Trump’s racism, bigotry is real

Eugene Curtin’s “sermon” about facts and “fakery” in his Nov. 16 editorial regarding Donald Trump’s election is disturbing on several levels. He portrays the negative response of those who find Trump’s words and actions disgusting and offensive as small and insignificant. Those who object are responding to verifiable and recorded statements that blatantly reveal racism and bigotry of the president-elect.

Fake news sites are, indeed, prolific. However, there are an overwhelming number of sources which are legitimate and accurate, and call out the racist and anti-Muslim voices in our country. The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented over 400 instances of hate-related incidents against groups and minorities since the election.

These include anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, and hate-group recruitment.

The swastika Mr. Curtin objected to calls to mind the methodical demonization of Jews, just as the Muslim registry endorsed by Mr. Trump in his videotaped comments should frighten us, and we should speak out.

Mr. Curtin plants the notion that examples and reports of discrimination, assault, and bigotry are “fake,” and we should not believe them.

I completely reject this distortion of how civil society functions. The approximately 2 million votes more cast for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump would seem to endorse that view.



Can’t end soon enough

Finally, the end is in sight for this leftist/Progressive/Marxist/socialist administration we’ve endured for almost eight years.

One thing the MSM didn’t report on during the election is that the Communist Party USA urged progressives to cast their votes for the Democratic ticket.

The people have spoken and said that we’ve had enough of the “fundamental transformation of America” with all its wealth redistributionist policies.

This can’t end soon enough.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes this next administration to wipe out the legacy of the last eight years and put an end to this nightmare.


La Vista

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