From creating a product or providing a service to dealing with expenses, Karen Western Elementary students are learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

On Friday, third and fourth grade students held a mini career fair where they presented their own business ideas to parents and fellow students.

Third grade teacher Rachel Wright and fourth grade teacher Richelle Barragan introduced the career fair to their students as a way to show them the importance of business and entrepreneurship, which they are currently learning about in class.

Barragan said she also wanted students to see the variety of career options there are.

“We noticed with a lot of kiddos, when you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they say firefighters, police officers, doctors, some of the really standard ones,” she said. “We wanted to do the job fair so they know just how many jobs and careers there are and how all of those are intricate parts of society.”

For the project, students worked in pairs or groups of three and came up with a business idea which could be either a service or selling a product.

Then, students learned about the expenses that go into owning a business, such as paying employees, purchasing products and renting buildings.

“A lot of students didn’t realize what goes into owning a business,” Barragan said.

Students developed their businesses in a little over a week.

Throughout the process, Wright said it was fun to watch students get creative.

Each group had a unique idea which ranged from hair salons to hot dog stands.

“It is really encouraging just to see their excitement and their enthusiasm, that’s why we love teaching,” Wright said. “We want to show them that they can be successful and that they have great ideas and they are creative.”

In addition to learning about economics, the teachers also wanted their students to learn the importance of working as a team.

“We think it’s a great opportunity for them to practice working as a team and not only from the social studies standpoint but also their communication skills,” Wright said.

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