At one time La Vista was a conservative financial community. However, since the city council has become developers using tax money, they have jumped off the rails.

The latest tax, the restaurant tax, is projected to bring in $700,000. The argument is made that people outside of La Vista will pay most of the tax but there are no destination restaurant’s that would draw people into La Vista, just the same chains that everyone else has in their neighborhood.

Then there is the property tax increase of $601,818. I know the city will claim the tax rate did not increase but valuations went up $109,576,200. Much of that increases in existing homes so most everyone pays 7% more.

Looking back to 2014, the city sales tax increased .5 cents, which was projected to bring in $1,100,000. Looking further back to the 2010 budget, the city property tax budget was $4.8 million and the upcoming 2019 budget $9.1 million.

I know city leaders will say the “people” want these projects funded by the city but the city needs to learn the difference between needs and wants. There are a lot of things I want but I have to live within my means. I don’t get a 7% increase in my income or hit up neighbors for piles of money.

The City of La Vista needs to scale back increases or no one is going to be able to afford to live here.


La Vista

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