Baright Public Library introduces a new breakout box challenge.

Baright Public Library is breaking out the fun this summer with a new challenge, the breakout box.

The challenge, designed to stimulate the brain with clues and puzzles, is a chance for adults to test themselves.

The breakout box is a puzzle made of three boxes that are each locked with padlocks. Players are given a clue to unlock the first box. Inside the first box are more clues and directions to open the second which then contains more hints to open the final box.

Melissa Young, library associate who put together the challenge, said the breakout box is a way to get adults active at the library.

“We have been trying to do more events and activities for adults,” she said. “We want adults to be more involved and have fun at the library.”

However, Young said all ages are welcome to give it a try. Participants have 45 minutes to open all three boxes. Those who do not unlock all the boxes are welcome to try again at a later time.

If people are stuck on a clue and need a hint, the library staff is there to help, Young said.

“We have a bunch of good hints that won’t give it away,” she said. “Just take the time to think it through.”

Those who successfully complete the challenge will be given a prize.

To try the breakout box, ask a library staff member. Baright is located at 5555 S. 77th St.

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