Revitalization is an ongoing theme for the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, as a decade-long master plan continues to come to life. This year, the zoo opened part of a new Asian-themed exhibit by debuting red pandas, Indian rhinos and a species of deer that has been extinct in the wild for nearly 100 years, among other species.

Jonathan Gold, who died in July, was one of my absolute favorite food critics. His reviews for the Los Angeles Times focused, of course, on high-end food. But his real passion was finding the best hole-in-the-wall joints, the tastiest cuisine served in the city’s Thaitown, Koreatown and many other international neighborhoods, and the finest mom-and-pop, old-school spots. As a small tribute to his work, and all the experiences his writing provided me during trips to L.A., I present you a few local spots that I love, places I think he’d have loved, too.