A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all those I love!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my family for loving me unconditionally.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my boyfriend who I love unconditionally (update: we’re still not married yet, people).

Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends for being a second family.

And a happy Valentine’s Day to my coworkers who are like a third family to me.

I love you all and you all make me feel so warm and fuzzy. Of course, that could be because I’m wearing a fuzzy sweater. But let’s just say it’s you guys.

Alright done being mushy.

Actually no I’m not.

I arrived at Ralston High School on Thursday to hallways filled with paper hearts with each and every student and staff member’s name on them. Someone in the hallway even asked where mine was.

It was a really cute activity to have students find their name and switch hearts throughout the day. Bravo at the RHS student council for such a fun and creative idea.

Also, I did giggle every time I heard a student say “I can’t find my heart,” “Where are the ‘L’ hearts?” “Have you found your heart yet?” and “Have you seen my heart?” It sounded extremely philosophical throughout the RHS hallways.

And thank you to RHS administrators for letting me wander your halls for this. It was a good start to my day.

OK now I am done being mushy.

OK I lied.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and February being American Heart Month, students at Seymour Elementary School sold T-shirts to raise money for the American Heart Association.

The school raised more than $700 with all the profits going toward the American Heart Association.

I love that Seymour chose to do something for others for their Valentine’s Day celebrations. It is great to see students learning the importance of giving back.

When I learned that the Seymour student council was the organizer behind everything, and that it is largely student-run, I was even more impressed.

If these students are doing these amazing things before they even leave elementary school, imagine what they’ll be up to in 10 years. And in 20 years!

You guys are killing it, Seymour Elementary. Keep it up!

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