Mow problems

I read about Ralston’s new mowing policy. They are trying to save money and equipment wear and tear by not cutting the grass as often in public spaces. I live across the street from the baseball field and park. The dandelions are going to seed and blowing across the street into our yard. My parents don’t like to spray weed killer because it harms honeybees, so I have to pull dandelions by hand. This new policy not only makes Ralston look unkempt and terrible, but also makes our yard look bad and costs me a lot of extra time and effort.

Saving money is a good idea, and allowing grass to grow in creek beds is one thing, but not mowing the parks as often will just damage property values, possibly lowering our tax revenue and will cause extra wear on the equipment by mowing taller, weedier grass. This policy will also increase ticks and mosquitoes, leading to further costs to spray for them and increasing the health risk to everyone.

Why are we doing something that makes Ralston look ugly, causes worse bug issues, causes more work for homeowners and causes more work for our equipment, all while making Ralston a less-desirable place to live? I hope the city council will change their stance on this.


JACK WLASCHIN, 13, Ralston.

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