Kindness should be rewarded, which is why Rambassadors at Ralston High School are keeping an eye out for anyone doing an act of good.

Earlier this month, RHS started Fanny Pack Fridays where five Rambassadors and one administrator wear fanny packs filled with candy and give pieces to students and staff members they see doing something kind.

Each week, Rambassadors will look for students, teachers and staff who at any point during the day do things such as hold open doors, pick up trash, help someone in need and sit with someone who is alone.

Jordan Engel, careers and practical arts teacher and Rambassador sponsor, said she is happy to encourage kindness, no matter the size of the gesture.

“I hope students have fun with this and realize kindness is something that is very simple,” she said. “Kindness can be shown in a lot of different ways. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. It can be something as simple as holding a door open or saying hi to somebody.”

So far, Engel said, students and staff haven’t really caught on to the new program, but that makes the surprise that much sweeter.

“That’s kind of the point, it’s something that’s quiet and hopefully it grows into something bigger,” she said. “Hopefully by the end of this month, kids will expect it on Fridays.”

Through the program, which will continue throughout the year, Engel said she wants students to learn a valuable lesson on helping others.

“I love working in the Ralston district because of our #BeKind and I love that I’m able to help kids learn what that looks like,” she said.

Rambassador Zach Jebsen said he is happy to praise others who do what they can to make the school a better place.

“It’s nice to see when people do good things, they are being rewarded,” he said. “I love to do it.”

While Fanny Pack Fridays happen only once a week, kindness should be displayed every day.

“The world doesn’t keep going if we are just mean to each other all the time,” Jebsen said. “We can grow as people if we are just kind.”

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