Doubts are being raised about the Nebraska Multisport Complex proposed for La Vista.

Omaha wisely turned down this project, and with the latest cost estimate changes and funding revelations, it is becoming more apparent why.

So the backers went trolling elsewhere and the elected officials in La Vista swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

Originally, the backers said that 70 percent of the cost of the complex would come from private donations. Now, that percentage is down to 36 percent.

Exactly where do people think that difference will come from?

Hold on to your wallets, taxpayers. It won’t be long ’til the proposal will be made to issue general obligation bonds instead of revenue bonds to subsidize this thing, since now they think they won’t be able to sell them all.

The really worrisome thing is that there hasn’t been a single voice coming from the elected officials in La Vista that expressed any concern for the taxpayers.

Makes you wonder exactly what kind of “due diligence vetting” the project was actually subjected to.


La Vista

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