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Many of the criticisms downtown Ralston business owners and residents had about the sale of the city-owned parking were centered on the impact multi-family housing on this lot would have on available parking.

Ralston City Council is set to review ordinances and resolutions regarding downtown parking during its Tuesday meeting.

The City Council sold the city-owned parking lot on Park Drive to developer Urban Waters at its March 3 meeting.

Urban Water plans to construct multi-family housing on the lot and is expected to begin construction later this summer.

Downtown parking was a concern several Ralston business owners and residents brought to the council throughout the sale process.

City Administrator Rick Hoppe said in an email he has been meeting with a parking committee comprised of downtown business owners, Chamber of Commerce members and City Hall officials.

The current draft of the parking plan states there may need to be changes made in response to evolving needs of business owners and residents.

The city is looking to lease spaces from the private sector on a monthly or quarterly basis to increase the parking supply.

Parking time limits would be used to ensure spots are available to customers that want to patronize downtown businesses.

Four hours is the current suggested time limit for most spots along Main and 77th Streets.

Unloading spots with a 20-minute time limit are included in the plan.

The parking plan offers the following recommendations:

76th Street:

• Stripes for new spots.

• 25 foot spots.

• Preserve Space to allow Rhino to unload a semi.

• Estimated 12 -13 spots with at least one handicap parking space.

• Reserved parking with permit from the city: first priority is residents in the downtown area and employees that work shifts that split day and evening.

• Truck traffic banned except for deliveries for businesses with loading docks on 76th Street.

Main Street:

• Four hour time limit zones for most spots from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

• A few 20 minute time limit spots for businesses that need them

•Examine whether handicap spots are adequate

77th Street:

• Four hour time limits zones for most spots between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

• A few 20 minute time limit spots for businesses that need them

• 10 hour spots from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the public spots in front of the Trane building.

• Examine whether handicap spots are adequate.

Park Drive

• No changes for now.

Burlington Avenue:

• No changes for now.

Potential private parking solutions:

Hillcrest landing potential — future public parking:

• Lease spot for daytime and night-time parking.

• Use daytime spot for employee parking that will be permitted for day time workers.

• Night-time parking splits for residents by permit and public parking.

There is a section in the plan dedicated to the signage that will enforce parking time limits and parking zones.

According to the parking plan,there would be a need for two signs per block and potentially more depending on the cost.

A color coded system will be implemented so rules for each type of parking will be identified.

A parking section will be added to the city website so residents and visitors can identify where to park. There is the possibility of creating a parking app.

Time-limited parking spots will be enforced by the Ralston Police Department, primarily on a complaint basis.

Handouts that state the parking time limit ordinance and penalties will be printed. Business owners will be able to use the handouts to remind drivers about parking limits by placing them on car windshields.

At the June 16 City Council meeting, an ordinance will be introduced to allow the City to implement parking time zones.

A Council resolution will state the types of parking planned for each street in the downtown.

The final vote on the parking ordinances and resolution is anticipated at the Council’s July 21 meeting.

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