A clickbait headline on the Drudge Report last week, like many of Matt Drudge’s clickbait headlines, posed a question rather than stating a fact.

“Clintons snub Trumps?” linked to a video, the question mark apparently missed by most of the people leaving comments who excoriated Bill and Hillary for various degrees of “classlessness.”

Now, I should not like to be the attorney ordered to defend Bill and Hillary, or, for that matter, Donald, against charges of “classlessness” come Judgment Day. That would be a heavy lift, but this particular incident would not weigh against the Clintons.

No, Matt, the Clintons did not snub the Trumps.

The occasion was the funeral of President George H.W. Bush, during which the front row was reserved for the various presidents of the United States and their wives. They were seated, no doubt intentionally, in chronological order, with the Carters at the far end, the Clintons to their right and the Obamas to the Clintons’ right. George W. Bush, obviously, sat with his family.

The two seats directly to the right of the Obamas were empty, pending the arrival of the sitting president of the United States and his wife who, presumably in conformity with protocol, arrive last.

So Trump arrives and takes his seat. He leans over Melania to shake hands with President Obama, and then even farther to shake hands with Michelle. He has now stretched across three people.

Bill Clinton, next in line for a handshake, glances at Trump but both men realize the distance is too great for a comfortable handshake and so don’t try. There was no snub. There was just an impractical distance. That’s all.

Had Trump performed the big stretch there can be no doubt that Bill Clinton would have accepted the hand of the president of the United States. Right? Right.

This sort of media-induced hysteria grows tiresome.

Trump is Hitler. Literally. White women who voted for Trump in 2016 are traitors to their sex. Blacks who did the same, even worse. Trump dumped too much food into the goldfish pond and mocked a disabled man, and snubbed a disabled boy and hates minorities and gassed children (shades of Hitler) and is a dictator.

It’s all laughably over the top.

Donald Trump is a 20th century American in whom the testosterone flows as chaotically as it did in JKF and Bill Clinton and probably a whole bunch of others currently acting virtuous who just haven’t been found out yet.

He is as instinctively “Liberal” as the rest of us, in that we all wish to grant a maximum of human liberty consistent with maintaining effective social order (which is where the discussion begins). He is not, never was, and cannot be, a dictator. The simplest exercises of his presidential powers are nullified by podunk judges who don’t like him and gleefully slap him down.

Some dictator.

All the screaming and hullabaloo and gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair that followed the election of the supposedly Hitlerian Trump has been silly. The solution was always at hand. If you don’t like a president you can tie his hands by electing a hostile Congress in the midterms, which the voters almost always do and did again this time.

Two years later you can send him packing, or not.

No need for hysterics, screaming, crying, shouting people down, bringing baseball bats to rallies or purveying fake news. Just get on with your life and, when the time comes, vote.

It works really well.

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