Private citizens, corporations and foundations donate and-or distribute millions of dollars each year to help the needy, fund medical research, build hospitals and universities, educate youths, beautify our neighborhoods and enhance our culture and lifestyle.

Various facilities offer mental health care in the Omaha metro area.

Organizations in the Omaha area help families and individuals, including with issues such as immigration and housing. 

Care is offered by several organizations in the Omaha metro area.

Healing isn’t just about medicine. "Studies have shown that creating an atmosphere of hope and resilience through artwork goes beyond curing a disease and leads to improved patient outcomes," said Dr. Ken Cowan, director of the new Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. Hence the Chihuly Sanctuary, an art installation on the second and fourth floors of the $323 million Buffett Center on the campus shared by the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Medicine.

The greater Omaha area has a big heart. Dozens of foundations distribute millions of dollars to help rescue the needy, heal the sick, build hospitals and universities, educate youth and enhance the culture and lifestyle of metro residents.

Dave Harvey needs lots of bicycles. Adult bicycles only, in good shape. And he needs a place to store them until his ministry can give them away to the homeless. "A bike is the greatest liberator," said Harvey, founder of Least of My Brethren. Most of Omaha’s estimated 1,500 homeless people live along the Missouri River and downtown. "If they don’t have a bike, they all go to the same places asking for a job. You’ve got to get farther out than that."