Well, will ya look at that?

Last Thursday we here at the paper received two communications, one from the Sarpy County Democratic Party and one from the Sarpy County Republican Party. The Democratic Party email was the more significant of the two since it dealt with the party’s annual fundraising dinner, which is being held Saturday at the Embassy Suites in La Vista and looks like being a big bucks affair with lots of awards handed out.

The Republican notification concerned a regular party gathering, in Papillion, at which the executive director of the Nebraska GOP will speak.

These were welcome communications, if a little late given that the Republican meeting will be held the day after this edition of the Papillion Times is distributed and the Democrats a day later will stop selling tickets and sponsorships to their event. But, hey, what we can do to spread the word we will do.

There is fun in the political process, or at least there used to be. I remember, as a kid growing up in Great Britain, how lively our sleepy streets became at election time. Suddenly, vans drove around equipped with loudspeakers urging the folks to cast their votes for various paragons of the human species. Rosettes were then, and are still, a feature of British elections — Red for the Labour Party, blue for the Conservative Party and yellow for the Liberal Democrat Party. Candidate posters appeared in people’s windows, and there was a high chance that the rosette-adorned candidates themselves would work your street, shaking hands and remarking upon the splendidness of the children.

Good times. And if you got the wrong end of the stick on Election Day, as my Labour Party parents sometimes did, well then:

“Fight on, my men,” says Sir Andrew Barton,

“I am hurt, but I am not slain;

I’ll lay me down and bleed a while,

And then I’ll rise and fight again.”

My experience with those good natured days developed a permanent soft spot for the political process. I have lived 62 years and have of course drawn conclusions about right and wrong, about what works and what doesn’t and how things should be done. But that’s just me. People who have lived just as long, and even longer, sometimes, if incredibly, draw different conclusions.

But the process stands apart from all that.

We in the press are called on to facilitate the process, and I have found it disappointing that the Republican and Democratic parties in Sarpy County (and any other party that might be plotting the nation’s destiny) make so little effort to help us keep Sarpy County residents informed of their activities.

Politics ranks high. Somewhat lower than parenting certainly, and even somewhere below pastoring, but high nonetheless.

We very much want to know what Sarpy County’s political parties are doing, so that we might let everyone know.

These two communications were welcome because the Sarpy County Democratic and Republican parties are important.

I hope whoever is in charge of their various publicity departments keeps up this new spirit of outreach.

It’s appreciated.

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