Highway 370 traffic SNI

Highway 370 is among the list of priority streets in Sarpy County's road project plans for the next few years.

The Sarpy County Board’s road and bridge construction priorities for the next three years were outlined at the board’s weekly meeting June 25.

Sarpy County Public Works Director Dennis Wilson outlined 15 projects that will absorb about $10 million a year in county roads dollars. They are:

• 108th Street and Platteview Road. Improvements to the intersection of 108th Street and Platteview Road near Platteview High School. Construction bids are expected to be sought in October or November, with construction expected to be complete by next summer. Commissioner Don Kelly said he wants the intersection built to freeway standards because Platteview Road is destined to be reconstructed as a freeway.

• Giles Road from 180th Street to 186th Street. This project will repave Giles Road from just east of 186th Street to just east of Greenleaf Street. It includes grading Giles Road to a three-lane section and paving the north two lanes with a rural, concrete pavement complete with shoulders and ditches. Construction expected to start in late August or early September.

• Giles Road, from 174th Street to 168th Street. Conducted alongside bridge work at 174th Street and Giles Road. It consists of construction of a three-lane rural section including grading, paving and drainage improvements and a concrete box culvert. The project is set to begin after Nov. 1.

• 72nd Street and Capehart Road. Traffic signals will be placed at the intersection of 72nd Street and Capehart Road. Temporary lights are already in place. The permanent lights are expected to be in place sometime this month.

• Fairview Road. Traffic analysis will be conducted to determine if traffic lights are warranted at the intersections of Fairview Road with 25th Street, 22nd Street/Glengarry Circle, Tregaron Drive and Williamsburg Drive.

• Giles Road from 204th Street to 192nd Street. This project will improve Giles Road to a two-lane rural section with grading for three lanes from 204th Street to 192nd Street. Paving for a two-lane rural roadway section will be laid from 204th Street to 192nd Street. Construction slated for 2020.

• Planning and Environmental Linkage/180th Street and 192nd Street interchange. This study will identify the location of a new interchange with Interstate 80 between Highway 31 to the west and the Highway 370 interchange to the east.

• 168th Street pavement repair. Repairs will be made to 168th Street from Cornhusker Road to just north of Meridian Street. It will also widen 168th Street from just north of Meridian Street to 9002 S. 168th St. The widening will consist of an additional 12 feet of asphalt on the west side of 168th Street for approximately 1,150 feet. Construction is anticipated this year.

• Highway 370, 60th Street and 66th Street. This project will reconstruct 66th Street from Highway 370 north to Longview Road and will add a traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 370 and 66th Street. A left-turn lane for westbound Highway 370 traffic will be added to allow for U-turns at the newly signalized intersection. A raised “S” island will be built at the intersection of Highway 370 and 60th Street to restrict left-turn lanes coming onto Highway 370. The project is a cost share with the Nebraska Department of Transportation. No construction date has been set though a date is expected to be announced within a month.

• 150th Street — Sheppard Street to Highway 370. This project will add a signal at the intersection of 150th Street and Highway 370 as well as build a right-turn lane on Highway 370 for traffic turning south on to 150th Street. Expected to be let either in October or else in the spring of 2020.

• Fort Crook Road South shoulders — Grenoble Drive to Fairview Road. This project will build paved shoulders on Fort Crook Road south from Grenoble Drive to Fairview Road. This project is planned for completion this month.

• Platteview Road Corridor Study. Platteview Road is planned to eventually become a six-lane divided roadway and a Request for Proposals will be issued in 2020 to study the corridor.

• 168th Street — Highway 370 to Harrison Street. This stretch is planned eventually to be a four-lane divided roadway. A Request for Proposals will be issued in the 2020 fiscal year seeking a traffic and grade study for the corridor.

• 180th Street and Giles Road Corridor. Olsson Associates of Omaha is working on the 60 percent design stage of the 180th Street and Giles Road corridor.

• County Bridge Match Program. The Nebraska Department of Transportation has chosen two Sarpy County bridges for a $200,000 state subsidy toward the cots of replacement. They are Bridge 46 on 75th Street south of Platteview Road and Bridge 72 on 120th Street south of Buffalo Road. The bridges will cost $1,117,000 to replace.

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