ave., $78,000.

Girouex, Brent A. to Thomas, Christopher B., 174 Graham Ave., $89,000.

Krueger, Clara J. and Melvin D. Trust to Rains, Michael W., 710 Rosner St., $170,000.

HBI LLC to Pozzi, Elizabeth and Ryan, 310 Park Ave., $132,500.


Sullivan, Christine and Zebblin to Sewall, Jody R., 31505 Highway 59, Avoca, $110,000.


Swope, Dorothy J. to Evans, Shawn M. and Fischer, Suzanne C. and Swope, Steven L., 47690 Highway 6, Oakland, $25,000.

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