Emma Stock, left, and Zach Bowen, seniors, and 2019 graduate Seth Fleener do the Rep the T Challenge while scuba diving in Mexico over the summer.

From sandy beaches on the West Coast to mountain peaks on the East Coast and everything in between, Titans took their school pride with them through all of their summer adventures.

In the spring, Papillion-La Vista South High School introduced the Rep the T Challenge where students, staff and alumni were encouraged to capture photos of themselves on vacation with their arms spread out in a T formation.

Brent Gehring, assistant activities director at PLV South and architect behind the challenge, said this was a fun way to spread Titan pride.

“There’s a lot of amazing things happening up here and anytime we are spreading a message about schools and kids, it’s something we want to do,” Gehring said.

The goal was to get a photo of someone showing Titan pride in every state by the time school started.

Though Gehring said he did not think they would cover all 50 states, they met their goal late last month.

Louisiana and New Hampshire were the last two states submitted.

Some students even took their Ts international with trips to Italy, France, Australia and Mexico.

Jeff Spilker, assistant principal at PLV South, said next year they hope to cover all seven continents.

“It’s a good way to spread the pride in the T and it’s fun to see our students having lots of fun and neat experiences outside the classroom for the summer,” Spilker said. “It keeps you connected as a community.”

As the trend continues, Spilker said he hopes to see others Rep the T including actor Denzel Washington.

“We’ve always felt a close connection with him because of ‘Meet the Titans,’” he said. “Denzel is our next target.”

This summer, Creighton basketball players and even a Disney World character famous for liking warm hugs showed their support to PLV South by reppin’ the T.

Jeff Johnson, principal at PLV South, said it is always nice to see students and staff connecting despite being outside of the classroom.

“From a principal’s standpoint, I like seeing our teachers and kids engaged,” Johnson said. “This keeps us communicating via social media and lets us see where our students are and what they are doing.”

Even when school is not in session, Johnson said, there is a lot of learning going on throughout the summer.

“We encourage life-long learning and learning outside of the classroom. They get to travel and do things and it’s really cool to see how they’ve embraced it,” Johnson said.

In the coming weeks, a map made up of all the pictures snapped from the challenge will be displayed at the school for all to see.

As the years pass and Titans continue to experience the world, Gehring said he doesn’t think the Rep the T movement will slow down anytime soon.

“I don’t see this going away,” Gehring said.

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