A tree sprouted at Blumfield Elementary, but this one doesn’t require water or sunlight — just hopes and dreams.

On Sept. 5, Blumfield students wrote down their hopes and dreams on paper circles which will make up a tree displayed in the school hallway.

The activity was part of Blumfield Bunch, a school-wide program focused on building relationships in a group comprised of students from different grade levels in a 30-minute time frame.

Blumfield Bunch meets once a month, and this month was all about dreams.

Kat Turco, a school counselor and Bunch leader, said the goal of the hope tree is to give students an understanding of their roles in the school.

“We take all of our overarching expectations for the building and we wrap that into not interfering with others’ hopes and dreams as you participate in your day,” Turco said.

Earlier this year, parents also posted their hopes and dreams for their children on the tree.

“We were inspired to make something here that students and their families could use as a pivotal point,” she said.

No matter if it’s getting an A on a test, winning a soccer game or traveling the world, the tree is a place for hopes of all kinds.

Parker Smith, a sixth grader at Blumfield, wrote down her dream of one day working with children.

“I love little kids,” Smith said. “My hope is to become a special education teacher and be able to treat everyone equally.”

When she passes the tree each day, Smith said it will serve as a reminder of her goals.

Parker’s circle will be one of 370 on the tree.

Blumfield principal Ashley Tomjack said she is excited to see what the students can accomplish.

“This is an opportunity to take the hopes and dreams of the whole school community and have them in one space,” Tomjack said. “We will be able to refer collectively to all the things we hope to accomplish through the work we are doing here at school.”

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