Meet Principal Sherman

Junior Susan Sherman sits behind the principal’s desk as she serves as principal for a day last Wednesday.

Most high school students have the idea of what a principal does all day, but few really know it’s more than just sitting at a desk.

Platteview High School student Susan Sherman got to experience first hand all that Principal Angela Simpson does through being principal for the day last Wednesday.

“It’s a good learning experience,” Susan said.

She said it was interesting to see all that Simpson does as students normally only see the principal strolling through the halls.

Susan, who just celebrated her 17th birthday on Saturday, said she assisted in lunch duties, shadowed Simpson as she walked the halls and attended class meetings.

“ It was kind of interesting listening to the same thing three times,” she said of the meetings.

Susan herself wants to be an elementary school teacher some day, so she said the experience was good for her. She said Simpson, a former teacher herself, encouraged her by talking about the way a good teacher or principal can reach students.

“This is maybe a glimpse forward in what education is,” Simpson said.

She said it was good for students like Susan to experience the other side of education.

Such programs are help students see all that a principal does, from organizing meetings to dealing with students.

“She got to see my job from a different perspective, both the good and the bad,” Simpson said.

Simpson said Susan was able to experience from a staff level what happens when students make positive or negative choices and how a principal can act in individual cases to help students ultimately succeed.

Susan is not the only one in her family who has served as principal for the day.

Her younger sister Laura administered over Platteview Central Junior High and her younger brother Scott is waiting to be named principal of Springfield Elementary School.

The days were purchased by their mother Brenda Sherman, a member of the Springfield Platteview Community School Board of Education, during a Springfield Platteview Foundation fundraiser.

“It’s kind of a cool thing that they do,” Brenda said.

She said that she was happy to be able to purchase the days for her children as it gave them something cool to do as well as support the schools.

“We do our best to kind of spread the wealth,” she said.

Susan said she appreciated her one day of being principal and that she learned and did a lot.

“Principal Simpson does a lot of walking all over the school,” Susan said. “She definitely did not sit the whole time.”

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